Killjoy 2 Movie Review – Lowering the Bar

“Come out, come out wherever you are.” Hello World Wide Web. I’m Decker Shado, the internet personality with the best hair, and uh… Well, let’s see if we could at least salvage a small April of the Fools before the 420 special. Last time, I finally got around to reviewing Terrifier 2, the low budget sequel to the low budget clown horror film Terrifier. But what if I told you there was another low budget clown horror movie I’ve reviewed with a sequel that is also incredibly low budget. Actually an ungodly amount of sequels. Killjoy As we see in

today’s review of Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil, remember Killjoy one? No? Great! This has nothing to do with that. The previous film is referenced in passing, but the meat of Killjoy 2 is that a group of young adults play juvenile delinquents. And because it’s cheaper to film, find themselves out in the middle of nowhere in rural America. At one point, someone decides to summon Killjoy the clown because it seemed like a good idea at the time. As it turns out, they were wrong. Thank you all for watching. I have been Decker Shado, and rememb… Oh,

fine. Let’s at least make this video long enough for midrolls. But before we start, I need to point out that the video is a bit wonky. Somewhere along the way,

it was transferred between 30 frames per second and 24 and possibly back again a few times. And the result is an inconsistent frame pacing that you will notice. Despite me matching the frame rate of this video to the frame rate of the movie I have on hand. But to be fair, the visuals are so low quality still and so dark you probably won’t notice for the

majority of the movie. It’s only really noticeable on panning shots of well-lit static objects. So how do we open up? With a panning shot of a city skyline in broad daylight. God, that looks awful. It’s not all that important anyway, as we’re here to introduce Nicholas Gordon, played by Austin Priester, as he is ambushed by police officers forced to flee into the building. “He jumped. He’s going down to the ninth floor. The ninth floor!” And you know he went to that specific floor how? “Mike, he’s on the ninth floor!” Is there any kind of significance

to this ninth floor thing? Because you’re really hammering home the ninth floor, and I have no idea why. Mike Donnelly, played by Wayland Geremy Boyd corners Nic, along with his partner and Nic’s former friend Chris White, played by Bobby Marsden. “This is going to leave a mark, Nic.” “When the fuck’d you turn five-o?!” And apparently these two have history… which isn’t important at all. The scene merely exists to explain how Nic got into this situation. Poorly. And then it never comes up again, because Nic was supposed to snitch about someone something yadda yadda. Point is,

as he refuses to talk, Chris plants drugs on him! Cocaine. Thus he will be going away for a very long time. To juvie. “Yeah. This is the pick of the motorpool. Hoping for the best for the youth of America.” That’s right kids, these clear adults whose former friends are also adults and working as police officers are actually minors. Introducing our corrections officers for this tale. Lieutenant Harris Redding, played by Logan Alexander and Denise Martinez, played by Debbie Rochon. They take a minute to introduce the rest of the cats. Ce Ce, played by Nicole Pulliam. Ray

Ray, played by Choice Skinner. Charlotte, played by Olimpia Fernandez. And finally, Eddie Jasper, played by Jermaine Javon. “He’ll debate your ear off, but he’s pretty harmless. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.” And they all did various things to get in this situation. Eddie did nothing, and Charlotte burnt her school down, and Ray-Ray grew up with Nic. Which doesn’t sound like much, but remember, Nic got caught with cocaine. Anyway, Martinez explains that the children present will be joining her and Harris for a 200 mile drive to spend three months doing hard

labor. “We’re doing some renovations on a home for some youthful offenders like yourselves.” “Any questions?” You mean you got more kids out there smoking cigarettes with thick facial hair? Anyway, they pile into the van that we’re calling a bus and hit the road. “Let’s not make this any worse than it has to be.” “That’s right. No clowning around.” Haaaaaaaaa…. Fire that writer. A few more bad jokes later and Harris throws on some road trip tunes so we can be spared the dialog, at least for a bit. As they drive through California. Once they’re far enough

