LEGO DeLorean UCS Back to the Future Car MOC David Slater Review & Time-lapse. Is It Any Good?!

g’day everyone matt elder family bricks
here in this video we’re going to review
this custom lego
ucs delorean time machine from the back
to the future movies this was put
together from david slater’s
instructions under license from brick
and sourcing the pieces from our own
collection and bricklink we will go over
the features of this lego delurian
give a size comparison with other common
lego cars available
look at the pieces to make the model and
identify the expensive ones
we will review the model in terms of
displayability playability value and
build experience
we’ll make some suggestions on how the
delurian could be improved and answer
the question
is it worth building and alternatives
available after this we’ll take a
detailed look at some of the specific
features of the lego car
before finishing off with the time-lapse
speed build with commentary
so strap yourself in as where we’re
going we don’t need any roads
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and mention this youtube video and we’ll
look after you so here we have the
delorean and we’ll just run through some
of the features
you’ve of course got the classic iconic
gullwing doors which open
give it up there you can look inside and
see all the different bits and pieces in
terms of the time circuits in there
coming around the back you got the
misdiffusion just some details and
profiling there and the other main thing
trophies is the front
bonnet um it’s nice and wedged in there
so you can pop that up there
and you can sort of see in there would
be the space for your
spare tire of course being a car it’s
got the
what you’d expect in terms of the
forward and back motion but it doesn’t
actually have any sort of steering and
the reason for that
is because the wheels themselves will
enable you to flip out
into sort of flying mode that you saw at
the end of
you know back to the future one but then
a lot of in the
second film that’s got a really cool
just to enable you to flip the wheels
over pretty quickly like that
and you know your swoosh ability yeah
looks really good
so here just got to mount it up on a few
transparent clear pieces which weren’t
part of the part list
but just to go through and sort of see
it from all sorts of angles
and looks pretty cool and we’ll quickly
just check out the inside to see
the detailing inside which is done
really really well so you sort of see
you know the steering wheel and all the
bits and pieces there then the sort of
center console
and then the chairs nice little
buildable ones there
and then some of the flux capacitor and
things in there as well later on i’ll
show you as
it was being built because it’s a bit
clearer on how you can see things and
get access to it and if we quickly just
spin around to the other side and have a
quick little look
what’s on the inside there a bit better
look at the time circuits
and then you’ve got your mr fusion sort
of up there
done quite well and then just some other
detailing on the
side of the car here i just wanted to go
through and give it a bit of a
comparison with some other
lego cars which are currently available
so you can get a bit of a sense of how
big it is here we have the door and
compared to
the tesla which is actually a re-mock
version of the mustang
which would be roughly about the same
sort of size because it’s just using all
the same bits and pieces
click around the video to see like a
review and a breakdown on that so
they’re about the same there and then
width wise
a little bit wider comparing it with
dom’s charger from the fast and
furious movies the charger is a little
bit longer but
then width wise the charger is probably
just the same sort of width
with these two however you can really
notice the weight disparity because this
is about 800
hundred grams whereas this one here is
almost a kilogram and a half like it
like it is much more heavy than what it
is and that’s the thing with this this
is being built really solidly so
the weight is really there you can
really feel that there is
you know 2 000 odd pieces there
comparing it with the 1989 batmobile
it does feel a little bit small the
batmobile is almost
twice as long as what the delorean is
and then if you’re looking at the widest
parts there
the batmobile is what one and a half
times as wide at the
the fins we’ll go through and have a
look at the parts i got from about 20 or
different bricklink orders
look at some of the rarer pieces and
some of the more expensive ones
so here are all the parts to build this
delorean there’s about
000 pieces here of which i already have
1500 in my collection
and then needed to bricklink the last
500 which is really interesting because
of the 1500 that i had that was about
100 pounds worth
and then of the last 500 that was about
250 pounds or 350 us dollars
there’s probably a few extra parts in
here because when i’m doing bricklink i
try to order over what i actually need
some stuff because there’s nothing worse
than if you you know want 10 of
and then the seller turns around and
then they only have 9 or something like
that then you’ve got to try to find the
rest from somewhere else
i always find it interesting how some
bricklink sellers send stuff
so this one here it looks like they’ve
somehow managed to vacuum seal
all the pieces into their own individual
slots so these are the most expensive
pieces which you need to get for the set
so within these about 20 pieces here
it’s about 100 pounds or 130 140 us
so just quickly running through them
these blue shoulder mounts they’re about
a pound each one of these little green
unicorns they’re pound uh these flat
about a pound these corner pieces here
they’re about two
pounds each um they’re about three
pounds each each of these little hooks
about five pounds
each of these uh rims are about five
pounds as well and these are like
secondhand use prices um
but one of the most expensive pieces is
this right here which is 40 pounds about
50 us dollars
this is obviously going to be used for
the windshield and it came in one set
i did look at just trying to get the set
by itself off ebay or something like
but unfortunately i could never get it
for less than 40 pounds you get it for
about 40 45.
