Liverpool Home Jersey 22/23 (MineJerseys) Unboxing Review

Hello friends of My Football Jersey, today we will see together the first Liverpool jersey for the
2022/2023 season in the Fan version, the slightly more comfortable one dedicated to the fans.
The shirt is completely red, the only contrasting elements are the white
Nike Swoosh, the Liverpool crest and the sponsors of the shirt that are reproduced from the current uniform.
The neck is round-necked with edging in tone with the sweater.
The bold, no-nonsense design reflects the mindset of its people,
a mindset that makes Liverpool unique.
On the back of the shirt, the emblem 97 enclosed by the Eternal Flames sits
proudly on the nape of the neck in memory of the children,
women and men who lost their lives in the Hillsborough tragedy.
AEROREADY technology uses
quick-drying moisture wicking fabric. Comfort and freshness ideal in any situation.
What do you think of the shirt? In my ranking this takes three stars,
I was not a bit undecided I wanted to give 4, but I have to tell the truth, I liked last year’s one
a lot more and therefore I decided to give only 3. But the shirt is very well made , with attention to
every detail, with a beautiful fabric, it is truly incredible that it is only available

at a cost of
$ 24.99 including shipping costs. I remind you that in the description you will find all the
references to buy the shirt. Before leaving, if you want to have
more reviews in the future, and if you want to buy this shirt, please
use the link you find in the description. You will receive a $ 5 coupon for you to
help the channel grow and buy more t-shirts.
That’s all for today, see you next time!
I am 1.75 meters tall and weigh 70 kg,
what you see is a Medium size of the Fan or
Stadium version, the slightly more comfortable version dedicated to fans.

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