from the city, the van comes to a stop for some food. “Oh, hell no. This has got to be a joke. What the hell are we stopping here for?” “What’s wrong with here?” Mainly because it just looks like some random person’s house, and they’re probably not expecting company. “All right, everybody, now listen up. No one wanders off.” Hey, excuse me. I just. I just thought that correctional facilities had slightly more security than absolutely nothing. In any case, they all shuttle out to get food from somewhere, except for Ce Ce, who absolutely refuse to to leave

the vanbus, swearing she isn’t hungry anyway. Also still don’t know what food they’re getting, but they somehow found the public bathrooms around here. And boy, are they rundown. In private, Martinez asks Charlotte if she has any insight as to why Ce Ce is so distant. “Just trying to figure that girl out, you know?” “Good luck.” I mean, something would be better than nothing. We’re over 10 minutes into this movie, and I have not found a single reason to care about anyone at all. Still no idea what they ate. We never saw that. But it is

now nighttime. And as they drive by the moonlight, suddenly the vanbus breaks down. Finally, our first hint that this is a horror movie. Now, at night, in the middle of nowhere, the car stopped working and the cell phone can’t get a signal. “I heard some crazy shit about people who live in places like this.” “Yeah, there’s chainsaw families out here and shit. Crazy fuckers be wearing their brother’s face like a Halloween mask.” Please stop reminding me of movies I’d rather be watching. Now, as they were doing a scheduled transport of inmates failure to arrive at

their destination should trigger a search and rescue. But forget all that. Let’s immediately wander off. Not following the road, but going into the woods in the middle of the night. At least Harris and the guys. Martinez stays in the vanbus with the girls. “So are there like any wild animals out here?” “When the fucking woods, for fuck’s sake. We’re surrounded by wild animals.” “Hey.” *HISS* “I think I see something.” Their aimless wanderings somehow allows them to come across a building. However, they can’t just run up as fast as they can. They have to take this

situation delicately. “Whoever they are. I bet the last thing they’re expecting on their front porch is four black dudes from L.A.. Not all the sheets stay on the beds out here.” Yeah. Sometimes they hang them up on clotheslines, too. They head over to the homestead, lawn covered in debris. And, of course, the ominous target along the way. No. “Hello? Anybody home? Great, nobody home.” He’s tried nothing, and he’s all out of ideas. As it took longer than 2 seconds for an answer in the middle of the night, Harris is certain they’ll just have to wait

for whoever lives here to return. He’s certain the place isn’t abandoned, as there is clearly electricity on in there. In any case, the kids can stay here while Harris goes off into the woods again in hopes of a better cell phone signal. “This is some bullshit, man. I’m about to make myself at home.” But what’s this? Ray Ray has had enough and decides the best course of action is good old fashioned breaking and entering. Hey, Ray Ray, um… As long as we’re breaking the law here? You ever think about maybe just. I don’t know. Making

a run for it out in the middle of nowhere, under the cover of night. As Ray Ray expertly breaks into the house, making as much noise as possible once inside, Harris gives up on the phone anyway and heads back. Too late to stop Ray Ray but just in time to catch him get shot in the back at point blank range with a 12 gauge shotgun. “Damn you crazy, redneck bitch!” Wielded by Lilly, played by Tammi Sutton, the director. Considering they just broke into her house, she’s not looking to hear anyone out about anything. “Listen…” “Listen?

You’re trespassing on my land.” “And that gives you the right to shoot somebody?” Did you happen to miss the break in, Harris? Eddie yells at the woman, and then it looks like he’s going to be next. Until Harris pulls out his gun and blows her away. “Don’t fuck with my kids.” Yay! Hero. While the headshot kills her instantly, Ray Ray is still alive. He merely got shot in the back, right in the spine with a 12 gauge. The point is, they need to get him help and fast. Thus, the kids are told to drag his

ass back to the vanbus, while Harris continues to search for a phone. And just throwing this out there, Killjoy hasn’t even remotely shown up yet. All the death and pain so far is sheerly because of their own stupidity. Anyway, the guys return with tales of the crazy Alabama bitch and how Ray Ray is seriously wounded and they don’t know what to do. “We need some medical help! We need some guns! We need the air force! We need the S1Ws!” Calm down, Nic. It was one woman who is now dead. But they think it might have

