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help me so Martin scorsese’s new film killers of the flower moon has had its World premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on the 20th of May scheduled for a wide release in October quite a few films have had their Premier League decan the new Indiana Jones movie for example which is getting roasted by critics never looked very good to begin with to be honest even with James Van Gogh directing they should have stopped with the third film but all eyes were on Mast of Cinema Scorsese and his adaption of David Grand’s non-fiction novel about the

murders of the Native American Osage tribe in 1920s Oklahoma has the man still got it or is he passed his Prime and over the hill he suddenly bought some heavy ammunition with him for the film some big names attached to the picture Leonardo DiCaprio Robert De Niro Jesse plemmons Brendan Fraser and unlike many projects today which try and sell themselves as righteous causes for political points the story in this film is actually one people can get behind for shining a light on an American Saga not as well known as it should be currently with 25

reviews flower Moon holds a 96 score on Rotten Tomatoes and on Metacritic it has 91 out of 100 with 17 reviews if it holds that score

although in all likelihood it is likely to go down when the film gets a wide release it sounds like the film is a masterpiece and that is a word that’s being thrown around Masterpiece reviews are glowing all round and in particular it seems Leonardo DiCaprio Lily Gladstone and Robert De Niro’s performances are getting rave reviews DiCaprio and Gladstone I can understand we’ve known the film will focus primarily on them

but De Niro being a highlight is a huge bonus for those who have read the book it’s worth noting the film doesn’t seem to be a direct adaption Scorsese has opted to ditch much of the birth of the FBI aspects and their investigation instead zoning in on the offsage nation and Ernest and Molly burkhot there’s an interview where Scorsese explained that Tom white the FBI’s lead investigator isn’t as interesting of a character because he was such a good man he’s a Straight Arrow who comes in and saves the day not a very scorsese-ish character Ernest

is more conflicted though and therefore more complex and interesting and we don’t know a lot about him historically so it allowed Scorsese to embellish things for his movie apparently the film got a nine minutes Standing Ovation at can but that doesn’t really mean anything they seem to clap and Boo at random and clapping for nine minutes on end seems like a really weird thing to do and I have to say and I say this about any movie it never helps to raise your expectations for a film to the stratosphere and I would exercise caution and

advise people to temper their expectations I like to think of myself as level-headed and I don’t think it helps audiences if they get carried away before they’ve even seen a film I mean after all Scorsese and Co are Cinema royalty the story is about a marginalized terrorized group of people whose voice is finally being heard it’s highly unlikely that critics were going to collectively trash killers of the flower Moon especially at can which has something of a reputation as an artifati place this is an interesting Reddit review thread which takes out segments from major reviews

The Hollywood Reporter said audience is unfamiliar with Grand’s book or with the actual history which draws a parallel early on with the Tulsa Race Massacre might be at a slight Advantage here given that each nasty turn this ugly chapter from America’s past takes makes its depravity more astonishing Scorsese has made an unpassioned film that honors both the victims and the survivors Indy while I gave it a B plus saying it’s a difficult Balancing Act for a filmmaker as gifted and operatic as Scorsese whose ability to tell any story rubs up against his ultimate admission that

this might not be his story to tell and so For Better or Worse Scorsese turns killers of the flare Moon into a kind of story that he can still tell better than anyone else a story about greed corruption and the mottled soul of a country that was born from the belief that it belonged to anyone callous enough to take it that sounds a bit weird to be honest why would this not be scorsese’s story to tell he’s a top tier filmmaker who’s made movies about Jesuit priests a widow and a preteen son with Alice doesn’t

live here anymore an unstable Boxster with Raging Bull and All Souls does he have to be an Osage himself to have the right to make the film it reminds me of when Spike Lee said that only a black man could direct a Muhammad Ali biopic when the project was helmed by Michael Mann but why though you could use that same argument and say only a former boxer should direct an alibiotic only a Muslim etc etc variety said instead of focusing his cameras on the native victims the Irishman director lets Leonardo Dicaprio and Robert De Niro

have the Lion’s Share of the screen time in this meaty but demanding True Crime Saga this kind of runs contrary to what a lot of reviews say about there being immense focus on the Osage Nation but it’s good news for me as a DeNiro fan because previous reports suggested he wasn’t in the film much but it turns out that isn’t actually the case the rap said in that regard his killers of the flower moon is vast and vital in its scale purpose and emotional scope a western Thriller and Ensemble peace that is every bit Ascot

says the crime picture as one can dare to imagine the guardian who gave it five out of 5 and called it an instant American classic said Scorsese presents a remarkable story with an audacious framing device of a briskly insensitive True Crime Radio Show featuring Osage characters crastly played by white actors this this is an utterly absorbing film a story that Scorsese sees as a secret history of American power a hidden violent epidemic polluting the water table of humanity the Atlantic said as such killers of the flower moon is of a peace with not only the

