Kiski banegee sarkar|Lok sabha election 2024

Today there is only one question in everyone’s mind that whose government will be formed on June 4, so today we are going to take stock of this question with great detail and detail, so stay with us friends, Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is going on, there are a total

of 544 seats in which seven are This election is to be held in PH which started from 19th April and will continue till 1st June, so let’s see what is there in it. Friends, the phase which happened on 19th April and in which there was competition for 102

seats, the second phase which is on 26th April. It has been completed in which there were 89 seats for 13 states and the third phase which has happened for 94 seats and 12 states were included in it, now which is going to happen today, today is 13th May,

today there are 96 seats in it and 10 states are included in it and after this The fifth phase will come which will be held on 20th May. There are 49 seats which will be held in eight states and for 57 seats it will be held on 25th

May which will include seven states and after that at the very end the seventh phase will come which will be held on 1st June. There will also be 57 seats which are for eight states and the result of all these faces which is eagerly awaited is 4 June

2024. From

1957 till today, 18 Lok Sabha elections were held in which Congress won 15 times and BJP won twice. 10 years of government. Let us see what BJP did in 2014 and what promise Modi ji made before coming to power in 2014. The robbers have deposits in

foreign banks. Even if we bring money, every poor person in India will get Rs 15-20 lakh for free. When the Jumla was found, it turned out to be a promise of Rs 15 lakhs and when not even a single penny was received and the Home Minister was asked,

he said is it a Jumla or is Jumla a way of giving a speech? Then its effects started on the pillars of democracy: Media, Election Commission, ED Income. Started troubling the tax opposition and then came the day of demonetization. Demonetization was done on the pretext of black money

and it was of no use. Can you forget that day? Thousands of people died in Corona. Who can forget this? Inflation has created a new situation. – Created a new record and as you can see, I have shown in the graph what happened, it reached the top most,

till today inflation is still increasing, fed up with unemployment, the youth committed suicide. Highest recovery in all political parties. Electoral Bund. You can see what BJP has done through this and this has become the biggest scam of this century, so BJP has recovered approximately Rs 6000 crores. What

does Rahul Gandhi want? You yourself listen to him. Modi ji says I am the Constitution. If I don’t want to cancel the Act, then what can Rahul Gandhi say about what BJP is doing? When you attack politics and democracy regarding CBI and ED, you are attacking the Constitution

when you attack RSS in all the institutions. If people are filling then you are calling it an attack on the Constitution. When you do demonetization without asking anyone and end the lives of crores of backward class people of India like Dalits, tribals, etc. then you are attacking the

Constitution. Whenever you implement Agniveer Yojana without asking the Army, you attack the Constitution. Modi ji is the king. I am speaking the truth. Modi ji is not the Prime Minister. Modi ji is the king. He has nothing to do with the cabinet, nothing to do with the Parliament.

Nothing to do with the Constitution, after all, who is Modi ji? Rahul Gandhi said something like this, he is the king of the 21st century and the two-three financiers behind him are the ones who have the full tempo of a king. That king is actually that king is

the front. Actually the king does not have power. Actually if the power is somewhere else then this is the situation. No brother, even an illiterate king would have managed. There have been many, many illiterate kings in India who did not have ego and who did not have ego.

Those who used to listen to the public will get the job done, they are of another type, they do not listen to anyone, then listen to what the king is saying about what he wants, now their aim is to destroy the public sector and those who These are

the paths of the Dalits, the tribals and the paths of the poor general castes , eliminate them one by one and all their leaders are openly saying that we will end the reservation and I am openly saying that I am saying that you can never end the reservation

and not only this because reservation is the voice of reservation at 90 then attack on reservation, attack on Constitution, attack on public sector, attack on army, attack on financial system why because there is money behind them. If there are billions of rupees then this is the situation. Now

what problem does Modi ji have? So what did Rahul Gandhi say? Now a little problem has arisen in this regard, you must have seen that Modi ji has taken the name of Adani ji and Ambani ji. He said to Bhaila, ‘Brother, come, come and save me, here the

people of India have surrounded me, this means everyone has surrounded me. They are talking about reservation , they are talking about the Constitution, Adani ji, Ambani ji, save me, how can they save me, they will not be able to save me, only the public can save me, so

what is the reality, this is the special thing which Rahul has told, the reality is this. That I am the voice of the people, okay I am you, when I say this, the press people do not understand this, I mean, I am not actually there, I am not

there, I am not I, I understood during the Bharat Jodo Yatra that I am the voice of the people, the public. The pain of the public is nothing else and I have no interest in anything else, what to do next, Rahul ji explained it very well, now the

question arises what to do next, first of all the social reality of India. And do not harm anyone, but the social reality of India has to be kept in front of the country, do not hurt anyone, do not threaten anyone, see brother, this is the social reality of

India, there are so many Dalits, so many tribals in this country. There are so many backward people, so many minorities, so many poor people from general caste and these people have so much involvement in media, so much involvement in corporate India, so much involvement in judiciary, so much

in Election Commission, so much in CBI, ED, Income Tax, you have noted. That the CBI and ED left me and interrogated me for 55 hours, I will tell you after two-three years what happened in that discussion. The ED officers were interrogating me and I told them that look,

you are thinking that you have called me here but You are under misunderstanding, you did not invite me here, I have come here and you know why I have come here, they say no, I have come here because I want to see who are killing the democracy of

India, Zindabad means what do you understand. Long live Rahul Gandhi, long live Rahul Gandhi, long live Rahul Gandhi, I was being interrogated there, there was a cell lying there, it is locked up, he has been the interrogator, I am thinking, my great grandfather was sitting in SSL for

at least 12 years. I too should go for at least 10 years. You can give me any cell, it does not matter, so I say that the reality of India has to be presented to the people of India and I believe that no matter what caste the person

belongs to, if we The reality has been put forward that the politics of India will change completely and it will have to be changed because you cannot keep quiet at 90, you cannot control the power of 90, do anything, no no, it is there in you as well

as in many people. What is Rahul Gandhi’s experience in politics? You can listen to him yourself and I will tell you my experience in politics. There is one person who wakes up in the morning and says brother , how will he get power, how will he get power

24 hours, that is his thinking now. My second problem is no, I was born in the middle of it, now this is a strange thing, I am not interested in it, it is a tool for me, it is a tool for me, how should I use it to

help the public, it does not mean drug to me. I am not an addict, I have seen my grandmother’s dead body, I have seen my father’s dead body, there is a political crystallization inside a political person, political crystallization never happens inside many people and the most important thing

is what is the manifesto of Congress, who are you? Just listen to Rahul Gandhi, our manifesto is a revolutionary manifesto. If you have seen the manifesto, it is a manifesto supporting 90 per cent, but the truth is that the Congress party will also have to change its politics

in the coming times or do this. With great honesty, he also told the mistakes of Congress and I also want to say that Congress party has also made mistakes and I am saying this as a member of Congress party, so now if you have questions, please ask. Thanks

for watching and listening, so friends, I will always keep making such videos for you people, please share this video, like it and comment.

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