been even more. After all, there was another gunshot. Maybe. “And who knows how far behind us those bastards are?” “Let ‘em come.” “Look, this ain’t no time for you to be getting no brass balls.” “They probably killed my partner!” And I’ll probably kill each and every last one of them. But Nic doesn’t trust Martinez to lead this operation, so he takes the gun and takes over. Seriously, he’s not holding her hostage or anything. Everyone just kind of agrees he’s the best one to have the gun and follows his command. Thus a new plan. Wander off

in the woods in the dark, looking for help, but in a different direction. This goes about the same. They wander a tad, argue a lot, and then Oh, looky here. The lights of a distant house. “Look, not so fast. I’m not walking into another ambush.” Ever thought about maybe not breaking into this one? “Nic, This is not a game.” So he shouldn’t be cautious? I have no idea what you’re upset about here. So breaking into the last house didn’t go so well. How should they go about this one? Easy. Don’t knock, but sneak inside the

conveniently unlocked door before holding the owner up at gunpoint. Kadja Boszo, played by Rhonda Claerbaut. Luckily for them, she takes this considerably better than you’d expect, offering to help however she can. “Do you have a phone we could use?” “No, I am sorry.” “Do you have a car that we could borrow to get some help?” “No, I. I’m sorry.” Are you at least going to like the video? And subscribe if you haven’t. “No, I. I’m sorry.” Come on. It’s not that hard. And it really helps the channel and the algorithm and all of that. You

know, I can use a little kick back here. “No, I. I’m sorry.” Fine. Fine. I’ll do it myself. I’ll do it myself. But she’s one of those handy dandy witches of the woods narrowing down exactly what kind of help she can offer Ray Ray. Therefore, it’s time to break out the chicken feet. “I think it’s voodoo.” “What?” “Voodoo.” “Food? What kind of bullshit is that?” It’s mostly rums and fruit juices. Honestly, it looks like he could use one. “Can you save him?” “I can try.” “You better do more than just try.” Could these characters maybe

try to not make things worse at every conceivable opportunity. Kadja smoothly talks Nic out of blowing her away, and the spell is completed off screen. And it’s one of those time release spells. Got to give it a while to kick in. So in the meantime, Ce Ce regales the group with her family tales of Voodoo. Her grandmother told her about it and how you have to be careful with it because in the wrong hands it could be dangerous. Like that time when this kid summoned this spirit. “An evil spirit named Killjoy.” “Killjoy?” Thank you. We’re

40 minutes into this movie, and you finally bring up the main character. Anyway, she gives a little summary of the previous movie. At least close enough to set up this movie. Kid summoned Killjoy for revenge. But failed. But succeeded. But it was the kid’s body Killjoy used to kill the gang and in doing so caused Killjoy to become stronger. “Is there supposed to be some type of moral to the story?” Movie magic is whatever the hell it needs to be at any particular time. Frustrated, Nic sets out for a moment for some fresh air. For

no apparent reason, Ce Ce follows, bemoaning her lack of drugs to take the edge off. However, Nic pipes up that, y’know, he just so happens to be in the drug dealing business. But every deal has a price. Voodoo magic can do anything, right? Even save Ray Ray’s life? Like they are currently attempting to do right now with the much more skilled voodoo which they already found. “What do you want me to do about it?” “I want you to conjure up that fool, Killjoy.” Yes, of course. The evil spirit of murder. Who who killed his previous

summoner is going to save Ray Ray by… How is that supposed to work? “I’ll take care of the rest.” Oh, that explains it all. Oh, he’s talking about the drugs. Ce Ce can’t resist the siren call of miscellaneous unspecified narcotics and gets to work calling by the moon for the summoning of Killjoy before fainting. However, Nic doesn’t see a murderous clown demon anywhere and is certain this voodoo bullshit has led nowhere. However, Ce Ce has not given up on getting those drugs. “Well, maybe we could work something out? Whaddya say?” And why wasn’t that bargaining

chip on the table some time before you summoned the demon? As the spell absolutely worked. Confirmed by none other than Kadja, who senses his return. Turns out to have been a lot more reliable than Nic over here, who hey, surprise! Never had any drugs to begin with. “You fucking bastard. You just lied to me so I’d get with you.” Honestly. How in the hell did you fall for that in the first place? You both just got off the vanbus, straight out of juvie. Where the hell was he getting a supply? What was he doing? Trading

