Little Rufus & The Purple Squirrel / Adventure to Friendship / Kids' book review / Femi Osewa

friends and welcome back to my channel.
It is me
Jenisha Stanley again, and today I’m
going to review the book
‘Little Rufus and the Purple Squirrel’.
This book was written by Femi Osewa,
and illustrated by Roy Resabal, Resabal,
and this book has 50 pages,
and no actual chapters, and I want to
say something,
‘Thank you Mr Femi Osewa for giving me this
This book talks about a little boy named
who meets this purple squirrel. He was
staring at a town called
friendship, and he learned three things
along the way
Focus, Sacrifice and Kindness.
Now I’m going to tell you about the
story. So there was this little boy named
sitting near a ginormous tree looking at
a town called
friendship, and then one day he met this
purple squirrel.
It was like ‘hello little squirrel, what
are you doing out on this lonely path?’,
and then this squirrel replied ‘I’m going
home’, and
it’s like, Rufus looks like ‘home?, where’s
and then this squirrel replied ‘friendship’. I
in friendship, and then Rufus were like
you live in friendship?, I want to go, I
want to go,
and then he’s like, ‘can I join you?’, and
then the squirrel like
‘Yeah, you can join me. I’ll take you to
and then they started walking, and then
Rufus got a little
tired, and he was also a little scared.
The squirrel was tired and scared too,
but hey, then the squirrel’s like
‘even though I’m scared I always try to
focus on
friendship. Friendship takes my fear away.
In friendship, we have no fear’, that’s
‘fear turns your friends into enemies’,
and then after that, they started walking
and then after their legs got tired they
took another break, and then
Rufus was like ‘why is it so
hard to get their friendship?’, and then
the squirrel replied
‘because friendship is beautiful’,
and beautiful things are hard to get.
So if if you want to get it, work hard
and then you’ll get them.
It’s called sacrifice, and then after
they were walking a bit more, and they
were close to friendship,
and then Rufus said ‘I’m worried. Maybe
everyone in friendship will be a good
friend to me’. But then
the squirrel replied, ‘just be kind and
good to them.
Then they might even be a good friend to
and then Rufus did that, and guess what,
he actually learned the third thing
‘kindness’, and then they took the path
to friendship and arrived in friendship.
After the squirrel and Rufus arrived in
Rufus talked to everyone like this, like
everyone entered friendship for the
first time, ‘hello
my name is Rufus, I would like to stay
here in friendship.
You may call me a friend. Can I call you
a friend too?’,
and then he had lots of friends, and then
he lived happily ever after.
All you children, you should do these
three things
to your friends all the time, focus,
sacrifice, and kindness, and then they’ll
those things back to you, then it’ll keep
going too,
then they’ll do it to others, and then
those people do it to others, and so on,
and that’s why friendship is so
like this. Everyone go and read this book
to learn more about the little boy,
a squirrel, and friendship.

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