Korean Skincare Routine for Oily Skin | Pink Seoul K-beauty Box Review

hey guys it’s briana here if you’re new
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so i am very excited about doing today’s
video because today’s topic is a video
that i wanted to do for a long time
but i just never got around to it today
i’m going to be showing you my everyday
k-beauty or korean skincare routine for
oily skin
i have oily skin so this routine will be
oily skin friendly
so whether you’re already really into
korean skincare or you’re looking to
start to get into k
beauty i would definitely recommend this
video especially if you have oily skin
and you’re looking to find some products
that are oily skin
friendly definitely stay tuned i do not
by any means follow the 10 step korean
skincare routine for me personally being
a person with both oily and
sensitive skin using a more simplified
skincare routine works best for me
and plus since it’s less steps it’s also
easier to stay consistent with it and do
it every day so i’m going to be showing
that to you guys today
i’m going to be showing you guys the
products that i’ve been using
every day how i use them and to make
things a little bit more interesting
some of the products that i’m going to
be showing you guys
are products from pink seoul if you’re not
familiar with pink seoul they are a k-beauty subscription service they were
nice enough to send me their july/august box so i did receive that this
month and i’m actually in love
with the products they sent me so i’m
going to be demoing those products
and just letting you know what i think
about them overall and how they work on
my skin
so if this sounds like something you’re
interested in definitely like i said
stay tuned
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the intro and get right into the
skincare routine
and just a heads up guys i will leave
all of the product information for all
the products i’m going to discuss
in today’s video in the description box
so you can check the products out if you
want to
if they are available on yesstyle i
will include
my referral link as well as my rewards
if you want to use them so the first
product that i received this month from
pink seoul that i really want to talk to
you guys about is the tonymoly
wonder ceramide mochi foam cleanser
guys i have actually never heard of this
wonder line from tonymoly
i know there’s a toner as well but i am
seriously in love with this cleanser
this is basically like a cream foam
as you can probably see the texture is
like a thick creamy texture
when you rub it into your damp skin it
really does
foam and lather up but basically it just
feels like a very
nice luxurious cream cleanser on top of
super moisturizing as it says it does
ceramide and ceramide basically helps
repair the moisture barrier of your skin
so if you have skin that you feel like
is really dry and you’re unable to
the moisture that could be that your
skin barrier is compromised and ceramide
helps to repair that so on the back it
says cleansing foam
with thick whipped cream texture
containing ceramide gently cleanses
and impurities while leaving the skin
hydrated and it definitely does that
like i mentioned it’s so moisturizing it
does say on here that it’s mild
cleansing so it’s good for sensitive
i really can’t tell you all the
ingredients because the back of it
isn’t hangul it’s in Korean but um
this cleanser smells amazing i don’t
know what type of fragrance it is it’s
not overpowering i have sensitive skin
and it hasn’t broken me out
but it smells delicious it basically
smells like
some type of dessert it smells so good
not i don’t know if it smells like mochi
but it smells like something sweet i
love it so i would definitely recommend
this cleanser thank you
so much pink seoul so since i already
washed my face off camera with the tonymoly
ceramide mochi foam cleanser next i am
going to go in with my favorite
toner now i did not receive this from
pink seoul i actually received it from my
app called livepitch
but this is the acwell licorice ph
balancing cleansing toner
i love this toner basically it has a low
ph level which mimics
the natural ph level of your skin so
basically it’s great for sensitive skin
it helps balance the ph level of your
it’s super moisturizing it smells
amazing and it does a great job
at removing any impurities from your
skin such as dirt
sebum makeup any of that that might be
left over
so in order to get a fresh start for
your skincare routine i definitely
recommend toner so i’m just gonna go in
with this toner now so to apply this
toner i usually just take
a little cotton pad apply some of it
some of the toner to the cotton pad
and then i just gently wipe my skin
in an upwards motion
and guys this toner feels like so
refreshing when you apply it to your
skin like i said it does smell amazing
and it really just leaves your your skin
feeling so
plump and so hydrated and
so refreshed so like i said i
am a huge fan of it it is so
so good and just to show you guys why
using toner is so important
mind you i already washed my face off
camera and this is what’s left on the
cotton pad after using the toner
so toner really really helps like i said
to remove any of the impurities for your
because you want to have a fresh start
when you’re starting your skincare
you want to make sure all of that bad
stuff is off of your skin so that way
the following products can absorb
properly into the skin so the next
product that i received from pink sole
that i’m going to be discussing is the
ample:n ceramide
shot ampoule mist this
face mist is amazing so basically
it contains ceramide which like i
mentioned before it is an agent that
helps repair your skin’s moisture
barrier so if you’re feeling like your
skin isn’t retaining moisture
this will definitely be great for you so
on the bottle it says it’s a derma
