Kpop review on recents comebacks of female idols

hello everyone today i wanted to show
you my thoughts
on recent comebacks and songs from girl
groups and female soloists
these opinions are only mine and i do
not impose them on anyone
the negative reviews are only what i
felt when i listened to this songs
and not the hate directed especially at
the artists i will first present my
opinion on girl groups
and then on female soloists now that is
let’s move on to the video
then let’s talk about blackpink’s
comeback with their new track how you
like that
for me it’s the music video of the year
the sets and outfits are amazing
and the beauty of the members is amazing
as usual i am a big fan of lisa
even though this song grew on me i still
have some difficulty with the chorus
i didn’t expect that at all and that
this comeback surprised me
i can’t wait to discover their new album
twice tries more new musical styles and
i find more and more out of the ordinary
compared to their songs
first of all the music video is very
colorful and makes us feel like a summer
the outfits complete this idea of
colorful music video
more and more is truly sana era she is
the dance break is awesome and momo can
show us her amazing dancing skills
the choreography is super catchy as well
as the rap part
the music is just amazing for me more
and more is the song of the summer
i am normally very mixed on izone songs
but their song secret story of the swan
is very unusual
the mv is beautiful and shows a
continuation of the fiesta mv
the visuals are perfect the vocals do
not disappoint
the dance break surprised me a lot but i
find it original
and above all very powerful secret story
of this one is one of my favorite izone
i have to admit that i wasn’t expecting
much when announcing this olgy and irene
but now i realize my mistake i never
expected such a dark song and concept
the outfits are very elegant and
highlight the movements of seoulgi and
the choreography is amazing and is in
keeping with the concept
their vocals adapt to all types of songs
and i was afraid of irene as a monster
i don’t think i have any negative
comments to make on this comeback
i will continue to listen to it for a
long time
oh my god wausau is totally a queen this
new song totally highlights its creative
she is not afraid to take responsibility
and reveal herself
i find this song so energetic and
powerful she always makes amazing songs
even if some outfits are simple it is
not shocking
and wausau remains a beauty everything
could suit her
the bridge in the last chorus is very
surprising but has a latino spirit that
goes very well
and to finish the dance is iconic
has come back it was the opposite of the
seulgi and irene’s comeback
i expected a lot from chungha and even
if the music play is very catchy
i don’t know why but i find it hard to
hang on to the song
the choreography and those vocals are
awesome but i have a problem with the
song in general and the instrumental
although i often adore chungya songs
this will not be for me
now let’s talk about sunmi parappa palms
last song
i like the rhythm of the song the
pre-chorus is my favorite part of the
even if at the beginning i didn’t really
like the chorus
it grew on me and i can now listen to
this song without any problem
on the other hand i don’t really like
the brig of his song
even if the purple is very pretty in her
mv it is true that at the end of the
viewing i had overdosed a bit of purple
somi’s new song is very different from
her first birthday song
what you waiting for is very intriguing
the chorus explodes as in the mv
this one surprises us with each new
scene the envy in the song is also very
different from birthday
because it is less colorful but still
lively although
opinions on what you waiting for are
divided i validated and added to my

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