Love and Monsters Movie Review – Movie Recap

The film opens with Joel Dawson 
narrating what happened to Earth.  
Seven years earlier, a meteor called 
Agatha-16 came hurtling toward the planet,  
but the nations prevented impact by launching 
rockets to destroy it. Unfortunately,  
this led to chemical compounds raining down on 
Earth’s creatures, mutating things like insects,  
crabs, or slugs into gigantic monsters. Within 
a year, 95% of the human population is gone.  
Joel has been living in a bunker 
colony with survivors ever since.
Joel is the only one in his colony 
who doesn’t have a romantic partner.  
He usually has to listen to everyone have sex 
near him, and his biggest asset to them is making  
minestrone and occasional handy work since he has 
a problem with freezing when it comes to monsters.  
He usually draws the ones he’s seen and keeps 
a guide for how to survive in the new world.  
One afternoon, he manages to make contact with his 
old high school girlfriend Aimee over the radio.  
She is staying with another colony of survivors 
at Jenner Beach, just 85 miles from where Joel is.  
Suddenly, their connection is cut when 
an ant monster breaches the colony.  
Joel wants to prove himself to the others that 
he can fight them too. Against everyone’s orders,  
Joel goes out armed

with a crossbow and finds 
one of his mates getting devoured by the ant.  
The monster finds Joel, who freezes before the 
ant is shot with an arrow and then decapitated.
A flashback is shown of the day that the monster 
apocalypse began. Joel and Aimee were sitting on  
a hill in her car overlooking the town. He drew 
a picture of her but admits that it’s terrible.  
As they start to make out, they hear 
sirens and see the rockets being launched.  
They proceed to head back to their loved ones.
Joel decides to go out on his own to find Aimee,  
but the rest of the colony advises against 
it because it would be extremely dangerous  
and he is wildly unprepared for what is out there. 
Joel says that he does not want to spend the end  
of the world alone, so the others relent and 
let him go with whatever weapons he can carry.  
Not long into his venture, he finds a frog monster 
in a pond. Joel is helped out by a stray dog,  
who bites the frog’s tongue when it tries 
to eat Joel. He follows the dog into a bus,  
where he sees that the dog is called Boy. He keeps 
a red dress that belonged to his previous owner,  
and he gets defensive when Joel touches it. 
Joel stays in the bus with Boy for the night.
In the morning, Joel tries to head off on his own, 
but Boy wants to follow. Joel allows it and finds  
that Boy becomes an excellent companion. He even 
manages to keep Joel from eating poison berries.  
While walking, Joel falls into a nest of 
worm monsters. He is found by survivors Clyde  
and Minnow. They help pull him out and kill 
the creatures using a kitana and a grenade.  
The two berate Joel for being out in the 
field with the little expertise that he has,  
but they offer to let him and Boy join 
them on their venture to the mountains  
where the temperature is too cold for monsters.
Clyde and Minnow teach Joel a few things about  
dealing with monsters, such as how to identify 
some of them (the worms were Sand Gobblers),  
and they even help him improve 
his aim with his crossbow.  
On their journey, they find a giant snail 
monster that they call Boulder Snails.  
Clyde has Joel take off his shirt so that 
the creature may carry off with his scent  
to draw the other monsters away from them. He and 
Minnow point out that some monsters are friendly,  
but you can mostly tell by looking at their 
eyes. They also hardly stop to rest for fear  
that the monsters will steal food supplies 
before they can get to it. After he tells them  
he is going to find Aimee, they encourage him 
to not settle, even at the end of the world.
Once they reach their furthest points, Joel 
decides he must split from Clyde and Minnow.  
The little girl is upset since 
she had gotten attached to Joel,  
but he gives her a tube of lipstick as a 
keepsake, which she loves and is thankful  
for. Clyde also leaves him with some words 
of encouragement before they part ways.  
As Joel continues with Boy, they find a 
large centipede monster that almost eats Boy.  
Joel freezes again but remembers to when he was 
with his parents on the day of the apocalypse. He  