intense moisturizing mist
it’s scientifically prescribed with
ceramide which strengthens skin barrier
and makes your skin moist and healthy it
also says it’s anti-wrinkle
and it also says it’s whitening i’m not
really sure about that i’m guessing it
if you have any hyperpigmentation or
dark spots i’m guessing it can help with
but how i use it is after i tone my face
i just spray some of this on my skin
it’s left feeling so plump moisturized
and it just feels good
my skin is like glowing so i feel like
it’s a great way to
just add an extra layer of moisture in
before i go in with my serum and
so it’s a very fine mist which i like
when you spray it on your skin
your skin is not soaking wet it’s very
fine it’s just the right amount of
so i am going to spray some of this on
just so you guys can see
exactly how it works all right so here
we go and you just spray it about
this far from your face
just a few sprays just get all over your
face and that’s it and i just let it
kind of absorb into my skin it only
takes a few seconds
and then i’m ready to move on to the
next step of my skincare routine
like i said i would definitely recommend
this mist
i think it’s great it’s so moisturizing
i can definitely
i think it’s so refreshing for summer
and i think it would also be great for
when your skin tends to be very dry and
you really want that extra layer of
you can also spray this onto your skin
after you do your skincare routine
so say if you want to apply it after
your moisturizer just for that extra
boost of moisture
or if you want a dewy look to your
makeup you could definitely spray it on
after you apply your makeup as well so i
feel like this is definitely
a multi-use mist and i love it i’ve been
using it
almost every day since i received it in
the pink seoul box
okay so for my everyday k-beauty
skincare routine
after i cleanse my skin and then go in
with my toner
and optionally use a face mist my next
is to go in with a serum now i didn’t
receive this from pink seoul but this is
a serum that i just got a couple days
and i am obsessed with it i’ve heard
great things
about this serum it is the ginger
vitamin c serum shot by sweet chef
if you ask me so far it’s worth all of
the hype
it has ginger and vitamin c and it’s
supposed to brighten dark spots and
uneven skin tone
you apply it after cleansing and toning
and you just basically tap it into your
so that’s what i’m going to do guys i
love this serum because
unlike a lot of other serums it’s it’s
very lightweight and i don’t feel like
it’s so heavy and sticky where i don’t
even want to use it
in the past i’ve tried serums and i feel
like they’re so thick and so heavy on my
skin and that they potentially clog my
so i want to skip that step altogether
but with
this serum i don’t feel like that at all
so what i do is i just take the little
dropper here
and i just apply some of it onto my skin
i just pat it into my skin and i know
that this doesn’t look like a lot
but a little seriously goes a long way
and you just pat pat the product into
your skin it’s also important
not to forget your neck as well don’t
forget your neck eyes you don’t want to
have a really youthful looking
face and then an old looking neck i’m
sure you guys can already see a
difference in my skin
when i first started my skin looked a
little bit plain but now it’s already
starting to look
very glowy and nice and that’s exactly
what we want
so the next product that i want to show
you guys is another product from pink
seoul and it is the innisfree broccoli
clearing lotion
it contains broccoli extract chia seed
extract and winter green extract
this is what it looks like i really
really like this moisturizer because it
very moisturizing but lightweight so
perfect if you have oily skin perfect
for summer if you want a lightweight
moisturizer that does the job
but that’s not super heavy and oily it
salicylic acid as well and it has like a
very very refreshing feeling
so basically the broccoli extract as
well as the other ingredients
in this lotion claim to help control the
production of excess sebum which in turn
will prevent
breakouts for occurring on your skin so
if you have oily skin
and or acne prone skin i would
definitely definitely recommend this
and it is a lotion versus a cream so to
me the texture is lighter but at the
same time that does not mean that the
moisturizing factor is compromised
it’s super moisturizing i usually just
take it and just
put a little bit of it onto my fingers
maybe only this much you really don’t
need a lot and then i just start
applying it to my skin
and it has a very nice like almost
medicinal smell to it and i love it it
so calming and refreshing it also is
supposed to
calm irritated skin which once again is
good if you have
sensitive oily and or acne prone skin
and it’s irritated
i would definitely recommend this i can
attest there have been a few times when
i’ve had like
a really stubborn pimple or breakout
that had flared up once in a while and
it seems like when i switch out to this
my breakouts clear a little bit faster i
do think it does
really have a good soothing and calming
factor to it so i would definitely
recommend this moisturizer i’ve been
using it a lot
ever since i received it from pink sole
so usually for my everyday skincare
routine my next step would be sunscreen
sometimes i do apply eye cream but to be
honest with you i don’t do it every day
and usually when i do do it it’s just at
night so next i’m going to go in with
ample:n hyaluron shot sun care it is
spf 50
and i also received this from my pink seoul
box the reason why i really really like
this sunscreen is it’s spf 50 it’s super
it’s not too heavy or sticky like a lot
of other sunscreens i have used in the
and most importantly can you guess
that’s right it does not leave a white
cast on your skin i’m sure if you’ve
used sunscreen before
