Korean Makeup Full Face Review

Korean makeup review we have a couple of different brands so let’s just jump right in I’m excited for this because we’re going to be playing with two cushion foundations I got these in the pr these are from Cleo Beauty and this is their kill cover the new and kill cover mesh so one is more of a glowy finish and then this one is a semi matte finish both of these cushion foundations they’re in the mini size which I love they’re so cute compact first go with the glow version on the right side the left side

will go with the new which is the soft matte push the sponge inside there you go I’m going to go on the cap just to take some of that acccess off and how I like to apply cushion foundations I just like to stamp them in as I would with a brush if I was just using a liquid foundation M the color is actually really nice with a full-size version the applicator is a lot bigger this is going to take me a little bit of time to to apply but it’s applying really nice all right let’s

grab a little bit more I want to start off lighter instead of going heavy wow that’s really pretty on the skin so the Cleo Kil cover the mesh which is the mesh glow

cushion Foundation application very easy you do have to sit here and kind of work it into your skin using the applicator provided but the overall finish is incredible my skin looks so plump it does not look oily it does not look slick it just looks like my skin that’s plump full of hydration I really liking this all right let’s try out the Cleo

kill cover the new cushion I already open this up just to Swatch it that’s why it’s a little dirty do the same thing just take it in there applicator press get it on there press it on here just to make sure it’s even and we’re going to get more of a semi matte finish as expected I got a semi matte finish when it set and dried completely versus the mesh glow cushion Foundation I’m still seeing that beautiful glow on my face personally I think the mesh glow looks better on my skin it looks a lot

more undetectable because of the finish my peach fuzz it’s not as enhanced like I can see a little bit more peach fuzz on the left side and it looks completely different when I’m looking at myself but both of them still look very beautiful it’s just I’m preferring the mesh glow on my skin if you have fair or light skin and you enjoy a powder Contour this from Misha their con Contour is amazing but these are under five bucks incredible I’m just going to use my Patrick T for Contour to brush you see what I mean

by like very natural with a Contour I it just gives the perfect amount so let’s move on to a new blush this is from Cleo and this is their air blur whip blush sherbet like soft and lightweight blush to create a natural flush texture is really really smooth very very buttery Rosen Ben not as pigmented very natural but I’m sure buildable and I see why they call it an air blur definitely is very blurring on the skin pretty sheer so if you like a very Punchy blush this is not it maybe with a puff it’s

going to be a lot more intense but with a brush it’s not as intense for the eyes we’re going to keep it simple they also sent their Cleo super proof brush liner so we’re going to keep it nice and simple do a bold wing and apply mascara cuz they also set mascara it’s not really opaque and black h okay for mascara we have something that looks like this this is the Cleo sharp so simple mascara number one which is the curling mascara the tiniest little wand brush ever look at this thing but let’s see what

kind of curling formula this is W it’s packed a punch so the formula of the sharp so simple mascara in one is the curling formula and I will say it’s pretty curly like my lashes do not falling down as fast as I thought it would the one thing I will say about this formula it’s on the drier side so I’m hoping I’m not going to get flaking throughout the day and it was a little difficult to build up the formula it’s not a volumizing formula but I wanted to get as much as I could but

the best part about it so far is surprisingly the tiniest Little Brush wand applicator it’s the cutest thing ever it’s like a mixture between the Mac gigal lash mascara and the Clinique bottom lash mascara this is amazing to get right up in your root like closer to your lash line the top and bottom lashes impressed for lips I already own a couple of these Perry Pera the ink velvet lip liner this is in shade number five chocolate brown these have a very velvety texture very smooth very pigmented pretty great uh longevity they also have like

a sharpener to get it nice and precise your lip liner once you lose its shape I’m going to quickly line my lips with this one and then for the lip gloss we’re going to do also the Peri Pera they’re glossy ink glasting lip gloss I’ve also played with this before I’m just going to do a different color we’ll do number six these are like extra large Doo applicator formula is not supposed to be sticky non- drying all that good stuff very glossy makeup is on and I think we’re looking pretty good there’s a little bit

more of a glow on the right side due to the cushion Foundation but I think overall we’re looking pretty even in terms of texture coverage all the good stuff the one thing when I’m touching my face there’s still a little bit of tackiness on the mesh glow side but no tackiness on the new side okay so let’s go on with our wear test and we’ll do some check-ins and see how the makeup is performing we are 5 hours in and this is the first official update I did like an hour ago when I was eating