couldn’t save them and watched them get crushed by 
a monster. He gathers his courage and shoots the  
monster twice to save Boy, managing to kill it.
Joel and Boy seek shelter in an abandoned vehicle  
and find a robot called Mav1s, which was 
originally some kind of companion before all  
of them shut down, including one back at Joel’s 
colony. This Mav1s turns on and has a limited  
amount of battery power left. She manages to use 
her radio to help Joel get in touch with Aimee,  
and he finds that he is less than ten miles 
away from her location. Aimee tells Joel that a  
yacht captain has come with his crew to After the 
radio is cut off, Mav1s projects a lights display  
and even shows Joel a video memory of his 
mother saying encouraging words to him,  
moving him to tears. Mav1s’s battery soon runs 
out completely, and Joel buries the robot.
The next day, Joel and Boy continue forward, but 
Boy jumps into the river after his owner’s dress  
falls in. This attracts the attention of a Queen 
Sand Gobbler, a very deadly monster. Joel manages  
to kill it by timing a grenade toss and throwing 
it into the creature’s mouth at the right moment.  
However, he yells at Boy for 
almost getting them killed,  
causing the little dog to run away from Joel. He 
then sees he’s been bitten by numerous leeches  
and he starts to hallucinate from the poison. He 
manages to find a fern that Clyde told him works  
as an anti-venom. He then appears to see Aimee 
and a few of her fellow survivors approaching him.  
He kisses her before passing out.
Joel wakes up in Aimee’s bunker,  
where he learns that he actually kissed 
an older male survivor instead of her.  
She introduces him to Cap, the leader of the yacht 
team that has apparently come to take the colony  
to a safer location. After Joel sees the set-up 
on the beach, he has a private moment with Aimee.  
While she is happy to see him and glad that he 
survived, she tells him that she has long since  
moved on from him and even had a relationship 
with another survivor who died the year before.  
Joel is understanding but heartbroken.
Cap gathers the survivors around to discuss his  
plan to gather everyone to another place, but Joel 
suggests that they try to adapt to the surface  
based on what he has learned. The others choose 
the yacht plan. He then goes to contact his colony  
to let them know he made it safely. Everyone 
is excited and happy to hear Joel’s voice,  
as well as knowing that he actually managed to 
kill a monster. He is then brought a plate of  
berries, which he recognizes as the ones that Boy 
was trying to keep him away from. Joel realizes  
Cap is not what he seems. When he goes to warn 
Aimee, Cap’s henchwoman Dana knocks Joel out.
Joel wakes up tied up with Aimee. Cap reveals 
his true intentions, being that he, Dana,  
and a third member, Rocko, have been going 
to multiple colonies and robbed them of their  
resources by using a giant crab monster that he 
is controlling through electric manipulation,  
who also pulls the yacht. As Cap sends the 
crab after the survivors while they grab  
what they can, Joel manages to free himself 
and also sees the return of Boy. He sends Boy  
to help Aimee while they deal with the crab 
and the other villains. The crab grabs Joel,  
but he looks into the creature’s eyes and 
sees that he is one of the kinder monsters.  
He fires at the electrical chain to free the crab, 
who then goes out to the yacht to devour Dana,  
Rocko, and then finally feasting on 
Cap and what’s left of his yacht.
Joel makes plans to return to his own colony 
since he knows there is no place for him there.  
Before parting ways with Aimee, 
they share one last passionate kiss.  
It appears to reignite the spark for Aimee, 
and she tells Joel she will go find him.  
He leaves her with his monster survival guide and 
takes Boy with him to make the trip back to the  
colony, where he is welcomed with open arms.
Joel leads his colony to the surface now that  
he has a better understanding of the creatures 
around him. He broadcasts a message through the  
radio to other survivors to encourage them to 
go to the surface and fight back if necessary.  
Clyde and Minnow, who both made it to 
the mountain, hear the message and wish  
Joel well, although they think he will 
probably get eaten by Snow Spiders.

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