Kuch Jyada नहीं हो गया?🤔😖:- The Suicide Squad 2 Movie Review In Hindi

Now it was written by the brothers and that the movie Suicide Note was released in theaters on 5th August and
it was made after leaving the Guardians of the Galaxy range, which
increased their
responsibility even more that the people of Delhi will have to tell that brother-in-law.
What a mistake he has done by taking me out and that birthday thing, this movie tells us its amazing performance , which we will do later in this video in detail, but first is Android,
if you watch the movie of the previous suicide note, then its story is also the same. the gel contains
empty super-powered people are like some of which are housed for a mission of government
and that the bad guys mean to say is that in the middle of the mission without any deep so slim
A chip is put on the back of everyone’s head, so that if someone is smart or does not follow the rule,
then the people sitting in the jail who are running the mission, the person who rebels will leave his head by pressing the same button,
that means run away from the mission. So if you die and if you fail in the mission, then the enemy will kill you, now let’s

talk a
little about this cord to Deven Otherwise, they have to go to a small Ireland named after another
, where they have to go and increase a building, but that country is an enemy country of the US government, so
all these super power people are sent over there by theft. This is the story of the movie, but
in the middle of that mission, how do they get the salary of international level, which if it is
not equal to the quantity, then what happens, you will have to watch this movie to see that the
balance comes even bigger than the balance that has gone. There are a lot of famous faces in this movie so that apart from Address, who we have
seen playing the role of Handle in this movie and he has played the role of Blood in this movie and probably I think this is the
main character of this whole movie in which his Very active and makes four moons, then in this John Cena or whom
no one can see, the character of John Cena is playing the role of a pacemaker who can do anything for peace,
including murder and deceit. Michael Rickard who used to play the character of both in the movie Galaxy
from Cars, who played the character of C in this movie. I have played the role of a
computer engineer and its rector, after this I do not need to tell you what is the work of this movie,
because if I listen to it, it will happen, so those who have seen the movie understand it
now. Forgive me if I am wrong in taking the name of the later actor because either it is
my English week or the names of these people are life, then I have taken it towards the fair which is
playing the sycophant of rate now. How to earn a rate in DC Comics is a character who is a male and through the same rate
his role in it is also very important in this movie, if we talk about breaking from a west, then we fast for the
type of Vati who has played the role. Thor has also directed Ragnarok and the upcoming movie 410
which is followed by Margot Robbie in Sex Education Me Those Other Girls Really
Dude People Margot Robbie has previously worked in several channels like
Liquid and Ironman. likewise for them no one can be better than this girl that
acting and If there is talk of tractor, don’t do it now if I talk about quick, then it is
the director and writer of the movie that he is the director and writer of the movie, tell in a good way how to make a movie of brinjal and brinjal in
which he puts the old music in his mouth in the village. run had exactly the same way again, we see
these regal this movie is the beginning of the 15 minutes that you think about running starting
at starting more character than half those shown in the trailer for this movie
He is killed and I tell myself, seeing this, I remember the scene of the school
in which the date goes to save the child by forming the whole team, after which the whole team goes to us after planning and
coordination and I Not straightforward, most of the modes in
it have been inspired by it, and I felt like in the middle of the literal movie, I
had to google the name of the director of the debit , whether these gemini are not there, the comedy of mix typing in this is
irritating to you. It seems that if I talk about myself in this, then I am at all I didn’t come, if the movie
progresses, the lighter also gets stronger, this movie is highly active plus in which
you will get to see terrorists and murderers everywhere, which is literally very much when you take more hands
. Eating and Kingfisher holding someone’s severed head and thinking it is
a teacher behind his head , all the characters shown on this interact because of their different reasons, in
which someone for someone and someone else. For you to think that I would like to tell that let’s
talk one by one in which in this, John Cena’s character has blood between each other which
is the best element for which it looks very nice to you. All those who were a few characters
have gone to the galaxy in hardly 5 minutes but their time is very less, so if you have, then let me know in the comments , I have tried something new in it, in which the official everyday is on his point. she
is then shown blood place Animation Flower because she looks cool and it also steals every single play my heart head
After that don’t do much and yes and once this is the story of this movie,
it is running on many timelines in which sometimes the president
is shown three days back and sometimes 1 hour
ahead in this manner and after doing the times, the time has to be removed. The new methods that have been used
seem to be quite innovative, only after watching the movie you will be able to understand very well
that the camera shots shown for action in this movie are quite different from the rest of Champion’s movie because
When the camera is near on the screen, he goes away and takes the white one, he found it very loud, I
keep the action in it like a lot of upload, even though it is great, I get every death bed shown if I want
a scene shown in the movie Talking about it, as it is, he grabs a person and puts his
head in his mouth like a bottle cap, which is completely visible in the auto
and yes the popcorn thing I said in a short time is the same. There was many for the day, now there is
one more thing which I am taking in the camera angles because I could not decide whether it should be taken into account. If I take it in
review or in camera shots, then there are so many episodes somewhere in this movie, so it’s
just fun to see them and you would like to take more screenshots like this and put them on my wall. Is
this movie liter? We are related which means that there is a lot of market in it. If there is
a scene of ad impression in it even above the market in which people show naked and paralyzed at one or two places, then I want
to watch this movie with family. I will not recommend this mask in both
my Hindi and English but have seen it and like most of my problem is with BDO, this movie
also comes in the same list in which the dialogues of this movie are also changed very badly. Due to
which I feel that the one who comes after listening to the dialogue of lighter real and seems irritating in Hindi language,
now it is my concern, you may have something else, this movement is both credit and postpaid sim
, but both of these I do not think you The hour is also going to make a difference so I
won’t comment at all for you to see if you think that If you will make any difference if a character is alive
again, then you can see both of those sims, it has been made available in both movie theaters and expired in HP
and still we are not available in such India that means you have to get this movie theater
I will have to watch it and anyway the real joke of the arrested movie was in the theater itself, but
before they go , it is orgy with Smart Sanitizer Rochelle Distance in, go to it and if you liked the video
, then you like it more than friends. Share with me I go and meet in some
other video till then, why is Bappa Kamlesh and Khedi sending me his news at the same time?

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