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Hello friends, you all are very welcome, as you all know that the results of the Lok Sabha elections have come and after that result, what will be the impact on the government services coming now or what are the chances. Today we will talk about it in this video.

This video will be completely political views less. We will not talk about any political thing in it. We will only talk about what impact it can have on the upcoming government services because our main purpose is the same. No matter who comes to government, we have to think

only about him, so first of all we have to see a little about the current situation and the scenario, the last time when the government was formed, the results of the Lok Sabha. Came in 2019, so you all know that NDA had got much more seats than the

magic figure, even single handedly BJ had got more seats than the magic figure, but in the current scenario, NDA edge. N Alliance, they have got the majority, so it is obvious that the government will be formed by NDA, but BJP has not got the majority seats, the magic

figure of 272 seats, so because of this, the people coming What will be the impact on government service in these days? Here I will mention some facts to you, so listen carefully, these things are going to be very helpful for you in the coming time, so first point

I will

write a little. I have also kept in mind that the first one is that the government or the actual ruling party has lost seats, obviously they will try to reduce its impact in the upcoming state assembly elections or panchayat elections. If those people would definitely like

to improve, then all of you in the government services know that employment fairs were being organized continuously. As much as I think, this is something that the government would obviously like to show to everyone that yes, we are providing employment to the youth and as much as My

understanding is that this employment fair thing is going to continue because there is a narrative or a need to be shown and the government, which is obviously the ruling party, would obviously like to show that yes, we are providing employment to the youth, so there is employment. There

are chances of the fair being continued in the future, so its impact is there, there are chances of it increasing in all the departments of government services. Now the process is going on. You all know that a mission mode was going on in the Government of India in

this. The process of the services, whether it is exam or DV or joining, all this was getting a little fast because of this mission mood. Yes, now after the elections are over, this mission mood process will be a little slow. But the government will obviously want this because

they will have to continuously show that yes, we are providing jobs, then the government services are going to be faster than the slow process which was going on before the mission mode, so this is the first point, the second point, see whenever. If there are some changes in

any top position, then certain policies also change. You all know that like the current ministers who were in different ministries, even if they were from BJP, then if there are changes in the ministries, there will be changes in them, then one thing. Secondly, their allies are the parties,

because they also have to give their share in the ministry, so when there is a change in the top position of any ministry, whether it is a Cabinet Minister or a Minister of State, then there are changes in the top position, then according to that Some policies also

change, they may be positive, they may be negative. The third thing is that the government used to take decisions when it was on the top majority. The current situation is that single-handedly BJP could not touch the magic figure. They will have to think before taking any decision, so

even if there was fast decision making in any ministry, due to its burden, it is possible that the decision making may get a little late, then it may have an impact on the government service also. Now the fourth point is that the strength of the opposition was not

that much earlier, but currently the strength of the opposition has also increased, so now if the government takes any decision, then the opposition can oppose in some things, so the government. There will be problem in taking decisions which used to be spontaneous earlier, now it will be equally

spontaneous otherwise it is also possible that if it has an impact then there are chances of delay. The next point is that right now stability is obviously in the government because from the majority. Some seats have already been given to those who are in alliance with NDA. Even

if there is an alliance, they have not got very many seats due to the magic figure, so the government will have to do some things even after listening to the allies, because right now the political thing is completely uncertain , there is no confidence in who will go

to which side. So it is possible that if the allied parties give some inputs to the government or whoever the ruling party says, they will have to accept those things, then they are unanimity parties and if they are progressive. If something is not done according to them, then

internal opposition can also come from their side, then there will be problem in decision making also, which may be the problem in the coming government service, no matter what the department is. There are vacancies or whatever is its joining process, it can also have an impact on it,

now there is also a positive thing like look at the damage that has been caused to the ruling party since last time, obviously they will try to compensate for it. To bring this thing in front of the public that yes, we have worked and we will continue to

work in the times to come, then the things which have more public interest and which actually create a little public or media hype, can be done by the government. We want to work more in those sub-sectors like defense sector or science or technology sector, there are good chances

of getting vacancies in these sub-sectors in the coming time. Now you people must be thinking that sir, this is So you are saying all these things in your own mind, it may not be so, so if you want proof of this then see if you guys know about

all these things like BSC Sensex or your Nifty, then share. If you check the market right now, there has been a significant decline in it too, because look, whatever it means in the stock market, it has a complete impact on our economy, so can any economy, if the

markets outside are affected. If she wants to do some show then she will always want a stable government but in the current scenario the current ruling party has not got the majority like last time, then you will see that even in the Sensex or Nifty in the stock

market. If there is a decline , then there is a little instability, which was not there before, it has become a little unstable, so due to this, it is having a little impact, so the things that I have just mentioned, maybe, I am not saying that it is

100%. The same thing is going to happen but all these things can have an impact on the upcoming government services as well. Friends, this video is not political at all, I have put the facts in front of you as per my opinion, whatever information I have given you,

if I have told you the facts. If you like the video, then like the video, share it and subscribe to the channel because you will get many important information related to government service from this channel and any document verification related or any cast certificate related or Any doubt

related to any government service is yours. A me I have some idea, so you can ask me questions there also in the comment section, as much as I get time, I will try to answer your questions today. That’s it guys , thanks a lot for this

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