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Today I saw Laal Singh Chaddha and Raksha Bandhan… you may ask is this a movie review channel? No, because both movies also have social and political messaging That is why it is important to present a commentary on what was shown in the two films I laughed and cried on the same day… Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha was made on a budget of 180 crore On the other hand the classic Akshay Kumar with comedic timing is back in Raksha Bandhan We have made episode after episode on nepotism and formula film making in Bollywood but these two

movies were different from the rest Both are great movies… however despite good acting and good stories the two films may not succeed in the box office Not because of boycott call because even before Dangal there was boycott call but it was a blockbuster So which movie should you watch? Laal Singh Chadddha or Raksha Bandhan? Which is better? I will reveal in a moment but first… PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THE BELL ICON Laal Singh Chaddha is based on the Tom Hanks movie Forrest Gump which is one of the greatest films of all time it won a

lot of recognition in various fields Forrest Gump is a story of friendship, love and mixes various historical events into the life of the protagonist Aamir Khan adopted

the evergreen formula of Forrest Gump but it is a different story in itself (and I was wrong it’s not an exact remake as I said in a previous episode) Forrest Gump has included several American social issues and historical events like racism and Kennedy’s assassination, respectively Laal Singh Chaddha tries to do the same in Indian context, such as operation blue star, Indira Gandhi assassination, 1984 riots, Mandal commission, Babri masjid,

1993 blast etc. Some events do seem forced into the storyline but it was well tried Aamir Khan is shown as a kid with special needs who is called slow (a reflection of society inept in correct terminology) Story of his only childhood friend Rupa who later on became his sweetheart Playing the role of mother, Mona Singh deserves an award, great acting Social messaging first, when little Laal Singh Chaddha is caught up in the riots not knowing his fault It is social commentary in the garb of innocence Rupa attends Hindu college of Delhi University but shooting was

of Hansraj college You will catch glimpses of New Delhi in the film Rupa is taken from Jenny in the American version, whose character is more complicated, because she was sexually abused by her stepfather That is why character of Jenny is always running from everyone, even from her friend Forrest Here, it is shown that Rupa suffered intense trauma because of domestic violence That is why Rupa is commitment phobic in the movie Moving on to failures in the movie, character of Bubba in the original movie was influential in the life of Forrest Gump In Laal Singh Chaddha

the same character Bala fails to match up to Bubba… here the business is not shrimp it is that of undergarments Now deviation in the movie is, in original movie Forrest saves his own captain, whereas in Laal Singh Chaddha, to include flavor of Ind-Pak or Hindu-Muslim, Laal also saves a jihadi from Pakistan side Then the Pakistani jihadi commander comes to India and learns of brainwashing from television When Mohammad says he never saw Laal praying, Laal replies religion spreads Malaria (referring to riots) It is an improbable scenario that Jihadi commander rescued in India and becomes co-founder of

multi crore company and then starts school in Pakistan Message is a little forced in that sense Aamir Khan made us cry a lot in the movie usually what SRK movies do (I won’t spoil SRK’s cameo) Music is amazing in the movie by Pritam and Arijit Less use of graphics and more realistic shooting… get to witness India through this movie So this is a really emotional movie and a lot to learn from it as well … even if you have seen Forrest Gump you should not miss Laal Singh Chaddha, it is a different take to Forrest

Gump Only complaint from Aamir Khan is his acting of specially abled person how he did it was off putting we have seen it in PK and Dhoom And somewhere along the movie the messaging seemed forced or pseudo Boycott or not the adaptation of Forrest Gump will appeal to a larger audience worldwide Of 2000 crore Dangal made over 1000 in China box office so let us see how Laal Singh Chaddha does in China and other countries Moving on to Raksha Bandhan, Akshay Kumar’s best performance in recent times Hera Pheri and Bhool Bhulaiyaa Akshay is back this

time, the movie is worth the money You will rediscover Akshay’s career deciding comic timing in the first half while the second half is more serious Both movies start with Gol gappe in case of Raksha Bandhan if you eat gol gappe from Akshay’s corner then you will find a guy The premise is that Akshay promises his dying mother that he won’t marry unless he marries his four sisters First half Akshay is trapped in the comedy and second half Akshay is trapped in tragedy, various social themes covered in the comedy of four sisters wedding Writers have done

a tremendous job in putting politically incorrect stuff onto the screen How people in society perceive and see things how they think typically has been shown Comedy scenes lighten the socially inclined movie You will also find Seema Aunty the matchmaker who charges high for fixing up marriage Akshay tries various jobs to make money to afford marriage Second half is more serious and if you feel uneasy by heavy stuff you won’t like it I won’t spoil exactly why it becomes serious but Akshay figures out the evils of the society and tries to stop ’em Dowry is the

concern in the second half, because of dowry one woman dies per hour, NCRB data In second half you will love Akshay’s range of emotions Akshay realized toward the end how he always tried to please groom side how he was desperate to make money demands kept growing the social evil of dowry covered in great detail Full marks to Akshay for starring in a movie like this showing socially uncomfortable issue Unfortunately while on dowry another message gets across that sister is a liability on the family, that brother cannot marry unless sisters do However it is a good

thing that Akshay’s character invests in his sister’s career and education so that they can demand respect Laal Singh Chaddha is for those who like emotional movies and Raksha Bandhan is for family drama lovers Then who is the winner, as we wrote on the thumbnail? Well both are winners. I was not this impressed by Bollywood movies in a long time. They may not do well not because of stories, yes there was preachiness and overacting in some parts, but it is not same old bollywood formula Why Aamir and Akshay became super stars you will know after watching

these films Akshay does not rely on nationalistic sentiment movie he is a good comedy actor who can do social movies, so it was a good watch You decide which movie you will see in the hall, or wait for the OTT… if you liked Forrest, you will also like Laal, And if you like that old Akshay then his movie Raksha Bandhan will be a good watch Choice is yours SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THE BELL ICON

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