'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' review with Adam at the Movies

What is coming up this weekend? Well, here we’ll just we have to dispose of our, our Mariners right for one second. Yeah. We’re great at transitions. That was great. Well I love that. All right, I’m with it one way or the other. Here’s the thing, the planet of

the apes franchise. You guys familiar with this? Oh, yes. Absolutely The classic one. Yeah. Go back to the 70s. Yeah. So originally in 68, there was planet of the apes. Then came beyond the planet Earth. Yeah, Then there was escape from the planet of the apes, and there

was conquest of the planet of the apes. Battle for the planet of the apes. Rise of the planet of the apes. War for the planet of the apes. Back to the planet of the apes. There was the Planet of the apes in 2001, and now we have Kingdom

of the planet of the apes. Let’s take a look at the clip. Together you will die. No Together. Strong. Hey. So visually, this is a very impressive motion capture and CGI driven film. Now, John, you and I were talking about this earlier today, this morning. And I said,

you know, there’s, you know, we’ve been watching this motion capture action, but we’ve been watching this for over 20 years. I mean, we saw this in

Lord of the rings. We’ve seen this in a million other films. This does advance that technology. It does actually look very polished,

very good. You know, very strong visuals. This film I will tell you, is the general gist of the film is it is a hero’s journey. And the concept is you have an a hero’s journey. And this is most films, when you actually start to break them down at

their core, you have an individual who is thrust out of the village for one reason or another, and they have to go on a quest to find the knowledge or the thing that gets them back to the village to then save the day. That is the hero’s journey.

It’s an archetypal, plot driven sort of thing. When it gets to screenplay and narrative. This is paint by we’re getting a significant shall I say, retread when it comes to this type of screenwriting. We’re not getting anything challenging by this. We’re not getting anything new by this. We’re

getting a lot of by this. Just a few different little twists here and there. And then new apes, of course, to make this all that much more interesting. So that’s to say, wise, man. It just kind of sits there along with the other nine or 10 or 11.

I was wondering, did we need another one of many as you like. They make the money, you’re going to get them whether you like what they’re saying, just keep them going because they could be flat or not. Right Just keep them going I think is the mentality. Also

want to point out that you don’t have to necessarily have seen the last nine, ten, 11 planet of the apes sequence. You can jump into this one and pretty much pick up what’s going on pretty quick. But my concern with a lot of these movies these days, and

we keep talking about it, is length of time. This is a 2.5 hour movie. Do we need that for hours and 25 minutes. Mind you, the original planet of the apes with Charlton Heston from 68 was an hour and 52 minutes. This runs you as you’re right, two

Do we need that much? No. In fact, I believe an editor’s razor blade could have been considerably sharper than it was. We could have easily edited just fine, and had still a very decent, very workable film. But I did start to feel like this day overstayed its welcome.

So all of that combined, I’m going two popcorn. It’s a PG 13 film, maybe a matinee. More likely one of those things you can stream later and be folding laundry to as you as you’re doing that and still just kind of keep up with it. If that’s your

thing. So Planet Adam okay. All right. There you go. We’ve had a lot of two, two popcorns lately. Yeah. Where? I’m waiting for another going to have a four popcorn movie. Oh, yeah. Coming up here a little later and the stars of that film are going to be

here as well. There’s your tease, but amazing. Does that one rhyme with Furiosa or which one? No no, this one rhymes with, well, it’s Thelma, let’s just say that’s the name of it. Yeah. Okay, okay. All right, let’s get

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