M3GAN Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Review And Megan 2 Sequel Theories

all right so Megan the walking talking Tick Tock dancing Android is finally in movie theaters serving up the Sass in attitude I’m trying to manifest in 2023 but in this video we’re going to be talking about the ending of Megan some of the movie’s themes are reaction and review along with where a Megan sequel might go but with that out of the way a huge thank you for clicking this I’m your host Jared now let’s get into Megan all right so Megan kicks off setting the stage with the young Katie and her parents unfortunately being

hit by a snowplow on a family ski trip resulting in Katie having to go live with her aunt Gemma played by Alison Williams now Gemma is the furthest thing from a parent Smart Home Smart Car a personal Alexa type device called LC her career is her life working in r d and an AI toy company I think called funky living and breathing the latest technology working on the next big thing Gemma doesn’t know the first thing about kids is super awkward around Katie and it’s tough for the two to talk about the accident and how

this is all really affected Katie instead Gemma thinks her latest and greatest project Megan which stands for model 3 generative Android will be the perfect

thing to not only distract Katie from her feelings and companion to care for but also allow Gemma to test out Megan as a prototype as the next big toy launching her career to the Moon yeah you pretty much know where this is gonna go Gemma fast tracking Megan causes a few hiccups let’s call it that like her taking out her neighbor and the neighbor’s dog I mean come on it’s just

a hiccuper too it’s all Justified because Megan was protecting Katie but the more time they spend together the more their bond grows the therapist decided to check in on Katie thinks she may have developed too much of a bond with Megan because of attachment Theory basically Megan is now the equivalent of a drug you take that away she’s gonna go ballistic Gemma sees this as a problem using Megan as a distraction for Katie rather than tackling things head on but this is all swept under the rug and ignored because gemma’s work presentation goes phenomenally and

Megan is set to be the next hot toy this holiday season however those hiccups that I mentioned earlier get a bit more clear when a bully named Brandon is quote accidentally hit by a truck after bullying Katie and Megan and Gemma is unable to recover any of Megan’s recorded vision during that time red flags are going off for Gemma as she demands Megan be reprogrammed or rather programmed correctly only hours before the big Megan launch party however Megan growing increasingly aggressive and protective for Katie escapes the Diagnostics rig exploding her way out Tick-Tock flosses gemma’s

boss to death and rolls out of there in style to get Katie all to herself back at the house Gemma hears the piano playing Toy Soldiers by Martika and finds out Megan has stocked them all the way back home Megan says she’s going to get rid of Gemma Katie and she will be happy without her because Gemma hasn’t done anything to teach or help either of them so why do they even need her in a quick instance J Gemma splashes some water on Megan causing her to glitch giving Gemma enough time to escape back to

her office Megan’s plan is essentially lobotomized Gemma eliminating her and her care but Gemma hacks the little gen Zer up with an electric hedge trimmer slicing into Megan’s rubber face and hair resulting in a middle-aged balding eight-year-old Terminator girl Katie walks in to see Megan trying to stab Gemma tricking Megan into thinking that she’s going to side with the little Gremlin but instead uses the Bruce proxy robot Gemma had shown earlier tossing Megan around like the Hulk to Loki and then splits Megan into like the ending of Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace Megan still

has some fight in her this is this is crazy crawling around with half a torso saying she’s had enough of Katie too but Gemma swoops in smashing her titanium skull in exposing her memory functional chip and instead Katie basically lobotomizes Megan stabbing the chip with a screwdriver as the authorities paramedics and gemma’s co-workers show up the pair are free of Megan’s Mayhem but there is a bit of a tease a little wink wink at the end as gemma’s personal assistant device Elsie turns on and slowly turns to look at the pair as they walk out

of the front door meaning the physical form of Megan is dunzos she’s done get her out of here but she at some point had uploaded all of her data in Consciousness to the cloud and can seemingly go anywhere now question mark meaning Megan is now more powerful than she ever was in girl form because theoretically she can jump into any sort of smart device or technology and all the tech that was shown in the movie she can basically go anywhere so Katie and Gemma aren’t out of Megan’s grasps just yet that’s how Megan ends not

really any big twists or turns but the movie does say a lot about technology our relationships with that technology addiction All That Jazz like I said Megan is a distraction rather than a solution and many times in the film Katie throws a huge temper tantrum because that addiction to technology is interrupted even gemma’s character is addicted to Tech because she is striving to create this new state-of-the-art AI doll along with our house being filled with ease of Life technology even The Tick-Tock dances and songs Megan displays are linked to the idea of Technology distraction like

people people out there love to be on their phones specifically Tick Tock so the Gen Z dances are a physical look at those addictions and the toy soldiers song Megan plays on the piano well the original meaning of that song is how dangerous drug addiction can be that they can control someone similar to how kids control the toys that they they play with and in this case the movie’s case the technology in our lives controlling us and technology is constantly learning about us the more we use it like Megan being around Katie so this is

your reminder out there people delete your cookies please Lord your computer’s begging you so with that last scene basically serving up a tease of a sequel on a silver platter do you think we’ll actually get a Megan too well James Wan was asked the same question via an interview with thr and carefully responded with well my answer to that is that I’m very superstitious and I don’t like to talk about sequels before the first film is even out but like any of the movies I make I always think about the bigger world I just don’t

think about one story I think about the bigger world so if we’re fortunate enough to tell any other stories we can pull from the bigger world now this was before all of the social media Buzz viral videos viral marketing and the critics and audiences both loving this killer doll doing Tick-Tock dances so it seems inevitable that a sequel is in the cards and the World building is already happening and to add more fuel to these sequel rumors trusted scooper Daniel rpk reported via his patreon that he’s heard that a sequel is already in development so

bring it on however what a sequel is going to entail is entirely up to our imagination I think the easy bet for a title would be Megan 2.0 with her potentially taking a more of a HAL 9000 or even Ultron approach being able to jump into multiple Electronics via the cloud maybe even amassing a giant army of Megan’s we’ve already seen what a group of these gals look like via the marketing and it would be terrifying maybe it’s too easy of a guess but her attachment to Katie will probably drive Megan to pursue her even

more taking out Gemma as revenge and attempting to cut off any relationships Katie has formed between the two films by hacking into multiple devices kind of like that Child’s Play movie from 2019. I mean the two Robo kids share similar characteristics and fashion sense abilities so hey hey it could happen but yeah Megan was a low stakes fun time you know exactly what you’re getting into with this dancing robot slasher surprisingly it was more funny and less scary than I thought it would be like almost everything Megan said or did I got a kick out

of her singing C is titanium I mean come on the VFX puppeteers and actually getting Megan to come to life totally works but it’s just enough of that weird uncanny valley to make things a look a little unnerving the movie knows what it wants to be and at the end of the day is way more of a goofy over-the-top slasher than anything I’d give Megan 7 out of 10. again the trailers give you exactly what the movie is but I do wish things got a bit more brutal and held on some of the Thrills a

bit longer there’s definitely a more gruesome version out there heck even the second trailer has some stuff that wasn’t in the movie so I’m assuming that they had to cut it down to hit that PG-13 rating I mean it’s smart it’s smart people a bigger audience anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts on Megan was this the evil doll Chucky movie with added sass you were hoping for and what do you want to see in a Megan Sequel and I’ll let you know we’re currently running a competition giving away three copies of Black Adam and

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much time on and the menu ending explained but with that out of the way thank you for your constant support I’ve been Jared I’ll see in the next one take care and peace

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