candy cigarettes for pop figures stuffed with cocaine? “Look, I lied to save Ray Ray.” Honestly the boning was probably just as helpful as the demonic summoning. Going for even more privacy, Ce Ce heads to the outhouse, and finally, 48 fucking minutes into the movie, Killjoy has arrived, played by Trent Haaga, who would go on to continue portraying Killjoy in a confusing amount of sequels. “I see you in there. Hello.” And after waiting so goddamn long for him to just show up in this movie, it’s honestly pretty underwhelming and he’s barely quippy at all and really

does not make the best use of his time. They do try to have some fun with it, at least as Killjoy removes his teeth and throws them into the outhouse to gruesomely kill Ce Ce! I presume we don’t actually see anything, but she sure screams a lot. Therefore, Nic hears absolutely nothing, what with the oppressive peace and quiet out here, and no one knows where she is. “I thought she was with you.” “Look, I’m not her keeper.” “Well, you just left her there outside, alone?” Well, when people go to outhouses. That’s generally how you want

to leave them. Oh, well, can’t stay mad at Nic forever. Got to update him on the Ray-Ray situation to put it as gently as possible. The body count rises. So they dumped the corpse out by the barn at voodoo lady’s request. But Nic has heard enough about the voodoo that you do, heading right back outside to pay his respects. “Miss Martinez. When all of this is over, are we still going to have to go back to the detention center?” Sorry, kid. But surviving a horror movie doesn’t count as time served. “I still can’t believe anybody

lives like this. No phone, no electricity, no running water. It’s crazy. It’s worse than the ghetto.” Oh, come on, now. You tell me where in the ghetto you’re going to find yourself some fine gator steak and rattlesnake jerky. Eddie needs some water, and as such, we’ll have to go out back to the water pump. However, as he pumps, he hears laughter. Wondering if it’s Ce Ce, He checks the outhouse, only to be horrified by blood. So he must run to freshen up. Hygiene, after all. “What the fuck?” Meaning he can’t get away in time. And

is confronted by Killjoy. Personally, I think being covered in blood would have made it easier to convince everyone else. But what do I know? So Killjoy attacks, grabbing the bucket and assaulting Eddie with confetti. Hmm. Not very effective. Oh well, just mean he can knock him back onto the exposed water pipes, stabbing him through and using the pump to pull the blood out of his body. And then Killjoy just walks to the left. He’s pretty much just hanging around outside, killing people. And sometimes joking, oftentimes not. As neither Ce Ce nor Eddie have returned, Kadja

says yes, that’s because they’re fucking dead. Summoning an evil spirit will do that to you. Isn’t that right, Nic? “Is that true?” “Yeah, but it didn’t work.” Explain to me how I could summon an evil murdererous clown demon, and somehow my friend still died. Go on, explain. Point is, Nic doesn’t believe in the voodoo and decides to just say fuck it and leave. So he heads outside and, Oh, yeah, runs into Killjoy. Nic has no idea who the clown is, So he explains he is Killjoy, evil spirit extraordinaire. And he was summoned by Nic and

Ce Ce. Killed Ce Ce, by the way. In case you’re wondering where she is. “And now it’s your turn.” “Turn for what, man?” Look, I know the movie is boring, but are you even remotely paying attention to the homicidal clown? Because it’s his turn to die! But not so fast. Nic is armed, shooting killjoy, which obviously does nothing. “Fuck it. Guns are for pussies anyway, man. I’m going to cut the fucking smile off your face.” So he pulls out a knife! Dude, if the gun didn’t work, what makes you think the knife is going to

do anything? Not to mention, how did you even get the knife? Your backstory doesn’t exactly provide a lot of wiggle room to figure out how to get one of these things. Oh, well, the important thing is that he has a knife giving Killjoy the opportunity to take over his body, forcing him to use the knife on himself, cutting and stabbing, and eventually leaving himself a lifeless corpse. “People need to get more fun out of death.” Hey, look. A not bad joke. Back at the homestead, Kadja, Martinez and Charlotte are doing their best casting even more

