KVD Beauty Good Apple Serum Foundation Review & Wear Test

hi love this is elle and welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for being here and happy Foundation Friday today we are trying the new KVD Beauty Foundation that just launched before we get started hit the Subscribe button share this video somebody think might like it and let’s do it all right so I got this just recently it just came in the mail I’m super excited um it’s 42 which is oh somebody’s texting me um 42 which in my opinion is um you know it’s it’s touch pricey for a foundation um but

it is huge I mean literally it’s huge so this is what they say it’s vegan full coverage natural finish uh best for normal to Oily to combination skin cruelty free it says how to use this is shake well before each use uh you can use a sponge to tap into the skin build the coverage whichever way you want um or use a dense foundation brush with buffing motions for quicker coverage um Pump It Up use one pump at a time for buildable coverage use two for quick coverage oh fun okay okay and the packaging is

recyclable which is awesome okay so what we’re going to do is I’m going to use a sponge since this is a natural finish Foundation I want to make

sure that I’m giving just a little bit of hydration to the foundation um because I am a little bit more on the normal to dry side okay so I am in color medium 27. we’re about to find out if that’s really the right color or not I think I have fired myself from ordering foundations online I think I’ve got to go into the store from now on I’m

if this is the wrong color it’s like the 12th one that I’ve um ordered that is not the right color also two I’m in the middle of reviewing the elf primer the brand new elf grip primer with four percent niacinamide so I have that primer only on this side of my face to see if it does anything it was kind of thickish like kind of jelly-like and it was kind of harder to spread but now that it’s on the skin it feels like nothing so all right let’s try it so here is one pump just

gonna apply this all over the face it looks a touch light but that is okay we’ll figure it out um this is actually a first impression I have not had a chance to try this out before because I wanted to get it up so you guys could know what we thought about this Foundation since it just launched okay so one pump on a sponge that is damp it actually is not very heavy coverage at all this could be a beautiful lightweight coverage Foundation if you want to do it this way look it it gives it

just a really nice even coverage let’s amp this up a little bit I’m going to do it straight to my hand and then I am going to go in with my Lawless foundation brush and then we’ll add some hydration after okay so I just feel like the full coverage and maybe I’m doing it a little bit wrong you tell me is a little bit misleading because now this is one pump on a brush and this is just a touch light for me you guys but that’s okay we can bronze it up but to me I

would not call this full coverage but it sinks it I mean it look how well it lays on the skin it’s it’s beautiful I mean it lays really nicely on the skin okay let’s see if we can build this up to the coverage that I would like I found my um coverage on my forehead is perfect I don’t need to add anything more to that we’re just gonna do it here on the cheeks and they said in a buffing motion okay so I would not be afraid of this Foundation being super full coverage I mean

it’s a nice coverage but don’t get like freaked out that it’s going to be too full coverage because it is not it does not look heavy I’m just gonna go in with a little bit of a sponge but it is pretty matte there isn’t a ton of glow to it which obviously that’s what they said I think it’s done a nice job I’m putting on way more than they recommend I would actually almost um have liked a um a aluminizing primer or something like that underneath it finger actually works really nice it’s so interesting it’s

like a serum consistency it’s really it’s a really pretty Foundation I love how light on the skin it is and it literally has set itself it’s not even hardly at all tacky um I would say I don’t see a difference in either side of the primer but we’ll see if the longevity has helped with that the only thing that with the primer on this side is that it started to kind of grip to some of the dehydration and Fine Lines right here so I probably will end up using a finishing powder on this Foundation but

I will let you know so I’m gonna go put my concealer on all that good stuff and I’ll be right back all right so everything is on the one thing is that this Foundation is for me personally I think it’s beautiful um but it’s just really dry like it’s just it’s very matte I would not call this a natural finish now I can try this again maybe on a short or something like that when I can apply maybe some um Illuminating primer underneath it or something like that and see if I can get it to

wear more glowy but my big thing I can do is I’m going to apply um some hourglass finishing powder and let’s see if we can just bring a little bit more life back to this Foundation it just looks really dry around this area right here and again this is all personal preference it’s not necessarily you know that you can’t be you know matte for you and what you like but for me and personally how I like my skin to look it just doesn’t look glowy enough and so for me that looks much better um I

will say that I have actually all cream products on and there is no glow really that much from the cream products so you can see just how matte this Foundation is all right so what we’re going to do is I’m going to show you a natural light as we normally do give it a wear test and we’ll see what it looks like at the end of the day I have a feeling this is going to be like one of the other ones where as you wear it and your natural oils kind of come through it’s

going to be more glowy but again it has just snowed about 10 inches outside and so I’m not going to be sweating but let’s see how it goes okay it’s going to Natural Light all right so we are in complete natural light right now I think it looks very pretty um I really enjoy it with the finishing powder on top of it I just don’t know if I would wear it without that it just looks too dry for my skin now does um it feel lightweight I feel like there’s nothing on my skin at all

at at all um I can’t even tell that I’m wearing makeup so a plus for that so let’s again let’s give it a wear test and I’ll be back in a few hours and let you know how it’s going hi I’m just taking a quick uh small rest before I go pick up my daughter from school but this is what the foundation looks like three hours later and I think it looks way better like like I said earlier that natural oil is coming through I think it looks way better yeah so this Foundation needs to

be worn a little bit but it hasn’t moved I’ve eaten I mean it hasn’t moved at all so it’s definitely really long term but I can’t notice the difference between each side so the found Foundation isn’t being helped by the primer at all I don’t think just yet but we’ll keep checking in I’ll talk to you guys a little bit hi okay I’m back really soon after the last clip because I was sitting in the car you know this is like the worst light ever when you’re sitting in the car like whether you’re in pickup

line or whatever oh my gosh anyway I thought the foundation looked really good inside but I don’t know it’s I think it’s just too drying for me um I definitely if you guys want me to I will do a short on combining it with a kind of glowy primer-ish type of thing but I don’t love how it’s looking all around here and on the chin I don’t know maybe I’ve just moved into the part of my life where I just do not like really even medium coverage foundations maybe I’m just like that Tinted Moisturizer girl

I mean I don’t know the forehead looks really good um I don’t know hmm I don’t know we’ll give it obviously a little bit more wear time but like I feel like it’s making my pores and even right down here which I don’t really have a ton like big I was so excited to try this because everybody’s been raving about this Foundation and it’s expensive Foundation but that’s okay it’s it’s all for you guys and for the greater good um but yeah so we’ll give it a little bit more wear time but just kind of

in this like natural light like real natural light and the harsh light I’m not super loving it for me personally but uh like I said we’ll give a few more hours of wear and I will report back okay bye okay do you want to see some real horrible lighting just like we were in my car bathroom lighting um no but I just looked um straight into the mirror and it looks fine it’s just it’s not for my skin type I guess I’ll say that it went on beautifully I think it’s actually a really well made

Foundation but I think it’s made for more combination to oily um skin types it just looks a little not a little quite a bit dry um but I haven’t had to touch it up the primer side looks absolutely no different than the other side in my opinion um so I’ll keep trying that primer and see if it works with other foundations um but overall I mean I think it’s a great Foundation I just don’t think it’s appropriate for me so yeah have you guys tried this Foundation have you found a better way to work with

it like I said I’ll do another short with using it with an aluminizing um yeah primer and see if it works better but this is kind of where we are um yeah it’s not my favorite all right let me know what you think love y’all bye

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