Knives Out Movie Review

Hey guys, my name is Dev and welcome to Dev
Movie Reviews. Today, I will not be reviewing
a Bollywood movie nor a South Indian movie.
I will be reviewing a Hollywood movie with
the name Knives Out. This is a suspense and
mystery movie. If you want to watch this movie,
it is available on Amazon Prime Video. The
workers in this movie are Daniel Craig, Ana,
Lakeith Stanfield, and a special role played
by the actor of Captain America, the Amazing
Chris Evans. Lets talk about the Story. The
movie starts off at a party. This party is
organized to celebrate the 85th birthday of
Harlan Thrombey. Harlan Thrombey is a big
and rich man. There are a lot of people that
come to his birthday party. Harlan has a big
family and most of the people that come to
his party are from his family. They are all
happy, they are enjoying themselves, drinking,
and having fun. After the party is over, everyone
goes to sleep. During Midnight, Harlan’s daughter
hear loud noises coming from Harlan’s room.
In the morning, the housekeeper of Harlan
goes into Harlan’s room and she finds Harlan
dead. And in his hand is a knife and there
is a slit mark on his throat. Everyone thinks
that Harlan suicided. Then, the police start

/> investigating. Detective Blanc, acted by Daniel
Craig investigates in such an interesting
way. He interrogates every family member.
Detective Blanc was hired by one of the family
members to find out who is the murderer. Lets
talk about acting. Daniel Craig acted as Detective
Blanc and his acting is very impressive. We
always see him in James Bond Movies as the
actor of James Bond but this time he did different
acting. When he interrogates Harlan’s family,
you guys will have a lot of fun. Hats off
to Daniel Craig! Christopher Plummer acted
as Harlan Thrombey and he did okay acting.
He acted for very little time in the movie.
Chris Evans who is always seen as Captain
America who we always see as a superhero.
This time he did a very different role. He
is shown as Harlan’s grandson and he did very
good acting. There are other actors that are
shown like Harlan’s family members and there
are police officers. Everyone acted well.
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to the Vid. Lets talk about Screenplay. So
as it is a Hollywood movie, its screenplay
is too tight. You will be so engaged in watching
the movie from the beginning to the end. You
will be sitting very tight and will really
try to guess who is the murderer. This movie
was nominated for the Academy awards 2020
and for the Golden Globe Awards 2020 for the
Best Original Screenplay category. Lets talk
about direction, so the director of this movie
is Rian Johnson. And the direction of the
movie is really good. I think it is very hard
to direct a film like this. Lets talk about
Box Office Collection, so this movie was released
in 2019 and the budget was about 40 million
US dollars which is an average for a Hollywood
Movie. And this movie has collected 309 Million
US Dollars which I think is a good amount
of money. Guys, this movie is available on
Amazon Prime Video. You need a Subscription
of Amazon Prime in order to watch it. If you
have a subscription, then click the link in
the description below and it will take you
to the movie. Lets talk about Rating. So,
I would like to give this movie 3.5 Stars/
5. I think this is really a good movie. You
guys should watch this. You won’t regret it.
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