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yeah Mark Davis actually did not go to the game yesterday of the Las Vegas. Raiders. He went to Las Vegas Aces game against the Connecticut, Sun Aces, won the WNBA. The first pro-sports championship ever for Las Vegas Davis, was there probably has no regrets. He wasn’t at the football game because even though it looked like, things were going well for his Raiders up, 22, nothing. The Cardinals found their groove, the Cardinals came back and stole the game in overtime. 16 unanswered points in the fourth quarter that to me, was probably the most stunning outcome of

the day because the Dolphins were capable of coming back. They’ve got you look at him and say, yeah, they could do it. If the Ravens give me an opening, I just thought the Cardinals was so down and out after the first game and a half that there was no hope that they’d find the gas pedal and they did Miles well, they did. And I mean, you know I’ve been in To call of Kliff Kingsbury is anybody? But look, he deserves some credit for making sure that the Cardinals stayed the course and were able to come

back in that game and look, Kyler Murray did some crazy crazy Kyler Murray things. I mean that one two-point

conversion that they had Midway through the fourth quarter. It really kept them in it where he’s just standing back there and you know the Raiders are doing their best to cover guys in The End Zone on a two-point conversion. But like if there’s no pass rush to speak of Of then, like this is the kind of stuff you’re gonna get. It’s ridiculous how long this takes and you know what? I love Patrick Graham. I think he

does a pretty good job but why aren’t you sending Chandler Jones and Max Crosby like this is the problem. You’ve got two dudes, you are like really really big dudes and they’re trying to chase around this little guy in Kyler’s Murray, who was faster than them much faster than them and there’s only so long that you can cover until like something bad is going to start happening. And so I understand the approach but I also don’t understand the approach when you have guys like Max Crosby and Chandler Jones. We’re in that situation like they need

to be getting after Kyler Murray. I did the informal count there, you know, basketball referee style where they go on, you know, I always loved that too, you know, 15 seconds is how long that place crazy on my unofficial basketball, referee count of 2 3. So that it’s unbelievable. And here’s calamari talking about taking over the game in the second half, which is what he absolutely had to do to deliver the victory. That was, my mindset was take over the world. It took to win. That was the mindset. I mean, we know what type of

team we are. It is disappointing when we come on play like that. But we, we know what type of team we are. We’re finished. We fight, we fight, we fight and we finish drawing today. All that matters, really, those who got the win? That’s, that’s sort of matters. Apparently, they would be many, uncalled 10-second violations. If I were a basketball referee because it was not 15, it was 20.8. So I need to accelerate my, my Cadence. Yes. Yeah. The, the informal clock, 20.8 seconds on that two-point conversion. And he was phenomenal at a time when

we were ready to write him off. After the offseason noise about the study Claws and how bad they looked against the Chiefs. And and that that’s the thing. We want to lock into a narrative about all teams as quickly as we can because then we don’t have to think anymore for the rest of the season. This isn’t going to be one of those years. This is going to be one of the those years. Where every week we learn something new and every week I’m not going to want to go back and look at my pics,

especially not against the spread because I think yesterday was classic do the opposite day. I think yesterday was a disaster for me. I don’t want to know, I’d read the next picks podcast with Sims because we go over our record from the prior week, right? Out of the gates and I’m going to plug my ears and say I’m not listening. Yeah, that sucks for you, man. I mean, I don’t make pick so I don’t really have to worry if I need to go back. I need to go back to not taking pics. Yeah, you might

be better off of look, I think that you can’t just erase those, the 6/4 that the Cardinals had to begin the season. Like and there were bad and like, they were very ugly and I don’t know that you can just erase that. Just based on what they did against the Raiders team that couldn’t finish, right? And maybe there is some other stuff that’s going on. With Las Vegas, I don’t know. But when you have this on 4th and goal As Time expires, and you had a play, a couple of plays before where Max Crosby had

a chance to shut that thing down and one of the criticisms I have about Max Crosby’s, good of a pass rusher as he is he doesn’t finish enough you know, he’s a guy that will get to the pastor and will affect the past or a lot of times but then he doesn’t get the sacks. And so when its fourth and four and you have that opportunity to pick up the sagging, you don’t get it. Then that’s A problem when you get to overtime and it looks like the Raiders are going to be able to somehow

pull that thing out and get Isaiah Simmons on Hunter. Renfro Clemson on Clemson crime, no relation to Isaiah Simmons right here and Murphy gets the fumble returns it all the way to the end zone and the Cardinals are walk off winners. So like that’s why the Cardinals, you know what, you have a lot better Vibes, going into things at one and one than you would at Owen to with a really, really bad starting. Six quarters and Raiders there Owen to and I thought that they would make the playoffs and I still kind of think that

they will. I mean like you know you don’t really have a good history of Owen. Two teams making the postseason but they gotta get their stuff corrected and quick. Well, and that every stat that we heard about Owen, two teams in the postseason, goes out the window. When we go to 17 games it just does it all change, right? It all resets. When you have an extra game to dig your way out of the hole. It’s owing to a no I only have 14 left. Now it’s 0 and 2 and 0. I have 15 left.

Can we play the final moment of that? Raiders Cardinals game again, please? Because there was something that I saw that needs to be shared with the people. Not just the way the ball came out, because Hunter around 40 evaluated, for in cash, because he got rocked here and that’s how the ball came out. Watch on the sidelines that I believe is Adrian Wilson in a suit sprinting. Now watch, there’s that former Cardinals defensive back, Adrian Wilson. Now, watch what he does, what he does he goes out the tunnel like Bo Jackson. Awesome game over. No

need to go celebrate. I’m not messing up my suit. I am gone. Bye-bye. And there go the Cardinals with the victory that really was something that’s one of those where and, you know, especially the four clock games, because we’re getting ready for a TV show that I suspect not many people watched until that game was over yesterday, but them’s the breaks, I think that that’s one of those that is going to be front and center. I got a watch. That whole game start to finish. Yeah, yeah I was I had that one on my second

screen as I was covering Rams Falcons for most of the time, you know, used to cover the Raiders. So I’m still interested in what they do and I like to see what Kyle and Marie is going to do two. And that was just an intriguing matchup to me, but it was one of those games where you’re like, oh the the Raiders are going to do this. The Raiders are going to pull this out. The Raiders are fine. The Raiders are fine, the Raiders are fine, right? The Raiders are fine, right? No, they’re fine. You know,

this is fun. Fine. Yeah this well yes fine exactly. Yeah. McDaniel’s was the Fire Dog. I’m glad to finally know that it is a dog or at least it was a dog because it melts in the Flames after it says this is fine a few times, right? I mean your Rams tried to join the list of teams blowing big leads yesterday to they tried they tried but they failed.

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