Logitech G923 – PS4/PS5 Lenkrad – Unboxing & Test – Hands On Review zu neuen Features & TrueForce

hello my dear gamers in here
hides the new logitech g923 steering wheel
the successor of the successful
steering wheel G29
in this video we’ll do it first
a nice unboxing, then we’ll do
first practical tests and we’ll see each other
look at what is behind this ominous
trueforce hides. Here we go. then
let’s start with unboxing
let’s see what’s going on in the
packaging is located. let’s see first
the packaging. we have of course
the big lettering g923. we have
the front of the new wheel, of course
and the pedals on the side
will be some functions again
explains of what it can see
we are special in that anyway
and we got back here on that
back a few more explanations
what technology is built in. under
other the notorious
trueforce system which is brand new. now
let’s tear that part open
we have an instruction one
brief instructions with how to use the device
connects. and yes it goes on, we
have the power supply external power supply
power plug, the sticker, one
quick guide an advertisement
we are not interested in safety regulations
continue with the pedals.
We already know the pedals they are
relatively similar to the pedals of the
as far as I can see they are minimal
different and they are basically still
as big as.
it continues with the steering wheel and that
is located here
and that’s in the packaging
we of course the steering wheel with base we
have the pedals
we have a power supply we have one
leaflet and small
quick start Guide. down here one closes
who hit the pedals. here is that too
USB cable and here you can too
optionally the shifter, the external one,
the separately available gear shift
still connect and the whole thing will,
down here you can get the cables
wind up and they’ll be here
led out. and now I am
of course excited my dear people
how things go in practice
and feels. I have, want that right here
times attached to my SimRig
or, well, you can
optionally the wheel either
screw on, I’ve done that now,
or with the pretty practical ones
clamp table clamps to the table,
that’s exactly the same as
already with the G29. You can do the whole thing
attach the appropriate table clamps
and when you hold the wheel in your hands for the first time, you immediately notice
it’s kind of like the g29. it is external
identical, it has an identical one
construction. first of all the wheel is
just as big, just as dimensioned
also the same surface, this little one
faux leather cover, what a nice and good one
gives a feeling, nice and handy, we have them
key arrangement, the keys are exact
arranged the same way. control pad that
action buttons, the shoulder buttons and
of course also the rotary control and the
plus minus buttons are also accurate
arranged as with the G29. the same applies to
the paddle shifters are just as crisp
also click like with the G29. is only new
the big G as a logo in the middle
the steering wheel and that is also part of the
base on the steering base and the
handlebar base is
also dimensioned that way. that is of course
also because the same engines there
are built in like me now
figured out.
it is so that in the base
two motors are installed. two
electric motors operated by a gear ring on the
wheel are connected and that is
actually exactly the same
technology as with the G29
but with a gimmick
namely Trueforce. join in
we’ll be about to add this to this new feature
the engines again to the offer im
The reason was exactly that dimensioned
are of course also in it, because yourself
same force feedback effects and
the same torque 2.2 newton meters which of course is now in the lower class
in matters of counter pressure is located at
steering wheel. basically I can do it in advance
already say yes it’s exactly the same
Force feedback feeling like on the G29
the steering wheel is compatible with all
possible racing games, but this one
Trueforce system is so far with only one
handful of play compatible, among other things
also with assetto corsa
and I can show you that right away
what that is before you even go
you can already tell when driving. namely if
the engine starts. the engine starts and
maybe you hear it a little, you hear
such a grumble on the outside of the steering wheel and
you also notice, aha, somehow there is one
vibration inside
it’s a grumble as if one
really is in a real car now
and the engine is running. that notices
one on the steering wheel and that enables
this system, this
has additional vibration effects and
this effect is just an example
with assetto corsa competizione
with gran turismo sport and not
most recently also with grid from codemasters
we’ll watch the games anyway
still on
I also think so in the future
of course all other games this one
have the same effect
and if we now a little
accelerate when you start driving, then
this effect increases
this vibration effect. the engine turns up a bit
I want to say a little more calmly and
This is also noticed on the steering wheel and
that’s the interesting thing now.
