Looking Back On A MUSICAL 2021 | 2021 Year In Review 2/4

hello again from chilly North Carolina he’s 
Stephen I’m Andie and we’ve got our hot drinks  
from Appalachian Coffee Company so we are ready 
to go if you’re familiar with our channel you know  
that we love music and when we get to combine cool 
music stops along with travel we couldn’t be any  
happier absolutely that’s the best so today we’re 
gonna take a look back at some of the awesome  
music stops we’ve had over the past year let’s get 
started number one Nina Simone’s childhood home  
yeah when we first got here we found out that 
Tryon was not very far of a drive from us so  
we knew at some point we were gonna make that 
trip and go check it out she was born in the  
house that we got to visit and then raised there 
and that’s also where she started to learn music  
playing piano playing for the church so we got 
to visit all of these sites yeah this was also  
one of the first locations where we ran into 
a common problem we had all year so one of the  
big adjustments we’ve had to make since coming 
from Los Angeles is the fact that things are not  
open seven days a week or around

the clock the way 
we’re used to we’d plan to have lunch here today  
because we saw they had this great patio which is 
perfect for dining during covid and unfortunately  
we’re here on a Wednesday and they’re not 
with things being closed on random days of  
the week yeah if you’ve seen any of our vlogs 
you’ve seen them happen many times many times  
mostly restaurants and food places yeah we try 
to go get a bite to eat somewhere and uh closed  
on Wednesdays closed on Tuesdays yeah closed on 
Mondays oh it’s Thursday pretty funny actually  
and trust us we’ve always looked these places 
up on Yelp or on their websites and stuff but  
you know with the way things have gone the last 
couple years things change with maybe a moment’s  
notice and sometimes the businesses don’t have 
the opportunity to update everything as much as  
it changes so you know it’s just part of travels 
being flexible and being willing to change plans  
all the time number two Muscle Shoals Alabama oh 
that was a special one that was a big one for me  
I was so looking forward to going yeah there 
are two major historic recording studios there  
we got to see both of them Muscle 
Shoals of course and also Fame Studios  
we did the tour inside of Muscle 
Shoals Studio which is very small  
but got to hear the whole history got to see a 
lot of the instruments these classic songs were  
recorded on and the best part Stephen got to 
play in the little drum booth in Muscle Shoals  
he played a bit of Brown Sugar by the Rolling 
Stones which they actually recorded there! yeah
so the very room where Charlie Watts sat and 
played that song I played a little snippet of it  
I was a little rusty after not playing for 
a while uh he was awesome but it was amazing  
I had goosebumps I couldn’t believe they let 
me do that that was such a special experience  
and really thank you to the folks at Muscle 
Shoals for letting him do that yeah we also  
got to see the bathroom in Muscle Shoals which 
is awesome because Keith Richards locked himself  
in that bathroom to finish writing the classic 
Wild Horses yup apparently quite the space for  
inspiration yeah apparently number three here’s 
a quiz for you who knows where Elvis was born?
I do Tupelo, Mississippi that’s right and we got 
to go see his childhood home yeah the church  
where he also started learning to play music and 
performing and my favorite part the hardware store  
where he got his first guitar as a birthday gift 
they actually have the spot marked with an X in  
tape on the floor so we got to stand right where 
he stood when he got his first guitar this is  
where he stood when he got his first guitar yeah 
really fascinating that’s still there number four  
Wuxtry records in Athens, Georgia yeah that one 
was really cool an awesome mom and pop shop great  
record store also happens to be the location where 
Michael Stipe and Peter Buck first met going on to  
form the band we all know as R.E.M. that’s right 
number five is a bit of a combination we got to  
see two amazing sites in Mississippi related to 
Robert Johnson the first was in Clarksdale where  
we saw The Crossroads this is where he reportedly 
sold his soul to the devil for his skill at  
playing the blues guitar and then we went a little 
bit outside of Clarksdale to see his gravesite  
which is a topic of hot debate wouldn’t you say 
yeah big time but I think they finally settled  
that the place where we went the baptist church 
is actually where he is located yes also really  
cool to see that Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin has 
also gone there to visit and pay tribute to Robert  
Johnson Clarksdale, Mississippi was definitely one 
of the highlights of the year wouldn’t you say big  
time it was a big surprise for us we had such 
an incredible time there are some of the most  
friendly people we’ve met anywhere and it was 
the place we saw live music for the first time  
in over a year that was big yeah number six Motown 
in Detroit, Michigan that was so cool unfortunately  
we weren’t allowed to film there so we didn’t 
get to put out a vlog but we did blog about it  
so we’re going to link to that below make sure you 
check out our website and see all the pictures we  
got to take there because we got to see a lot of 
really cool stuff yeah we did one of the coolest  
things in there was the vending machine that 
little Stevie Wonder used to get his candy from  
every day I think they still had the same candy in 
the same place that was really important actually  
to Berry Gordy was that they didn’t change where 
the candies were located in the machine so that  
way Stevie could always get his favorite he knew 
exactly where it would be located and which button  
to push that’s amazing yeah and of course we 
saw historic Studio A man that was pretty darn  cool
I had chills in there the instruments still in 
there it was incredible it’s such a tiny space  
too it was surprising how small it was and just 
the big sounds that came out of there
took the words out of my mouth on that one
and finally in number seven in Seattle, Washington 
we went to the Kurt Cobain memorial bench yeah  
that was heavy yeah it was right next to the 
property where he passed away and it’s so cool to  
see all the different tributes that people leave 
there for him people leaving flowers stickers  
writing messages on the bench I got choked up at 
a couple of those messages it was pretty serious  
yeah yeah but it was such a beautiful thing to 
see because he was just so influential and it’s  
so appropriate to Kurt do you think absolutely 
yeah so I gotta say it – this year rocked. oh my god!
next week we’re going to be back to work up your 
appetite with the food highlights from 2021.  
it was an incredible list it is going to be so 
hard to narrow that one yeah i don’t know how  
we’re going to do that oh my gosh well make 
sure you subscribe and click that bell icon  
so that you know as soon as that list 
goes up you can see what made the menu  
thanks so much for watching and see you next time! see you next Tuesday!

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