Irishman but also scorsese’s other recent film silent these Works have a much more Melancholy energy within his Baroque frenzied prior efforts The Wolf of Wall Street Shutter Island and The Departed the 80 year old director is undeniably in the Twilight of his career I want to tell stories and there’s no more time he told deadline fittingly killers of the flower moon is paced deliberately almost like an allergy it’s also one of the most rewarding projects of his long career a sign that Scorsese has no intention of fading away even as the film landscape transforms around

him yet again this is important to note I think don’t be fooled by the film’s trailer where you may have walked away thinking the film is a high octane Thriller critics are pretty unanimous in saying the film is very slow so be prepared for a Melancholy and lengthy three and a half hours deadline said kills of the flower Moon takes us through a very dark part of our history and Incredibly at the same time of the horrendous Tulsa Massacre of 1921 just 30 minutes down the road and if it does nothing else reminds of just

how horrible we can be to each other a reminder needed now more than ever that alone makes killers of the flower Moon a movie that could not come at a better time vulture whose review contains Major Spoilers so I’d avoid it if I was you said for all its extravagant running time 3 hours and 26 minutes it’s big swing history lessons and its tale of an old west giving way to the regimentation of a modern police force killers of the flower Moon turns out to be that simplest and slipperiest of things the story of a

marriage and a twisted tragic one of that I know Killers isn’t focusing on the FBI Lord but that part about the old west giving way to a modern police force sounds cool that was one of the most interesting parts of the book the theme of change symbolized best perhaps by the New FBI with their new methods a far cry from the old cops who were well literally Cowboys and people attempting to cling to old ways one such way was the big cowboy hat that Tom white played by Jesse plemen’s ways Vanity Fair said scorsese’s film

is nonetheless effectively rattling a grueling ventilation of events that gracefully excuse the melodrama and sensationalism of so much True Crime Gladstone ably holds the soul of the film while DiCaprio and DeNiro provide damning illustrations of good old boy affability masking so much Prejudice and avarice Jesse plemons is also a comfortably competent presence as an investigator from the newly formed FBI those heading to a Martin Scorsese movie looking for the electric viewer of so many of his past films May initially be disappointed but as killers of the flower Moon seeps in it shocks resounds and haunts

those heading to a martian Scorsese movie looking for the electric mirror of so many of his past films May initially be disappointed that should be on the poster I said similar things when I watched the Irishman during its limited run before it came out on Netflix telling people not to expect good Fellas in Casino Scorsese said it Thelma Schoonmaker said it then it came out and so many people were disappointed it wasn’t good Fellas above all it’s a Martin Scorsese picture brimming with reverence for a culture that survived a horrible trauma as it is filled

with exhilarating flourishes film history references and explorations of the fault line between the sacred and the profane and yes it’s a masterpiece that’s from the Rolling Stones total film gave it five out of 5 and said weaving the Tulsa race riots the KKK and the Mansions into its tapestries corsages Opus questions the misdeeds of America in the last century while linking them to the pressing issues of today addressing racial violence nationalism the continued epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women and even our allured obsession with True Crime killers of the falar Moon paint a robust

picture of a moment in history that invites viewer introspection as Ernest asks pretentiously when reading from a book on Osage history can you see the walls in this picture well can you and the Los Angeles Times one of the few reviews which was quite lukewarm said in the background of all the dense teeming action you may hear reverberant Echoes of Good Fellas and the Irishmen Gangs of New York and the Wolf of Wall Street among other indelible American epics of organized crime and tribalist violence but you will also hear in the agonized cries and silences

of of an Osage woman named Molly Burkhart a superb Lily Gladstone ernest’s wife a story of this nation’s original sin here compounded to a degree of monstrosity and horror that can give even a Chronicle of human evil a seasoned as kosazi pause other reviews include the independent calling the film a masterpiece and Vogue saying it will surely be an awards season Juggernaut being the pessimist that I am I was looking for some negative reviews and found one or two the BBC gave it three stars and said it was too slow and their review is a

bit strange because it’s said at one point if Scorsese was set on making a blackly comic romp featuring a patronizing gangster and his numbskulld nephew maybe he shouldn’t have used the real Massacre of Native Americans as its subject yeah but the stuff this review is criticizing actually happened these were real people and there’s also these Sunday Times who call the film a damp squib but I can’t read their review because it’s behind a paywall so there you have it it looks like the film is excellent much of the praise involves the performances the harrowing feeding

the film gives you and the historical significance negatives seem to be that the film is slow and long which I mean I don’t mean to sound patronizing but what exactly did you expect so are you looking forward to Killers what do you make of the reviews let me know in the comments below and thanks for watching

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