my bagel sandwich I really wanted to see what the gloss would look like when I was eating because when I was drinking water on my straw I didn’t see any gloss like being transferred but it is looking really pretty on the lips even when I was eating the bagel there was barely any transfer of the lip gloss on the bagel but then I reapplied it and I am loving how my lips are looking all right moving on to the complexion because I think the complexion is more important I think it still looks so good both

sides are performing almost identical in terms of the coverage it’s neither side is looking patchy there’s still a little bit of attacking on the mesh glow side but it’s not transferring and it’s not moving around it’s incredible I’m still looking a little dry on the semi matte side but overall I am really enjoying the way my complexion is looking I’m also enjoying the way my my skin is feeling it’s not feeling tight it’s not feeling sticky it’s just honestly feels like there’s nothing on my skin the cheeks are still blushing pretty airbrush brush looking in

my opinion now moving on to mascara and eyeliner eyeliner honestly hasn’t budged it’s still black it’s still there it’s matte it’s performing like it’s supposed to now the mascara there is zero transfer I applied some to the lower lash line just just a little bit but I did not set the concealer that I am wearing today and there is zero transfer if anything there’s a tiny little bit of flaking but you it’s barely noticeable because there’s not that much mascara on my lashes and I will say my lashes still look pretty curled they’re pretty lifted

so very happy with that so overall very happy with what’s happening on my face all righty 11 hours in and this is the final update on the Korean makeup so I think overall you can see that I’m getting pretty glowy in the T-Zone you can see around the nose it’s getting pretty glowy but overall I’m liking the way my complexion is looking more on the mesh glow side I think it’s wearing better on my skin the mesh glow side the texture the formula is just sinking in a little bit more and it’s becoming more one

with my skin the cushion Foundation versus this side the matte side I’m starting to see a little bit a little bit of discoloration and some patchiness but I’m not seeing as much on this side so I think overall with these cushion found ations if you have combination skin honestly give mesh glow a try and then use either like a setting powder to combat the shininess or use like blotting sheets throughout the day to combat the oiliness but I think that the Cleo the new cushion Foundation I think it’s it will be better more so for

really like oily skin because I’m I’m not loving it for most of my face I think it looks good on the forehead and around the nose but on the rest like the cheeks and the chin and the jaw it’s looking a little dry my skin and it’s not my favorite the glowy one I’m liking it more so all over the face I think it’s a lot more balanced on my skin which is which I have combination skin moving on to the eyeliner and the mascara I’m looking now and from when I first applied it I

think my lashes have dropped a little bit throughout the day especially the curl they still look really nice but they’re not as curled as they were with the initial application I think this mascara is really great honestly it was pretty fun to work with I didn’t think I was going to like the tiny little brush wand as much as I did I like that it was easy to coat all the lashes really get into like the tight line the lower lash line it’s really nice plus there’s minimal amount of transfer I’m looking and there’s a

little bit of shadowing happening but it’s so minor that I don’t even know if it is from mascara it could be from the eyeliner so very happy with the longevity and the wear the eyeliner when I first swatched it not impressed but when you apply it to your eyes that felt tip is so smooth the formula is very buttery so I think it’s good for like an every day cuz it’s not as intense moving on to the blush it’s still on my cheeks I think the only thing I will say about it it’s a very

very natural type of a blush where it doesn’t Pack-a-Punch with pigment Andre even M was like wow your cheeks look so natural moving on to the lips yeah um same experience I thought this one was going to be a little bit better because I liked it with the reapplication my lips got dry I don’t know if you can see that like they feel so dry right now from the lip gloss it’s also what happened with the other one that I was trying it was just a different color and that’s why I wasn’t loving the other

one because I’ve been I wore it multiple times after I did that first impression and I thought that I was going to like this one more because you know sometimes with colors they can wear differently at least from my experience but it’s kind of like doing the exact same thing where it it looks good for the first couple of hours and this is this is a lip gloss it’s going to come off especially if you’re eating drinking snacking it will come off so after dinner all the lip gloss came off and I didn’t feel like

reapplying so this is kind of what the lips are looking like very dry so not the biggest fan of how my lips feel after this but I do like the way it feels when I have it on and it’s freshly applied it’s really glossy really smooth nonsticky feels great but once it leaves it leaves my lips dry that’s all I have to say so from this entire video if you’ve never tried a cushion Foundation or you’ve been eyeing a cushion Foundation give Cleo Beauty the mesh glow Foundation the cushion Foundation a look at because I

think it’s definitely worth looking into but I’m going to leave it here thank you for watching spending time with me and I’ll see the next one bye

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