voodoo magic. Just need some magic words. Human skull. Let’s not forget the handy dandy blood. This allows them to find Killjoy, which they could easily do just walking outside. But never mind that. Voodoo magic! Thus, Charlotte stays inside while Kadja and Martinez go forth to face Killjoy. “He’s near. You better find a place to hide yourself. You shouldn’t let him see you.” Then why do the drag her out of the house in the first place? Charlotte was begging for her to stay. And you made it sound so important that she had to come with you

to get in the way? As Martinez hides completely unprotected, Kadja whips up some voodoo magic and summons Killjoy! Again! Anyway, while they’re doing their thing, who should happen to run outside but Charlotte. She has something deathly important to tell Martinez. “Come on, we’ve got to get back in the house.” Again, I have to ask, the reason she went outside in the first place was what?! To get back inside! Anyway, Kadja’s confrontation with Killjoy goes about as expected. She tells him to go to hell and he’s like, Nah. Using voodoo magic to slice her throat. That

means there’s only Martinez and Charlotte left back in the house. So Killjoy teleports inside the house. Also, no idea where the hell Martinez got her zombie killing weapon there, but it doesn’t work anyway. And Killjoy moves to take her out. “I’m not going down that easy.” “Oh, yes, you are.” And she just falls down. Got to say, I was expecting something a little more, I don’t know, fatal. Thus he moves on to Charlotte. “Leave me alone, you psycho circus.” No, no, That’s not until the fifth movie in 2016. This calls for some emergency voodoo. Killjoy

gives her a minute, but after time’s up, he goes for the kill. But what’s this? Harris has returned from off screen and he has a shotgun. But Killjoy just telekinetically throws it away before throwing Harris around like nothing! But wait, Charlotte splashes him with something! K-Y jelly? “This party’s over, brother.” Which kills Killjoy. I guess I was kind of expecting more of a banishment or total destruction, but yeah, I guess that works. Goopy face. Therefore, happy ending! Harris is alive, but Martinez is dead. But Charlotte is alive but left asleep on the floor for some

reason. But Martinez is alive. And not only that. “Harris! I thought you were dead.” He was never fake Killed. The rest of the characters, though they are very dead. Anyway, that was Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil. I don’t know how you go about making a movie worse than Killjoy 1, but somehow they found a way. Killjoy 1 was a low budget, poorly written mess of a movie, and it’s hard to believe it even managed to get a sequel. But they showed us we were all wrong when we said that there was nowhere to go but

up. The visuals are ass. Yes, but that is hardly the biggest offense considering that the quality of the video is about on par with the original. But still they did manage to make it worse. While Killjoy 1 took place in the ghetto and hopped back and forth between various buildings, streets and Killjoy’s alternate dimension, Killjoy 2 is out in the middle of the woods at night. We get to see the woods at night, and that’s pretty much it. Furthermore, the characters are incredibly shallow, overacted and absolutely bonkers. Yeah, just give the middle aged juvenile delinquent

the gun and accept that he is the leader now with his decisive commands to just ignore everyone’s concerns and not take responsibility for anything. Real winner there. About the only thing I can say is that it was at least good to see Killjoy come back. Even if he looks different, is far weaker, much less witty, and is played by a completely different actor. The important thing is that he killed most of these characters and that is something I can get behind. At the end of the day, Killjoy 2 is technically a movie. Scripted over two

weeks and filmed in one and It certainly looks like it. A microsecond or two might be mildly entertaining over the hour and a half runtime, but it still isn’t nearly enough to net this thing any higher than one convoluted cursed clown out of five. Seriously, it’s in the running for worst movie I’ve ever seen. I might have to rewatch Alien Origin again just to make sure or not. Thank you all for watching. I have been Decker Shado and remember, if you plan on saving your best friend’s life by summoning an evil spirit of murder, your

plan sucks. “I guess the only question is how long is this going to take, huh?” Okay, so what else have I reviewed that’s related to Killjoy 2? Yeah, Killjoy 1. Or if we’re just interested in bad movies there’s Alien Origin. or always the algorithmically selected recommended video might be a good one. Odds are really in its favor on this one. And as always, remember like and subscribe and you know the drill.

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