that little hammer piece there too is
also a couple pounds a couple dollars
normally these blue axle friction pins
are about you know
a pence or a cent each whereas to do it
in black is about a dollar or a pound
so then you need a couple of those so
hopefully they’re going to be in some
place that if you did see through it and
you saw the blue would be icky
otherwise going to be paying that extra
pound to have a piece that you won’t
actually see and doesn’t make a
we’ll soon find out in terms of
displayability this model is fantastic
for that because you can obviously have
in sort of hovering sort of mode here or
flipping the wheels back up
you have around the other way and really
done a great job in capturing all the
and getting the angles right like you
know the iconic front part there
and just getting the sloping pieces here
and the way the gullwing doors work and
the sloping windscreen as it goes
through there
and then just all the side little
detailing and gribbling which goes along
and even just into you know this sort of
area here then this diffusion just some
really nice ways that they’ve got these
vents or whatever they are in the story
the rear lights and everything you know
it just looks fantastic
even the internals the way that they
have all the bits and pieces there and
okay yeah it doesn’t have the glass
there but you’ve got sort of like that
small little window opening that they’ve
gone through and figured out and just
having the way that you’re getting the
coming down the side of it it’s just
really been well thought out and really
well designed
in terms of playability there is some
degree of playability this thing is
really really solid and widget
so you can you know swish it around
pretty easily and
you’ve got the obviously you know the
opening doors and if we come through
and just and roll it through
it’s going to be easy enough to create
scenarios and have a bit of fun with it
the main thing you’re going to be
limited to is obviously the front wheels
they don’t actually steer
there’s no actual full on steering
mechanism because
obviously they are the wheels will roll
over so it can be converted into a
hovering mode
i’m sure there’s probably some genius
bright spark out of there who could
figure out a way
to get it so i could do both but i would
imagine that’s going to get pretty
and you don’t have a great deal of space
just to achieve that angle sloping down
there’s a couple of pieces and things
the way they hook together which is
going to prove really challenging for
that which probably means you probably
aren’t going to motorize it i mean you
could because in the back there once you
take this top section off there is a
fair bit of space there which you could
probably reconfigure but
if you’ve only got it going forwards and
backwards and not really able to turn it
might not
be really worthwhile doing that and as
rigid as what the main body of it is
still got a lot of these cables and
pipings and tubes which if you just
touch them in the wrong way particularly
some here
they can really pop off quite easily so
whether or not you’d want to be
you know manipulating that or small
fingers might prove a little bit of a
challenge then on the underside at
the back here i don’t know whether it’s
because the old piece that i had here
if you just left this in by itself it
kept on popping up with the slightest
little bit of a nudge
sort of gone through here is just added
in this little uh one by one clip with a
one by one
stud there just hold it in place and
that’s been there for the better part of
a week now so now it’s formed it up to
the shape that it needs to be so you can
probably get away with not having that
but you know it’s gonna pop out pretty
easily also with regards to playability
obviously the gull wing doors come up
and ideally you know they do stay open
what i found when i first built this
however one of them kept on falling down
and then when i saw other people doing
reviews on it they had much the same
and what i found is the solution to it
is you have one of these
1×3 cross technic pins which slide in
and then into the back end there goes a
little hook piece
now what happens is the friction of that
will hold it the door open and what i
found is if this
is slightly malformed in here then the
doors will sort of start
drooping and falling straight down so
what you need to do is make sure when
you have this here
when it goes in there to make sure that
this is absolutely perfect if it’s not
then it’ll fall down the other thing too
is when it’s falling down
if you can’t get that fixed if you just
push one of these chairs in slightly
what happens is it creates a little bit
of a blockage so you can at least get
the doors to stay open that way
if you don’t have enough of these or
struggle or just once you build it
couldn’t be bothered to try to address
that issue
value is an interesting one to have a
bit of assessment about because
while it looks great and they managed to
get all the lines and everything to be
able to achieve that
it comes at a cost on the brick vault
page where i got these
instructions from it suggested bricklink
price might be 350 to 450 us dollars
by the time i do the conversion it’s at
definitely over the higher end for what
