Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold 16 (2024) Review – Foldable Screen Laptop!

Lenovo always impresses me with their Innovative designs and this year I’ve got a folding screen laptop to show you Lenovo actually sent this over for this testing but they have no editorial control over the content of this review this video is actually sponsored by delete me who just

introduced some brand new upgrades to the family plan so more on that in just a little bit so this laptop which you can see here and sorry that I don’t enunciate laptop every single time I say it on camera all the time I’m from the Midwest I’ve got

a bit of a southern draw so just deal with it so this laptop is way nicer than the OG X1 fold that I saw a couple of years ago at CES this one has a much bigger screen as you can see here and a much more improved experience

much thinner bezels overall it just looks like a much nicer design we are calling this one their ThinkPad X1 fold 16 gen 1 I know it’s a mouthful well it’s certainly a gen one for this size so this is the first Lenovo 16 inch foldable laptop this one

does start at 2500 bucks just for the foldable laptop and that does not include the keyboard the keyboard and the stand come with the higher price skews now

Lenovo traditionally has plenty of skews in place in case you just want to upgrade the memory or the storage or

you just want the fanciest of the fancy starting base package includes Windows 11 home 256 gigs of storage 16 gigs of RAM and an Intel Core i5 1230 U processor now the screen does not change on the SKS just the internals and the add-on of that keyboard and

the ram by the way is soldered so keep that in mind whenever you’re purchasing one of these now here’s the Bluetooth keyboard that you can get with the X1 fold 16 gen 1 uh this one does have a fingerprint scanner and it is full size so to pair

it with your X1 fold it’s really easy you just hold f8 for 3 seconds while Bluetooth is on to tell it to connect there is this handy little Quick Settings menu that you can access with the keyboard whenever you double tap on the track point which is that

little red button right in the center yes lenovo’s famous ThinkPad little nubbin is back again and the keyboard charges via USBC no Wireless now in my experience at first the track point in the center the little red circle dot here it did not work whatsoever Windows did not

recognize it a Windows update actually did fix this so keep that in mind if you have the same problem with the X1 fold the keyboard is full full size but there is not much travel because it is so thin it does feel really good to use and the

touchpad is very very responsive and it’s also very wide and very large I really like the size of the touchpad when using it I love that the back is felt and I also really appreciate that you can just magnetically attach this to the bottom half of the screen

for the X1 fold or completely separated so I can see the entirety of my screen and use it from Top all the way down to the bottom now there is no wireless charging again for the keyboard both ways so you can move it to whatever angle fits your

needs it is a little flimsy though a little bit wobbly so probably best to use this if you are using the external keyboard not if you are poking the screen on your laptop a bunch whenever it is set up on here if you do use the kickstand the

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up today thank you so much to delete me for being my privacy Assistant online for years whenever I’ve needed it most and thank you so much for sponsoring this video now as you can see with the Lenovo X1 fold yes there is a bit of a crease but

since this is on a larger screen it is not as noticeable either by vision or by Touch compared to phones it’s stiff when positioning the laptop itself it’s not wobbly and because of that stiffness it is a bit hard to open from fully closed there’s no notch or

any place to stick your fingers but the laptop stays at the angle that you choose without any issues it feels really high-end it’s built really well the frame is made out of aluminum while the outside surface is covered in this recycled pet woven performance fabric it feels really

nice and soft I haven’t gotten mine dirty yet but I am curious how easy it would be to clean for ports we’ve got three USBC two of those are Thunderbolt 4 and the other one is USBC 3.2 Gen 2 you will need a dongle for anything else though

because these are the only ports that you will find on here now that display of course it is super shiny it’s beautiful that display is full size at 16.3 in it is OLED it’s really beautiful and crisp I think the colors look accurate and it’s quite comfortable to

use for entertainment at 600 nits HDR brightness it will do well in indoor settings although outside it is certainly bright enough for me to get some work done but not something that I would do all the time the aspect ratio is 4×3 and it’s really great for writing

my scripts for my videos yes I do write all of my own scripts I take notes on this thing I am betting that it would be excellent for coding as well other than the Intel 12 gen CPU and the soldered LP ddr5 Ram speec we’ve also got is

magnetically attachable to the right side whenever set up like this next we have landscape mode which allows you to use that full 4×3 aspect ratio horizontally which is also very similar to a traditional laptop viewing experience now this one is best for things like entertainment on that big

screen and I got to say three-body problem on Netflix looks excellent on this giant laptop it looks so good the clamshell mode is perfect for portability and small spaces like if you want to use this on an airplane tra table on the back of somebody’s seat you can

put the keyboard on the lower half of the screen and it adjusts the display intelligently and it turns into a little 12in traditional looking laptop now compared to today’s traditional laptops anyone who saw this would think that is a thick boy but then you take off that keyboard

and you get all the gas because both sides are actually a screen you could also just carry around the foldy and leave the keyboard in the stand at home and use the onscreen keyboard for typing now of course it’s not going to be a amazing experience using an

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onscreen keyboard but given that it’s the same width as the physical keyboard that comes with it if you’re a natural typist then you should be able to take it on pretty easily the last mode is called book or tablet mode which lets you hold it as an e-reader

or just a Gigantor 16.3 in folded tablet and to be honest I never use it in this format it’s just so big and it weighs just under 3 lbs and that would Tire me out to hold it up to read on for a long time so so I

just don’t do that if you pop the accessories on it the weight hits about 4.5 lb now if you are worried about durability with all the folding it has gone through tons of testing which is great to see and while it is portable it hits about 5 hours

of screen on time before the battery gets down to 9% so if you are using this for an 8h hour workday or on a very long long flight I would recommend bringing a charger you will probably need it the battery is a 48 or a 64w dual battery

depending on the skew that you get and I’m testing the one that has the larger capacity with that said though it does charge really quickly and it can get you 4 hours of use with a 30 minute charge using the compatible adapter so given that starting price of

2500 this is a very very specific Target Market in mind for this laptop working professionals who travel a lot who make good money and need a portable Windows machine so while I would love to own one of these myself and I could definitely see a place for it

in my life I could also buy a gaming laptop for Less that could do all the pro tasks that I need like editing 4K videos and Photoshop and maybe a game here and there but the caveat is I would lose some of that portability because most of those

gaming laptops they’re bigger and they weigh more the foldable screen laptop Market has that wow factor it really does and it looks amazing and I think Lenovo really pulled tons of punches in terms of building this high quality machine now if we can stick a really nice laptop

GPU in there then I would get the best of both worlds

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