M2 MacBook Air – 1 Month Later! Honest Long-Term Review

amateur MacBook hair perhaps the most discussed laptop of this year so many contradictions disadvantages and at the same time advantages that we haven’t seen in any MacBook available I’ve used it for a month and today I’m ready to tell you how was it is it really as bad as it seemed at first or did Apple do a great job and the first impression was deceptive let’s find out I would like to start with the most Pleasant thing the updated design for me as a user of the 16 inch MacBook Pro this design didn’t bring any

New Sensations because 16 inch and M to air are not much different it’s just basically smaller but here’s my point for the price the look and feel will certainly satisfy I believe any user the 14 and 16 inch MacBooks are priced from two thousand dollars while a similar MacBook with the M2 Chip is only 1200 bucks plus it’s lighter more compact really cannot say anything bad about the design almost and this almost is the small scratches on the body especially on the ports but I guess you already know the solution which is take the classic

silver or use a case and with the new design we got Max save back which is extremely convenient the good old macsafe which one saved my Mac from Death

the display is also great it’s now larger compared to the previous M1 Air Model bezels are thinner but the Notch and Apple laptops confuses me the new display is 100 and it’s brighter than that of the M1 air which looks good on paper but really doesn’t play an important role in day-to-day use and if you compare the two laptops Head to Head the difference is I mean

you probably won’t notice the difference but it’s still brighter and it’s a good thing but enough about the upsides let’s talk about the downsides and right away I would like to start with the loudest Apple mistake according to almost all media and YouTubers one man chip in the Bassam tool is this really that bad you know no not at all on paper the 256 gig SSD is indeed slower and for some tasks SSD speed may not be fast enough but for for what tasks that’s slower SSD is still fast and if you buy the empty

air for its intended purposes like riding surfing the web watching movies and okay some light graphic tasks you will not even encounter some kind of restrictions that’s because the limitations are noticeable only when you load the Mac from head to toe like editing heavy videos opening huge projects and xcode for example or I don’t know 3D modeling and in the background you have 50 tabs in Google Chrome open and at the same time you watch a tutorial and talk with your friend on FaceTime that is you know what I mean the target audience of this

Mac most probably will not face such kind of tasks therefore they will not feel the difference in one nanchep in Short relax do not perceive this flaw as YouTubers do although on the other hand I did it too so well here I can justify myself that it was a first impression then and now yeah my opinion has changed one and chip is not a problem to begin with I didn’t pick up the empty air as a replacement for my 16 inch MacBook Pro it’s more about an additional laptop for simpler tasks I’m not ready to

sell my 16 inch pro at least because the two devices have completely different use cases if the pro is about power the air is more about lightness and portability for example I tried to make this video on my two MacBooks and I gotta say m to air did a great job with this task but editing on this MacBook is only an experiment in the framework of this video MacBook Air is not designed for these tasks but even so the Mac hopes with simple video editing really well especially when it comes to editing in DaVinci Resolve

Premiere even two years after the release of Apple silicon it is not fully optimized the main point is that you can easily added a simple video from a trip or Vlog for YouTube but enough about video editing enough look do I really need to tell you that working with documents on the new Mac does not bring any problems and the typing on it is a pleasure I mean it’s obvious right the updated keyboard with the touch ID does its job perfectly the only thing you might have questions about is web surfing here is a brand

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your deal by clicking the link in the video description below the guy asks whether he could handle 400 tabs on the M1 for the 2K12 MacBook Air it was just fine I’m certainly not the kind of person who opens even 50 tabs in a browser but nonetheless of course you can do it on the M2 some have even tried to run 6 000 tabs which was an impossible challenge for the M2 MacBook but 6 000 tabs really okay where was I going with this you may experience problems with professional tasks but when it comes to

everyday things like surfing even 1 000 tabs will open without any problems so a stranger from the internet problem solved but we have another audience on the list and this says it Giants coders I’m not a coder not even close but I can say with confidence that the M2 air is an excellent choice for Microsoft Visual code or Sublime Text tool for example but it’s something to be expected because it’s a kind of a note-taking software but what about xcode based on the opinions of experienced coders I can highlight the following nuances everything is quite