you know exactly what i’m talking about
you put on sunscreen
and you come out looking like a corpse
you have this gray or white cast over
your skin
after using sunscreen and with this you
do not get that so
i just take a little bit of the product
apply to my fingers and just
rub it into my skin like the other
products that i mentioned you really
don’t need a lot
you only need a little bit and you’re
good and the thing about the sunscreen
is it’s
so moisturizing like it feels so good
when you put it on your skin
it’s moisturizing but like i said it’s
not super heavy or sticky and it also
doesn’t have that i don’t even know how
to describe it but that crazy sunscreen
that a lot of sunscreens have i don’t
even know how to describe the smell
but it smells good it doesn’t smell like
that overpowering
sunscreen scent glowing so as far as my
everyday glowing korean skincare routine
for oily skin
that pretty much sums it up this is
usually what i would do on an everyday
basis as you can see
not too many steps it’s basically just
toner optional face mist serum
moisturizer and sunscreen so six steps
it’s really not that bad
but i’m just going to quickly go over
the other products that i received this
month from
pink seoul so the first one i want to
talk to you guys about that i did not
in this skincare demo is the aloe 99
chok chok
soothing gel if you ask me you can’t get
of aloe gel aloe gel is great for
multiple different things
you can use if you have sunburn you can
use it if your skin
is irritated i’ve heard that some people
use it on their hair
you can use it on your body to just
moisturize it’s great for the summer
it’s super soothing i’ve actually used
it to spot treat sometimes if i get like
a really huge pimple
that is super irritated and red and
doesn’t want to go away i have used this
it works well
and it does have a very slight sweet
fragrance to it it’s not overpowering
but i really really like this aloe gel
and like i said it was included in this
month’s pink seoul box
so i also received these two sheet masks
from pink seoul this month you could
never get enough sheet masks right
i don’t know if you’re like me but if
you are i hoard my sheet masks
but i am getting better with slowly
going through them and using them
i do have a green tea sheet mask from
missha and a quince
sheet mask from dewytree i haven’t
used them yet obviously but i’m super
excited to use them
so the green tea missha sheet mask is
the missha airy fit
sheet mask green tea and it contains
camellia senescence leaf extract which
is green tea
it says perfect perfect to keep adhesion
like glutinous rice cake
skin fit daily sheet mask to deliver
active ingredients to the skin
effectively by sticky adhesion so it
seems like it fits your skin really well
it says safe use by natural derived
eco-friendly sheet
it is also a water it also has a water
type essence that provides fresh
properties to your skin and it absorbs
so i’m very excited to try the sheet
i literally cannot wait so this is the
dewytree quince 100 mask
this is what the packaging looks like
and it does contain quince fruit extract
i’m really excited to try this one as
well i’ve actually never heard of dewytree or their sheet masks
as far as sheet masks for me they’re not
part of my
everyday skincare routine i do use them
a few
times a week especially if i have a
breakout or if my skin it has an issue
that i want to address i will pick the
sheet mask from my stash to address that
particular issue but i have heard that
some people actually use sheet masks
every day or every other day but
personally i think that you should do
what works for you
and the last product that i received
this month from pink seoul
is this really cute pink pink seoul
i think it’s so cute it’s so comfortable
it’s great for keeping your hair
out of the way when you’re doing your
skincare routine another thing that i
like about it it’s very stretchy
and it’s not too tight on your head it
doesn’t give me a headache like
some other headbands give you and i
think it was a really cute touch for
pink soul to include it
in this month’s box okay guys so that
sums it up for my everyday glowing k-beauty skincare routine
for oily skin featuring the pink seoul k-beauty box i hope you guys enjoyed this
video like i mentioned before i will
all of the product information in the
description box below if you want to
check out
any of the products that i mentioned
today and i will also include
all of the information for pink seoul in
the description box as well
if you want to subscribe to their
service if you’re a fan of k-beauty
whether you’re
a die-hard fan or if you’re just getting
into k-beauty
korean skincare i would definitely
recommend it because out of all the
subscription box i’ve tried which isn’t
that many i think
the only other subscription box i’ve
actually done is ipsy
but between the two i like pink seoul a
lot more i think you get
a really really really good value for
your book you get a lot of products it’s
every other month
so it gives you a chance to kind of use
and get to know the products that you
before you get another box as well which
i think is great because you don’t want
to have a bunch of products in your
house that you haven’t even really had
the chance to get to know
so like i said i would definitely
recommend the service thank you pink
soul for sending me this box
thank you to all of you watching if you
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well what do you think about
pink soul is it a subscription box that
you would like to try and
have you ever heard of or tried any of
the products that i mentioned in the
if not what does your skincare routine
look like what are some products that
you’ve been using frequently
thank you again for watching and i’ll
see you in the next video

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