Love And Monsters Movie Review | Spoiler Free | April 2021

hey you guys what’s up welcome back to 
my channel i hope you’re all doing great  
so first and foremost of course i owe you 
guys an apology because this video is not  
going up on friday it’s going up on monday. 
i’m sorry there’s a lot going on in Ontario  
right now the whole province just l0cked down 
again they’ve decided to close my son’s school  
indefinitely which means it could be closed 
for the rest of the year and i have chosen  
to take the time off work this time because my 
son’s schooling fell so far behind last time.  
So as of literally today, monday I am a 
full-time stay-at-home homeschooling mom  
and that’s terrifying! it’s only it’s only 
temporary it’s only until either schools open up  
or summer starts so hopefully it won’t be too long 
because mama’s gonna need a paycheck. With all the  
schools closing and having to leave work and all 
of this stuff there’s so so much going on that
i didn’t have a video so i was talking to my 
sister and we decided that since i was like  
completely stressed out uh we were just gonna sit 
down and watch a movie so we opened netflix and as  
we’re looking through what to watch

boom love and 
monsters pops up on the screen and i instantly am  
like dylan o’brien this movie was supposed to be 
coming out i didn’t look at when i was coming out  
please can we watch it if you say no i’m gonna 
cry and then i’m gonna leave so my sister was like  
okay i guess we’re gonna watch it so we watched 
love and monsters and now i’m here with a full  
review because i absolutely – well did i like it 
didn’t i like it you’ll have to watch to the end  
to find out well spoiler alert i liked it and that 
is the only spoiler (hopefully) that you will see  
in this entire video so have no fear i’m not gonna 
ruin the movie for you (hopefully) all right so  
here we go first and foremost the movie is called 
love and monsters it is starring dylan o’brien,  
michael rooker and jessica Yu li so this movie was 
released on april 14th onto netflix but originally  
it was released in october of 2020 in the usa 
to theaters now i don’t know what theaters were  
actually open back then um so there’s some 
of you who may have seen this months ago  
if that’s you i’m sorry that this is a little late 
but i just got access to this movie so i’m excited  
and i’m gonna talk about it so first really cool 
thing about this movie is that the score on rotten  
tomatoes is a 93% 93% i’ve i’ve actually really 
really liked some movies that have completely  
flopped on rotten tomatoes i don’t think i’ve 
ever actually liked a movie that has done well on  
rotten tomatoes so knowing that a movie i like has 
done really really well as far as a 93% on rotten  
tomatoes is incredible but to add to it it has 
a 89% audience rating which is also pretty cool  
because that means a lot of people feel the same 
way that i do very good movie funny kind of creepy  
but it did it did the job i was excited i was 
entertained so Love and monsters is kind of like  
a war of the worlds meets zombieland movie it’s 
very very much more like zombieland except for  
um instead of zombies they are insects that have 
been blown up by science um so yeah we’ve got  
dylan o’brien who plays joel and he is playing 
a character who’s been locked in a bunker for  
seven years away from the girl that he loves so 
he decides one day even though he has no talent  
and no major life survival skills he’s going to go 
across the upper of the world and try to find his  
his love. you know, does he make it? doesn’t he 
make it? does he find her? doesn’t he find her?  
does it work out in the end? does it not work out 
in the end? we don’t know. we’ll have to watch the  
movie to find out, right? but what i will tell you 
is this: for all of you who are out there who are  
afraid of spiders i think i can promise that there 
are no spiders unless i might have blinked during  
that moment but i don’t think there’s spiders 
not saying there wasn’t any other arachnids  
but there was no spiders i don’t think but there 
was one more thing that i’m gonna give you guys a  
warning about because no one ever warns me about 
this and if you’ve ever heard of trypophobia i’m  
warning you that you will have an issue during 
this movie twice maybe three times so basically  
trypophobia is like a fear or a negative reaction 
to like holes close together or like spots close  
together so like for example i can’t look at bee 
hives, i can’t look at hives like you might get  
like a rash on your skin, i can’t look at like a 
pomegranate i don’t think i’ve ever been able to  
look at a pomegranate without getting nauseous 
there’s at least two times that just for no  
apparent reason just for design i guess you just 
randomly see a huge cluster of holes because it’s  
supposed to be about insects and insects like to 
make holes i guess um but yeah there was at least  
two scenes that i literally saw and just refused 
to look up until my sister said i was in the clear  
um so if you guys have trypophobia be aware that 
it’s in this movie. okay other than that like i  
said the movie was great and i personally would 
probably rate it like an 8.5/10. um i thought  
it was really funny i thought it was like really 
cute and sometimes i really enjoyed um watching  
relationships build and i kind of enjoyed watching 
like some plots that i didn’t expect to happen  
happen it was a really good movie i really really 
enjoyed it um i’m so happy that it was released to  
netflix because if it was released to theaters i 
would have had to wait forever because of all the  
lockdowns and limitations here in ontario right 
now um one last thing i’ll say is they definitely  
set it up that there could be a sequel so i mean 
more you guys watch it the more interest it has  
and the more higher of a chance that there will 
be a sequel which would be so great because i just  
love dylan o’brien i’m so happy he’s acting 
again for anyone who doesn’t know back in  
um probably like five years ago at the end of the 
la of the maze runner series dylan o’brien was  
very very very badly injured during a stunt on 
set where he ended up breaking half his face  
essentially so like seeing him come back to the 
big screen as kind of like the original dylan  
o’brien or style stelinski if you guys ever watch 
teen wolf he has a very very similar um humor in  
love and monsters as he did in teen wolf 
so i actually absolutely love that um kind  
of like the underdog yet the star kind of thing 
absolutely loved it definitely will watch it again  
so yes if you have seen it make sure you tell me 
in the comments if you liked it or if you didn’t  
like it tell me if you liked it what did you like 
if you didn’t like it what didn’t you like um  
and yeah hope you guys enjoyed if you did please 
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hopefully it’s going to be a whole new situation 
for me at home here i’ve never homeschooled before  
um but it just had to be done this time 
because my son fell so far behind last time so  
yeah it’s gonna be a little bit of a challenge 
but i’m really really hoping that i can make  
every friday work and if it doesn’t i hope you 
guys will support me and stick with me because  
youtube is the only thing keeping me sane i watch 
videos i make videos and editing is my happy space  
so i hope you guys will continue to watch 
and support and uh be patient because you  
guys are all great and uh i’m happy to keep 
making the videos you guys love um again if  
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