KYOSHO inferno NEO 3.0 unboxing review

Hi all guys and welcome back to Fabrizio Teghesi, I still made a video about
Kyosho RTR world. Another example of Kyosho car that I will present to you, I will list
the main features and its plus and maybe even some weak points …
So guys which car am I talking about? Obviously the Kyosho inferno neo 3.0,
so let’s go see the unboxing and discover the features… let’s not forget that it is
the best-selling car in the 1: 8 scale of Kyosho let’s go and see!
So guys let’s go unboxing and go to see… here it is! then we have
the car the radio control box and then let’s take it, then car, instruction manual
and box with radio and components, let’s analyze each component in detail,
then guys let’s start with the box let’s see what’s inside the box …
we have the remote control and a bag with
a 10mm – 7mm and 5.5mm cross spark plug key rubbers wrench inside , the zip ties for the filters
and the hex wrench to start working on the car!
The remote control is different from that of the MP9 TKI4 V2 has all the analog triggers so through
these sliders you can adjust the various controller’s functions, which are throttle

and steering trim,
EPA throttle so in short we have many adjustments, and obviously also the power button
now in modern RTR models to have the EPA regulation is a normal thing
for us in the past was a luxury. Clearly the radio is 2.4 GHZ so in short, the radio control
to start having fun is there! Let’s analyze the envelope,
as mentioned inside the envelope we find the hex wrench the cross wrench with sizes 8mm
– 10mm – 7mm – 5.5mm the 17mm tire tool and the air filter with its zipp tie,
so also here there is everything to begin with, and now I’ll give you the first advice …
If you go off-road, replace it immediately with the competition filter of the MP10 or MP9,
I clearly leave you all the links in the description, let’s go now to
put everything away and let’s open our car…
I obviously chose the orange color, you can see it under the nylon that covers the body.
Look, at a glance it is very beautiful, at first sight I clearly see a very flashy object
and a certain resemblance to an old model that was the multiple
victorious Kyosho mp7,5 which by the way was the first Kyosho I owned ,
so in short , I am quite excited to see these spare parts still alive, however,
they immediately jump to the eye of the great shortcomings regarding the “racing” aspect
but let’s remember that this is an entry level model and it costs very little and in
this pack kyosho gives you everything you need to run. What I immediately see without even touching the
car is the lack of anti-roll bars, the anti-roll bars are missing which for pure
fun as this car is designed can also be useless, but even if you want to show up on the track
even minimally, I think it is practically it is compulsory to mount them,
and I also see that the screws for the lower arms drop are missing.
I believe this really be resolved with a few euro cents that is pretty much the price
of a coffee or cappuccino and a croissant you solve this problem. So in short
quite simply. Clearly the tires are in full “bashing” style so
pure fun, but I repeat the purpose of this model is absolutely
fun, the purpose is to own a radio controlled car, try to take the first steps,
go have fun in the field in front at home or in the square etc, maybe even look
out for the first time on the track once partially optioned and make the first experiences
with the screwdriver in hand, then work on the model to understand a bit how this world is.
As for the engine it is the same system mounted on the MP9 TKI4 V2 RTR,
we’ll see later if the exhaust is the same … The wing seems to be our old IF401,
Another flaw in my opinion quite serious is that the shock absorbers are plastic made, surely
to keep costs down this is what they did, but from my point of view it will be a pleasure
for those who are a new enthusiast to start working on it and make small upgrades,
so let’s go and open the body … Let’s see it inside too , ok, you immediately notice another
thing that doesn’t get along well with the nitro buggy, that the central spur is in plastic made,
so even here in my opinion you have to replace it as soon as possible with a steel one and
also the exhaust as you see it is totally different from that of the TKI4 V2 RTR, this is a muffler that
can even be dismantled, I really think of something full of fun and therefore
this car spirit is that, the spirit of this car must be pure fun,
owning a radio-controlled car to go have fun, so it is absolutely not designed
for the track, the receiver box is exactly the same as I had on my Kyosho MP7.5 and
was even mounted on the Truggy ST-RR EVO (ST RR EVO 2 already had the one in front) which
practically brought me the victory of a nats title in 2012. So here
you guys have fun with the changes. What will we do now? we will disassemble the car and go to see
the parts that can be improved. I will simply take it apart piece by piece and
I will say what changes can be made on the car, I will not make them physically as I did for the MP9 TKI4 V2
because for this model there is no version modified by me, the car as it
comes out and as is sold, we do not have any type of modification on this model.
So guys, in the next videos stay tuned because we will disassemble the car block by block
by clearly skipping the blocks i already did because for example as regards the engine
you can easily watch the videos I made for the MP9 TKI4 V2 engine, that I link to you here above
and then you will have also clear the changes to make on this, because they are identical,
the important thing about this is to replace the exhaust, at least with that of the MP9 V2 rtr.
So guys readyset fun guaranteed, we have the anchoring of the arms in the old
way, I had it on the CRONO with the punches and the collar placed on the opposite side,
so we will also see how to optimize this aspect on this machine …
Well guys, what else to say … There is a lot of work to be done on this machine,
we will see in the next videos the blocks of this machine how they can be optimized with
all the references to the articles that can be used to improve it, I repeat, I will not make the changes,
but I will disassemble and analyze all the pieces according to the
Kyosho catalog which are the pieces that can be used to improve the machine.
So guys stay tuned on the channel if you enjoyed the video put a like
if you own the INFERNO NEO let me know what color you have, how long ago you bought it
and what were your problems and how did you find it with this
entry level model from Kyosho. Guys see you soon!

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