LOOPY & CamShield iPhone 12 Cases: Unboxing & Review

hey everyone so i’m here again to show 
you two iphone 12 pro cases that i got  
um i really love cases i love to change them 
whenever i have like a different purse or  
a different outfit to match them but i got 
two kinds this time one is a loopy case stay  
loopy that’s cute and then one is with a cam 
shield to cover the camera to protect the camera  
so which one do you want to open up first let me 
choose um this one i waited for so long for this  
one and i know it’s more expensive but i really 
love the old one that i have for my iphone 10  
so even if it’s expensive i got it because i 
feel like i’m really comfortable  
with it and i feel like it’s worth it so let’s 
first open this one first the camshield
i got this from amazon as you can see
okay it’s called nilkin for apple iphone 
12 or 12 pro it’s cam shield pro case
all right ah that seems cool that seems 
cool let’s see if it’s easier to put it on
yep and it’s also slim as you can see the back 
of my camera or the back the camera is protected  
and you

can open it up if you want to use your 
camera so that’s cool this is good good good good  
discover innovation that’s what it says
let’s try the buttons up up
up down up down to adjust the 
volume and then power it works well
and it’s like silky smooth so that is really nice 
really nice yep it feels expensive but this is  
only how much is it let me check this is this is 
13.59 and then you can save an extra 10 when you  
apply this coupon brand is hum as in mary t as in 
thomas e as an echo h-u-m-t-e all right awesome
yeah so if i have like a tiny purse this is good
and then my loopy case
i’m really excited for this 
i got the midnight leopard  
because i got the leopard one 
last time and i love it too
yep that’s it
so there’s some note in here since our dad first 
dropped his brand new iphone just moments after  
upgrading in 2012 we three j boys have been 
working around the clock to create the case  
which we will believe in one that allows you 
to stop and drop and ditch the unnecessary bulk  
so yeah tried this before and that’s why i 
came back to buy one for my new iphone 12 pro
there it is it’s just black and the pattern is leopard you can see
yeah and to install it make sure 
they’re like in one direction like that  
oh can you see it make sure 
they’re in one direction
awesome it’s really easy to use  
like very comfy to use comfier 
than the strap i got earlier
so it’s just it’s like sticking out like 
that and this is useful if you’re watching  
something and you wanna have some 
angle when you’re watching something  
and whenever i’m carrying a lot of stuff 
all i have to do is just have one finger  
and then i can carry whatever i 
have and when you’re doing selfie
it’s just so easy  
yeah that’s why i really love 
this this is forty dollars  
and i think it’s worth it even 
if it’s expensive it’s worth it  
and i’m keeping this my number one favorite 
is this of all the iphone cases i have  
and if you want to purchase one you can 
use my coupon lynleysworld yup just go to  
their website and then enter that code when 
you’re checking out you will receive 10% off  
okay so i hope you enjoy it and it’s a life 
changer it’s a life changer i’m telling you uh  
i saw this one from my favorite youtuber and 
i believed her and i got it and oh my gosh i  
can say that it is true you stop the drop you 
don’t have to ever worry about your phone you  
can do whatever you want even if you’re dancing 
because i mean it’s just like this you know  
i’m a righty it’s okay if you’re a lefty you can 
choose it just make sure you you select if you’re  
a lefty or a righty so it’s more comfy once you 
get it yep and you can also change this loopy  
this loop you can buy it i think it’s like five 
dollars each but this is fine i like black and  
yeah i think it’s really awesome awesome awesome  
the buttons it’s perfect i can say it’s 
perfect so make sure you buy one now
so you won’t be worried you will be less worried  
you don’t have to worry about your phone anymore 
you don’t have to worry about dropping it  
because you can do whatever you 
want while you are using your phone
so that’s it i hope you have 
a great day thank you so much  
thank you so much for watching see you again bye

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