i paid for this this was getting close
500 us dollars so it
really is going to be something which is
going to be hard to justify unless
you’re really into your deloreans
don’t get me wrong though it is a really
solid build and it is quite weighty as
well but to achieve that has come at a
fair bit of a cost
possibly could have optimized a few more
of the piece usages like
those black cross pieces they’re
actually hidden in behind there so
for them to be black they don’t really
need to be black you could get away with
them being blue and you know then
there’s two pounds or a couple of
dollars already saved there
i’m not really sure you could really
optimize it to any significant extent
certainly on the underside and things
like that some of these
plates and things you might be able to
do in light bluish grays or whatever
ones that you have
lying around but you can sort of see it
starts to become a bit challenging as to
making them
sort of variable whereas if you want the
whole thing and you know just looking
as solid as possible from any sort of
angle particularly i mean if you are
going to be having it converted to the
hover mode
and it’s up like that and the underside
is a mixture of black and gray and
whatever other
plates you have available that might
limit what you’re doing with it the
build experience on this too was also
pretty good
the instructions were quite clear each
side because it’s mirrored
you do have to build slightly
differently like the way that you build
this part of the door is different from
the other side
so you’re very rarely getting that sort
of thing you know you do this twice or
do this four times or whatever like that
and the instructions are pretty clear
for the most part so which makes it
quite good i think there was just over
600 steps over
around about 300 pages of instructions
quite well done it will take you
probably 10 12 14 hours depending upon
how you’re going with it and obviously
sorting parts and
that sort of thing to begin with if
there were suggestions i’d make about
this model and things that could be
i’d sort of say just as an additional
optional thing
it’d be nice just to have the hook from
the first movie maybe a little bit of an
alternate detail before
had the mr fusion there and the other
thing would have been for the front here
just because the way that’s tiled out i
think you could have for the third film
where they had that brown
circuit piece that was there which was
part of the storyline the other thing
would just be making a bit more clearer
you’d need an additional 2×4 tile white
one there
for if you wanted to print out that out
of time license plate would i recommend
somebody going through and purchasing
this and
building it i think it’s going to come
down to you really need to be hardcore
into either back to the future
all your cars or doloreans just because
of the price of it is just so
don’t get me wrong i think if you can
get past that dave slater’s done a
fantastic job on this and it’s
really really well done and you can’t
really fault it for what it is
would i like to see the instructions a
little bit cheaper yeah but i guess it’s
also the sort of thing where
again because it’s so prohibitive i
don’t think many people
in relative terms if this was you know
100 100 pound build
would be as accessible to it so
certainly if you fall into that category
of a hardcore
back to the future fan or you like your
deloreans or just your cars or something
of this sort of size
then definitely worthwhile checking out
having said that though literally as
i was getting my last order for this
from bricklink which was about 20 odd
um there seemed to be a rumor going
around that later on this year in
september i think it is
they might be releasing this as an
official lego set so
if that does come to pass it will mean
that this might become a little bit
redundant much
in the same way that the 1989 batmobile
which i think david slater also designed
when they released the official lego
version of that um
people obviously naturally gravitated
towards the lego version because you
much more readily buy it although i do
like his version of it because it then
also goes into the back missile
the time circuits are a cool little fun
build there and also too just checking
out some of the interior details here
it’s very good the way that they’ve got
the uh microphone sitting into
a two by two jumper and then just some
other little details in there a cool
little way that they’ve got the uh
foot pedals as well so about a quarter
of the way through the build
and that is super rigid and it’s really
solid as well so that’s quite heavy but
there’s some really nice detailing
that’s going on here and sort of show
you now
rather than later when you can’t see
into any of this like the way that
they’ve done the car
here just come off a a tight piece
with a bit of a robot arm and then also
too this is really cool the way they’ve
got the pulley
with the rubber around the outside and a
few little studs in there
and the back there starting to come up
with the iconic detailing for the lights
and things
mostly laid sideways in that and that’s
been done really really well
and the flux capacitor has been
brilliantly done using
those three little hooks in there plus
