Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 Review: Light, Portable, Durable Laptop

hey everyone i’m mark and this is the
lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon gen 10 it’s a
light thin and durable laptop that would
be great for office travel and even some
creative work on the go let’s get on
with the review the x1 carbon has 14
inch display with 16 by 10 aspect ratio
there are several display type and
resolution options this year the
specific model i have is the 1920 by
1200 ips anti-glare touchscreen with 400
nits and 100 srgb i would personally go
for the 2.8k oled version this display
isn’t sharp but i like the
anti-reflectiveness which makes it
visible and usable when using the laptop
outdoors or in bright indoor
environments above the display is the
1080p camera it looks great so if that’s
important to you then you’ll be happy
with this camera there’s also a physical
switch you can use to cover the camera
there’s an option for windows hello face
unlock but we don’t have that on this
review unit what i like about this
camera is the reverse notch the middle
part of the lid sticks out a bit which i
like because it makes the lid easier

open speaking of the lid this opens up
to 180 degrees personally i don’t need
180 degrees but a laptop feels limited
if it only opens up to say 120 degrees
and i need to open it to 140 or 160 when
using it in the sofa bed or other
unusual spaces
let’s talk about the keyboard it feels
great to type on lots of key travel
plenty of spacing and i’m happy with the
layout too the top row has shortcuts to
the notification center airplane mode
call options and a custom key you can
assign yourself in the commercial
vantage app what’s also new is that
they’ve added air intake holes
underneath the keys along with
waterproof seals to maintain spill
resistance the power button above the
keyboard deck is also a fingerprint
scanner the shape is slim and unlocking
the laptop is usually fast but one out
of ten you’ll need to readjust the
placement of your finger for a better
reading the trackpad is wide and
responsive to windows gestures like taps
swipes and pinch to zoom and if you’re
new to thinkpads you’ll also notice the
three buttons above the touchpad there’s
also that red checkpoint in the middle
of the deck there are many people who
like using this checkpoint i’m not one
of those people but it doesn’t bother my
one thing i use it for is to hold down
that middle button and move the
checkpoint to scroll on a page there are
two upward speakers on the left and
right sides of the keyboard deck and two
downward speakers at the bottom this is
tuned with dolby atlas and you can use
the commercial vantage app to change the
speaker settings
after playing around with it i found it
was best to leave it on the dynamic
setting the tuning does make them sound
immersive like having
sounds coming out from the left and
right side of the display but the
quality isn’t up there i’m not an
audiophile but when i was playing movies
i noticed some distortion in the
background and the bass just felt weak
compared to other laptops i’ve used
they’re not bad but not great either
when it comes to ports the left side has
two thunderbolt 4 ports usb a 3.2 port
and hdmi 2.0 b
the right side has audio jack another
usb type a port and a kensington lock
slot unfortunately there’s no sd card
slot which would have been nice this
laptop came with windows 11 home and i’m
glad that i didn’t see any unnecessary
pre-installed software there is however
the commercial vantage app which lets
you change some of the settings on your
laptop as well as check for firmware or
bios updates for specifications you can
get up to 12 generation intel core i7
1280p processor with v pro
several display options up to wqu xga
and up to 32 gigs of ram up to 2
terabyte storage and integrated iris xe
graphics this model for review has the
12 gen intel core i7 1260p 16 gigs of
ram 512 gigs ssd and the 1920 by 1200
anti-glare touch display unfortunately
the ram is soldered so you won’t be able
to upgrade later on
this configuration is currently priced
at about 22.50 but lenovo usually has
deals and coupons so check their website
for the latest pricing so can you edit
videos on the x1 carbon you sure can
basic editing of 4k footage from my
canon eos r6 is smooth without skipped
when you get more advanced like adding
luts and log files that’s when i noticed
some drop frames while editing that’s
totally understandable since this does
not have a dedicated graphics a 6 minute
4k timeline took about 12 minutes to
that’s not bad if you don’t edit a lot
of videos but if you see yourself
editing several videos a week this is
probably not the laptop for you battery
life is okay but i was expecting to get
more especially with the new 12 gen
intel cpu and the lower resolution
display i get about five hours of usage
before getting a warning to plug on the
other hand the power adapter doesn’t
take up much space or weight in the bag
if you bring it with you to the coffee
shop so how about fan noise it certainly
exists and you might hear it when doing
some windows updates or editing videos
or having multiple tabs on google chrome
but it’s not loud at all compared to
workstations i’ve used in the past it
doesn’t get too hot but it does get warm
even just browsing the web and i noticed
this when i’m using the x1 carbon on my
lap with shorts on overall the thinkpad
x1 carbon gen10 is a solid laptop that’s
easy to recommend it’s light thin and
durable so it’s a great portable laptop
to bring to the office and even travel
it will breeze through everyday tasks
and it’s also powerful enough for some
casual video editing if you’re thinking
of getting this laptop i would recommend
waiting for the oled version to become
available i think that display would be
a lot more enjoyable to use so that’s my
review of the lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon
gen 10 let me know if you have any
questions in the comments below see you
in the next video

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