L.O.L. O.M.G. Remix – Kitty K | With 25 Surprises | Unboxing | Review

Hi guys! 
Today on this video I’m gonna open 
the Kitty K – L.O.L. O.M.G Remix. 
It’s a collecting and fashion doll 
being distributed by MGA company. 
I’m Sabrina and wellcome to Sasabina 
Toy channel, let’s get started. 
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It’s much more than a simple doll. It comes 
with 25 surprises, spin record to play music  
and awsome fashion looks all 
of those into a fancy box. 
Let’s open it…
Let’s open the box. 
This box has many details… look!
Written remix… the print has a great quality. 
Uau! It’s beatiful inside.
This is the manual.
This box has two slots on the top. 
Ah, I’ve found a small black container, 
let’s see what there is inside. 
Uau!!! There’re her shoes. Look at the details….
We have Another slot here.

Oh. This container is so pretty, isn’t it?  
What will we get in it? 
More acessories…
Uau! The details are so impressive. 
Came a fancy

sunglasses, a 
cuty tiara and a microphone. 
Guys, look at this fancy mic written meow
Also came with a pair of earrings. 
Have a look at this picture 
from the Kitty K. So pretty! 
There’re more information here
Hair toss, Mic Check and Meow 
Let’s go to explore the box  
and try to find out more things.
Down here there is another box.  
Let me pull it off.
Uau. Here she is!  
She’s taller than I was expecting but  
she isn’t taller than the other dolls.
But anyway, she’s really beautiful. 
Let me pull her out of the box. 
Uau. Seriously?!
Look at those bags. 
Look at these details, so cuty.
I bearly can wait to see her clothes. 
Wow, look at this.
This is one of her clothes. 
Now this one here.
This skirt is so cute.
And in the last bag. 
Uau, very fashionable. Guys, look at this. 
And now let’s see the Kitty K.
She is amazing. Look at her  
hair. It’s so soft and smooth.
She’s already come wearing this clothes.
make-up has glitter uhhhhh.
She’s wearing this big ring too.
Let me get focus on my camera. Here we go! 
It’s possible to see her 
nails. Look at this perfection. 
She is all articulated (head, arms and 
legs). But in the arms we can see the  
joints clearly. Not on her legs, because they 
are under the rubber that symbolizes her skin. 
Look at my ring, ooooohhhh Do you like it?
Now I’m gonna wear her. 
Uau. Look how she looks wonderful.
This is her first outfit. 
Her shirt has these fantastic glittering details.
Talking about her pants, they are made of fabric  
with these scratchs and real 
pockets as well. So fantastic. 
Let me put her shoe. Now she looks pretty.
Simply wonderful. 
Let me show her hand once again. Look 
at all these details. She is perfect. 
And she also smell very well 
On this outfit she is wearing 
her sunglasses and her earrings. 
Her hair is very long and beautiful. 
It’s longer than the Kitty K.’s length. 
She has a very nice size. It’s 
about 23 centimetres of lengh. 
Guys, let me tell something. I thought 
a little bit hard to wear her, because  
her clothes are very tight but they 
fit her very well, don’t you think? 
It comes with this support where you can place it 
standing or sitting. Very useful to display her. 
Also comes this little comb.  
It’s simple and made of plastic but it’s 
very handy to keep her hair always cool. 
Ok. Let’s go back to the box and soon 
we gonna see more about her outfits. 
Now, to turn on the audio we shoud to remove 
this small piece of plastic from the batteries. 
The record comes attached on the box cover. 
Guys, have a look at this. It looks very real. 
It also comes with a little sparkle on the top 
and a lot of details and reliefs. Wonderful. 
Let’s play it. 
Oh my god she’s so pretty and fashionable and 
it’s very easy to move her hands and her legs  
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Hi on the next video I’m gonna to open 
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so thanks for watching see you soon bye.

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