those are the ends of lipstick stuck out
with some yellow hand hooks on the end
that’s really clever
now got some more of the car interiors
we’ve got the seats in which are
nice really cool builds and then the
passenger divider along with
i got no idea what that was called in
the movie but it’s quite a really cool
bit of detail and all the turns as it
did in the film
now i always appreciate really good
design and in terms of
the way that these wheels are going to
hook in and then be able to rotate over
for when it goes into the hover mode um
this is a great design
and it’s done with real simplicity so
just sort of stop here for a moment and
sort of show you how this
sort of comes together here’s a really
clever part as well
to get some hook and friction you’re
taking these little half pins
onto a three bar and putting them into
because what happens when this sits on
the side
there’s one of these little clips there
so you’ve got this three length bar in
between these two little half
clips which fits and clips into that
just right
the bottom axle piece here the back of
it will go
just into this hole here
like so and then you hear this little
click in there
from where that hook is now clipped onto
that three bar
so then that’s when the wheels will be
in normal mode and then when it’s flying
that will just pop out it was going to
be on there so that can just spin around
a little bit
and sort of sit however it needs to and
then when the wheel wants to go back
spins around on there clips into there
and the back are the same
with that little three length bar and
clips as well
really really elegant and smart design
another really cool sort of design
feature in this
is that this whole front section here
actually just slopes down ever so subtly
you can see here this is about two
plates down but then as you come up here
it’s about one plate down which
initially when you first start building
it and you put this whole piece on
you’re sort of just wondering oh they’ve
done something wrong in there because it
doesn’t sit horizontally it just settles
subtly slopes down you sort of see there
that’s designed to do that
where this angle in there is not 100
straight up and down
there’s lots of thought really being put
into the design and well executed
and this whole section here is really
solid now just going to run through
a time-lapse speed build of how the car
actually went together
and you could sort of see there you
start off with the technic base
and then you’re actually building up
with mostly plates to go through and
make it really strong and really rigid
and going through adding in some of the
floor the gray
both in light and dark you really get
the sense that they’ve tried to make it
so that it is going to stand up and it’s
going to hold up
they’re just going through and building
out some of the internal details and
then that
is the actual back sort of under part of
the car
as it comes up and that was the
interesting thing with this build is
that you very much
build it in sections so you started off
doing you know the main
bulk of the car and sort of the flat
base of it and then now really working
on the back section there and getting
the rear headlight section set up
and now sort of doing the part which
will have the misdiffusion sitting on it
and you can see the gap of the void it’s
about to sit on top of there
so that was the only space i think
within the whole model
which didn’t have really stuff wedged in
in every which direction
um going through and then doing a lot of
these little angle pieces
using a lot of little hinges in
different places to angle things back in
and it’s being really cleverly done
because you’ll angle something back in
but then there’ll be a clip
on the other side to hook onto it or
really hold it in place so it’s not
going to move
and just by adding in a couple of those
little diagonal pieces
at the back there and really fills out
that sort of shape
they’re building up the center console
and the seats as well
going through the really sort of nice
showing very much of that early 80s sort
of era
and now starting to actually build up
the front section
and you can sort of see that’s done
where it’s on a bit of a slope
and now building up
where the spare tire would go and the
front sway headlight section there
again putting in some more of the pieces
just sort of angularly ting down on the
doing the doors now again even in doing
some of the doors to get the angles
you’re using a lot of hinge pieces to
different movement in there the top part
of the doors are made out of
technic beams which just felt a little
bit odd considering the rest of the car
is brick built like i get it to get
the angles to move but then just having
those technic pieces in there just
seemed a little bit incongruous with the
rest of the model
a few more greebling bits and the fun
part of any sort of car putting on the
and the way it goes if you’ve enjoyed
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what lego movie car is best check out
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review of that lego mustang to tesla
cybertruck mentioned earlier
alternatively here is the mustang to
lego porch however this may be more of
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