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so i bought some runes a while back
i have a celtic heritage
irish and scottish in my ancestry and
i felt like i really needed to
have some runes and study that a little
bit more
and studying the runes without any kind
of a class
or anything by itself can be difficult
or a mentor
so i heard about these rune learning
cards and i wanted to just do
a quick review of these with you and
show you what they’re all about so i
have a couple things here i have
the runes that i bought
they came with this little book
that it talks about them a little bit
and they came with their own bag but
i wanted more than that
so i actually made this leather bag here
to keep
my rune learning cards in i’m just going
to move these runes out of the way and
then i’ll take you
through the rune learning cards and show

/> you what comes
with the cards
so this comes
with a really sturdy deck excuse me this
comes with a really sturdy box
and there’s actually two things in here
that come with it there is a little
and then the rune learning cards it has
the symbol on one side
and then it breaks it down on the other
so i have these all out of order because
i’ve mixed them up
and what you can do is you can use the
card here, they go through
the letter which rune number it is the
the theme keywords magickal working
key phrases and then they also show you
what the reverse meaning is and the key
phrases that go
with the reversed meaning and they have
that for
all of the rune cards
i also have
these cards here there is a blank rune
but they all they have the rune symbols
on one side
and then on the other it’s blank and
are for you to study with and practice
once you have
the meanings memorized now what you can
also do
is you can, and i’ve seen people do this,
and i’ve done this myself,
use these cards here like
oracle cards and just choose them
and read the cards instead of reading
the rune
and i have also seen where both of these
both of these two decks here get mixed
and they’re using basically two sets of
together at once and shuffling them
together and reading those
as well so there’s a lot of different
ways that you can use this, i don’t want
to flip through each of these cards and
give away the meanings because i feel
like if someone wants to know that
they can just purchase them
so honestly after how i purchased the
runes first and then i bought the rune
cards to go with them
and i have found that i actually use
these as
cards more than i do the runes
tarot is very near and dear to my heart
and i have a really close connection
with cards of any kind
oracle, tarot, lenormand, all of them i
just really am attached to cards and so
i think i just have more of an affinity
for the cards than
i do the runes themselves but when i sat
down and started working on the runes
i did find that these were helpful as
flash cards to help
learn those and i just have found that i
haven’t kept up that practice instead i
just pull these cards out
when sometimes when i want to do a
so these rune learning cards are by
Jadzia DeForest & Jay DeForest
and it’s the fundamentals
and this is their second edition from
let’s just take a look at this white
book that came with it here
so it talks about the deck and how to use
the learning cards
it talks about the origins of runes
so they’re talking about the debate over
the blank
rune talking about different systems of
divination and where the runes fit into
casting the runes, different layouts for
runes and then making up your own
and then they list a few additional
resources here
i do recommend this i found the meanings
that they gave and the key phrases it
was fairly easy to use and easy to
and i felt like if i was really serious
about the runes
and wanted to spend time learning these
that these would definitely be a great
resource and would help me
in that path
so i’d like to know are any of you in to runes? Have you tried them before?
Do you currently use them and have you
a place for rune learning cards in your
runes journey?
Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d
love to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed
Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you
on the next time around!

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