LEGO Super Mario Interactive Starter Course Unboxing and Review! (Set 71360) 🍄 Adara Unboxed

Hi there! Welcome! I’m Adara,
and today we’re opening up
a LEGO Super Mario
interactive Starter Course!
I want to open up everything.
Who is that, Link?
Do you know who that is?
“It’s a me, Mario!”
Did you know that
LEGO made a Super Mario LEGO set?
I know! Not only that, they have made
an interactive set, meaning the Mario
in this set has eyes that move…
digitally. Not like – he doesn’t have
actual eyeballs that are,
you know, in there.
Digital eyeballs that move
and a digital screen on his chest
that changes depending on what
lego piece he is standing on,
jumping over,
doesn’t happen to be on…
I don’t really know. I haven’t opened
it up yet. But we’ll find out!
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I’m gonna be honest,
I haven’t really played with legos in a very long time.
What drew me in was the Mario.
I was floored
when I watched the video of what this is
and how it works. I was like,
“this is the future’.
Basically, the interactive part of this
is that you use these legos
to set up a course that you can then
use your Mario character
to run around the course, and
depending on what you do
through the course,
you get coins, and then it’s also
a time trial, I believe.
So there’s an app that you download
that goes with this. You use it
not only to keep track of your scores,
but also for tutorial videos
that you can use
to put everything together and
kind of get used to how it works
and how you move Mario
and everything.
This is the Starter Course. There are
a bunch of super cute expansion packs
with different Mario characters.
You really can’t use the interactive part
of any of those, I believe,
unless you have Mario who I think is the
only character
in all of the sets that has moving bits-
that needs batteries.
I’m very excited to try this,
and I’m also very excited to try
an expansion pack in the future.
Although I will say,
I’m a little bit puzzled as to why there
isn’t a Princess Peach expansion.
Where is Princess Peach, LEGO?
What have you done with Princess Peach.
So in today’s video we are going to
unbox this. We’re going to see what it
comes with. We’re going to turn Mario on.
Try out the app. And do a time trial.
And see how it is!
[Chiptune Music]
There’s so many pieces! Look at all this!
What is this thing?
I think Mario is in here!
First: put Mario together!
You do need a screwdriver and two AAA
batteries that are not included.
We need bag 1. I’m gonna open bag 1.
[Gates of heaven sound effect]
He’s huge! I watched videos
where people were like,
“He’s smaller than I thought he would be.”
I’m sorry.
Do you remember having lego people?
They were this big. He’s huge!
The better to see his crazy eyes with!
I really don’t know what’s going on here.
I saw his pants in a different bag.
Well am I supposed to read everything?
This is so cute! This shows
some of the little emotions he can have.
Oh, he can sleep, and he can sing!
He gets kind of drowsy. Oh no.
He’s on fire. Never mind. He’s on fire.
Look at these expansions. I mean…
You need a table dedicated to this.
Okay, well this really doesn’t tell me much.
It’s just a bunch of pictures
and tells you to use the app.
But let me see what I can do
with Mario, because I think what I’m
supposed to do is put some batteries in him.
[Chiptune music]
When do I put his pants on?
[Chiptune music]
And his little hat! I don’t quite know
what these other pieces are for.
I wonder if it’s to
test him out?!
Oh my gosh! He blinks?! Is he doing it?
You’re so cute!
Let’s get the app going
so that we can figure out how to
use him and interact with
our interactive Mario!
I’m going to connect him by pushing
the bluetooth button
on his back.
[Electronic sound of devices connecting]
That was so fast!
[Sounds of Lego Mario walking]
I got a coin just for walking!
[Sound of Mario exclaiming]
I’m sorry, what?
[Mario making various jumping sounds]
Look Zelda!
[more Mario jumping sounds]
I’m already impressed just with this!
I could have just gotten this bit
and been delighted for hours!
[Hopping sound] Oh my gosh, it shows grass!
[Water sounds] There’s the water.
[Fire sounds] And there’s the lava.
[Mario crying] Oh no!
Alright. Our goomba bits are in here.
I need this and this.
[Chiptune music]
This one, which has some kind of little
QR code looking thing on it
which is what Mario will
jump on,
and so there must- there’s a sensor.
There’s a sensor on the bottom of Mario
that will scan this
and know that he’s jumping on the goomba.
We did it! That’s our goomba!
We made our goomba.
Oh yeah! Feels good. I’m gonna have a lot
of things to build here, so I might
just speed this along for all of our sakes.
[Chiptune music]
Okay. So I have just taken about an hour
to put everything together.
It took me a second to get used to
using the app.
For a minute, I had somebody come
help me out,
because I thought it would go
faster if we were building at the same time,
but really, the app kind of makes
you do one thing at a time.
That’s the only place that the instructions
are, is in the app.
Which makes it hard when there are two
of you trying to put it all together.
Might be hard to get kids to share.
Then I was like,
“I’m just, I’ll do it on my own,” because
I don’t know how to share.
And along the way, I learned some
interesting things.
Mario reacts to these little things,
you know. Fire, right? Grass.
It works because he just
recognizes the color.
I’m grass, too. I’m grass.
If I put Mario on Mario- lava.
What it means is, you can just run around
your house and tap him
to things that are blue, red, or green and
he’ll do things!
Quite a few of these bits that we put
together are interactive.
I’m just gonna go over a few and
kind of show you what they do.
You need to start Mario
in this tunnel. That is how
it triggers the game to start. You get 60
seconds. There’s a timer.
And you try to hit as many things
along your way that will give you coins.
And then you have to end
at the flag, and then it will tally up
your coins and let you know how you did.
And if you connect to the app, then it
will keep record of your score, I believe.
And I’m just going to give you a little
taste of what that looks like right here.
Let’s try it!
[Mario: “Here we go!”]
[Mario game music and sounds]
[Mario end of level music and coin tally]
And I think once you have all the
expansion packs, it becomes actually
really difficult
to get all of the things that you want
to hit within the 60 seconds.
This is kind of like the beginning
and the end. Take these
bits apart and put them where you want
on your course.
There is this cute little cloudy!
Watch this.
[Cloud and coin sounds from Mario]
Oh, it’s danger! Okay, I think you have to
do something like this without him
falling off.
I think is what it is. Oh and he gets coins!
And then he got five from that! I think
it gives you a random number each time.
And then I think the last interactive
scanning thing is
Bowser Jr. We had to build him up
with lots of little legos,
and he does have the little
scanning code in the back.
I think he sits in his tower and
essentially what you do is, you come up
from behind him,
and kick his butt,
and then jump on his back a bunch!
[Jumping sounds from Mario followed by explosion]
I’m gonna take one second here to build
out a little course,
and then I’m gonna
do the course.
[Chiptune music]
Let’s do our obstacle course!
[Mario: “Here we go!”]
[Mario game music and sounds]
Okay, his eyes went crazy. I think that
means he’s stunned.
Alright, he’s back. He’s back in the game!
[Mario game music and sounds]
[Mario end of level music and coin tally]
40! I’m impressed,
even though I know this is for
ages 6 plus.
This just is super super fun.
This is an all ages fun toy,
interactive game.
I think this is well worth
what I paid for it. I also think it’s
gonna be a collector’s item.
Thank you for joining me on this
LEGO Mario adventure!
Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and
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I will catch you next time! Bye!

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