fast The xcode Benchmark shows us about 120 to 140 seconds that’s really fast but it’s only for the first one when The Benchmark was Run for the second time it showed a result of 400 plus seconds and that’s already too slow but why is this happening there is one cash the test was done right under the sunlight on the empty air in midnight color midnight as we know is practically black as the author says if he had a silver MacBook this would have worked to its advantage and the silver color would have reflected the sunlight

which wouldn’t have heated the MacBook to such high temperatures and talking about throttling is everything as bad as it might seem at first glance now the fact is that in order for the processor to start dropping its frequencies you need to heat it up like crazy this happens either because of demanding applications or when working under the Sun so does color matter it turns out that it does but this is also a bit of a stretch as far as I’m concerned who is going to work under the direct sunlight coding editing videos it seems to

me that you yourself will start dropping your frequencies working in these conditions that’s why the throttling is also kind of just the loud cries of people who managed to load their machine so much that the computer had nothing to do but to reset its power I didn’t notice any dramatic difference in photo editing if you compare it to the M1 error the difference is extremely insignificant still you can work in Photoshop without problems but as long as you do not load the project with a huge number of players or not open a photo in extremely

high resolution here M2 like its predecessor does not show any incredible results it’s workable so the experience is great but it’s not for heavy tasks well in case you’re wondering I ran a few games on the new empty MacBook Air and on the one hand playing games on MacBooks is inherently doomed to fail because as we know MacBooks are not designed for such actions but Apple puts a lot of effort into developing the Apple arcade where you can play games both on your iPhone and iPad and drumroll on your MacBook and it all sounds great

but in reality I have a few questions for Apple the NBA for example on my iPhone I can safely run it and play smoothly it does doesn’t slow down at all except for when I play for a very long time the iPad with the M1 does the same job without any problems but the MacBook is something strange basically you run a mobile game on a computer and it slows down not always but if it doesn’t slow down when you launch it sooner or later it will for some reason the Mac is getting really hot the

Mac felt much harder than all the other devices and yeah some games are clearly better and maybe this is not Apple’s fault but rather the optimization of the games but nevertheless gaming on the MacBook is still not the best case to use this device one more thing that makes me happy is the sound the sound coming from the m to air despite the fact that the speakers are hidden got really better compared to the M1 air and watching movies is also much more pleasant than it was before and the experience of using the display of

the M2 air felt somewhat better compared to its predecessor and one error even though it’s only 0.3 inches larger in reality it feels like a 14 inch laptop and it’s amazing Now 60 hertz versus 120 hertz personally for me it’s more of an upside than a downside at 60hz the air consumes less power and the difference between 60 and 120 in the MacBook Pros is you know you get used to this high frequency really fast just as fast as you get used to 60. and it’s not something I really need and actually anyone needs it’s

just a more pleasant experience not a necessity the point is if you want to save money just go with the 60hz and don’t sweat it the nice thing I want to point out is the power efficiency it’s almost the same compared to the M1 air it may seem like a lack of progress but if you dive deeper it got thinner lighter it has a more powerful M2 Chip and yet the battery life has remained the same on average it’s enough for a full day of active use which is about seven to nine hours to summarize

the empty error is a great laptop and after a month of use I recommend it for purchase even in its basic config however you should keep in mind that the M2 error is not suitable for professional work in graphics heavy applications and the M1 air is a great laptop as well that is still in stock and you can get it on Apple’s website for 200 bucks less thereby saving money but if you want to experience the new design or you have an Intel MacBook then go with the M2 air you won’t regret it I think

the M2 is really good for what it’s designed for and if you don’t agree with me or you have something to add let me know in the comments and don’t forget that Atlas VPN is running a huge discount and three year subscription for just one dollar and 83 cents a month with a 30 day money back guarantee time is running out so get your deal by clicking the link in the video description below in the meantime if you like this video click on this video and this one and see you in the next one

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