in addition, of course, you have the normal
force feedback, this counter pressure
on the handlebar
that is still the effect. exactly
as with the G29, only on top as
additional effect comes this trueforce,
that just now creates a vibration
and that gives in interaction
actually a very, very atmospheric one
and, how should I put it, a very
coherent racing experience. this system
based on the game sound. i.e. the game
sound is somehow on the steering wheel
fed in and according to the
vibration defects converted or
implemented and the whole thing works amazingly well and
may actually bring in
a little more driving experience
I don’t think it will change it now
but the lap times will improve
as I said, it’s just a beautiful one
means around the emotions in the racing cockpit
to increase
the downside of the TrueForce is like
you can hear even at a standstill.
you can tell that it is, that it is
as I said, this protective effect,
this vibration, you can tell, but
you also hear that the steering wheel base is working,
you hear that and it actually sounds
at first almost as if that were
steering wheel broken. it sounds like it. it is
but not like that. that’s just a concept
before this system that it
has this slight rattle in it. and
be honest with this trueforce
the g923 rattles even more than the g29.
and that’s the big one for me now
disadvantage of the whole that you can do it relatively
clearly hears the steering wheel. it would now
do nothing if you for example
headphones or according to the
sound system to drown out the whole thing
however, this option is also
can be switched off
this feature,
at least at assetto corsa you can
the truefirce audio amplification on and
switch off. currently it is 50%
and you can do that accordingly
set higher or lower.
and if you get the whole thing down to zero
has set this feature then it is
actually, the wheel feels exactly like the G29
now you can tell, now it rattles
nothing more it is also complete calm
in the steering wheel.
even when the engine is running. and only if
I give in or
I notice a lot of steering, okay
now comes the normal force
feedback. but, and the interesting
now i have the feeling that one is missing
little something. that certain something is missing
namely this trueforce that we are now
just felt it
The wheel is of course just as compatible with all ps4 racing games as the G29
so if a racing game one
Steering wheel on the ps4 is supported on
in any case the G29 and thus also now
the g923 supports, on the pc it is
anyway supported at most
racing games. you can do that accordingly
also configure.
alternatively, the g923 is also available in
an xbox version. before it was
xbox variant, called itself g920
now the xbox variant has the same identifier G923
however, the xbox variant is in addition
and not the playstation variant.
you may have to buy one
be careful. you can see too
that the only difference between
the buttons on both devices
the underside, on the lower steering wheel rim are different. we have
here a playstation button and at the
xbox variant there is the xbox
button. we jump into the next game
namely in gran turismo sport
that also the trueforce
Effectively supported, but it is
not adjustable it is always
activated and brings a very similar one
feeling like assetto corsa on the steering wheel
that means you definitely notice that
the engine vibrates on the steering wheel
the whole thing a bit more subtle and of course that
typical force feedback that one
actually as I said, also knows from the G29.
that feels the same way and
really drives just like the G29
there is a tachometer for you
the current speed is indicated by leds
But they are different now
colors have changed
which is initially displayed in green
then red and then blue
that was a bit with the G29
different. Nonetheless, it was just one
nice function and what also
has changed one more little thing
which I completely forgot about the g29
there was one at the G29
selector switch between ps3 and ps4 mode
or between ps3 and pc. and the ps4
mode selects the steering wheel.
the corresponding device switches it
automatically in the correct mode that
is also still on the top
marked in which mode it is
is currently located. we continue with f12020
not yet in a game
the system supports. the steering wheel will
also not recognized as G923 but
current as G29
I assume that if you watch the video later,
that this is the Trueforce
soon supported as a function
the force feedback et cetera is as usual
to the point at f1 2020 and
of course you notice everything, you notice the curbs, the counter pressure when driving
goes as it should be just like G29 and the whole thing is also
a really good one
driving feeling. Which I haven’t addressed yet
these are the pedals. the
Pedals are identical to the G29 and me
notice with me now, too, I notice
no difference
above all, not on the gas or on the
clutch pedal i believe that
brake pedal a little more back pressure
required when braking
which is a good thing because a brake pedal needs appropriate counter pressure
so that one simply has a feeling for them
brake has. however far you can go
in the border area purely.
i think i feel like i believe
also that an improved spring
has been installed
but only a feather.
that’s not a load cell kit or something
similar built but just one
normal feather
nevertheless i like the pedals.
the pedals are big and heavy
that means they are relatively stable,
even if you don’t screw it on
you can screw them on of course or
can anchor them in the carpet
with carpet claws that
just such an extendable claw
where the wheel
can claw accordingly
as you can hear, f1 has of course again
this typical rumble that one comes from
g20 knows and that now
is just starting here again
nonetheless it has come back
good driving experience and last we look
now in the grid. the
codemasters game from 2019. because grid
also supports the system and that
can even be put into the
configure options
because there the steering wheel is already
recognized and here you can do that
Activate logitech trueforce and even
adjust in three different values
accordingly this is also in vibration
have also turned over, however
it doesn’t work that way with grit
mature as for example in one
assetto corsa. I found so far, among the tested titles, assetto corsa competizione had the best
implementation of trueforce,
Currently, everything is still supported on the pc with iRacing. so now I still have
not tested, the system. we come to the conclusion of the g923. that, I say
improved model to the g29. because a lot
on this wheel is the same as on the G29
it starts with the exterior, which is the wheel
outwardly exactly the same
just as the pedals are identical. it
there are only a few changes in detail.
for example have the pedals
an improved pen. the brake pedal
for example.
the wheel has identical motors
however, this new trueforce
and with this technique felt, as mentioned,
vibrations on the steering wheel you
have not felt before
on top of the previously known force
feedback effects. and that gives
actually just an improved one
feel and again an improved one
version in the racing cockpit. the trueforce
technology is so far only used by a few
titles supported and the best
I had illusion in
assetto corsa competizione. that also gives the best racing feeling
in addition to the normal
force feedback effect. I hope
of course, as I said, there will be more games
support that in the future
nonetheless, the steering wheel is
of course compatible with most
racing games above all
the ps4 or of course now on
the pc
and now we come to the problem of the g923
feel without TrueForce support
all racing games like on the g29
and the current problem is that that
G29 steering wheel very very cheap
available in stores, and I believe that if the G923 gets out,
will be more expensive, and the official
price, that’s almost 400 euros, I would
almost back to the other steering wheel
to grab
unless the price falls. because
then the device is a completely successful one
beginner steering wheel. it applies exactly
the same as with the G29
it is an extremely convincing steering wheel for beginners.
that additionally this
Has nice true force feature. that you
not making it faster now, but that
as I said, a little more
creates a mood in things
racing atmosphere. ultimately that remains
ask whether the g923 is recommended
and I would say:it depends
price. it depends on which one
price is the device level, if that costs 400 €, I would find it too expensive if
it goes down, let’s say 100 €
cheaper, then we are on everyone
fall where I could say yes,
that is exactly the right thing
which is nice in simracing
can get started. and what else now
The question is how many games will there be
support immediately. because if it’s there too
there are few games currently that
g29 still the better choice
because it’s cheaper. and that is only
once my first impression and my first
test of the g923. i will on
in any case, a video or more
make videos with this steering wheel too
of course, maybe a comparison video
with the G29. in direct
comparison. how they feel
of course i like that thing too
compare with other steering wheels from
competition manufacturers such as fanatics and
Thrustmaster. that my dear people,
was it from this video. I hope so
was helpful. you can do the whole thing
subscribe and leave a like there.
we’ll see you next then
again here on this channel. does it
good until then.

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