MacBook Pro 16in Space Gray – Unboxing and Review, Pros, Cons and reasons tu buy

hello everybody this is Alan I’m gonna
be reviewing the 16 inch MacBook Pro
2019 this is gonna be the Space Gray
model I’m gonna be reviewing this is
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please also add it here so let’s start
by the unboxing we have the box solid
hard this is that quality we are accustomed
with Apple logo on one side the
Apple on the other side so this is
pretty much standard Apple logo on the
other side you’re gonna proceed to open
these little baby with strip
plastic off by that tab that is built
in now I’ve seen some reviewers just
using a knife but there’s always a tab
this Macbook computers so use it after
shaking the box that’s the only way I
think to make by gravity the other part
falls apart and we’re gonna

put this
aside by a minute then we have another
tab which it’s always there also I’ve
seen some reviewers not using these
tabs they’re flipping the whole up side
down and doing a lot of stuff but
there’s always a tab to pull it up
I’m gonna leave these baby here and
we’re gonna see all contents we have
we have the USB c-type charging cable we
have all the manuals the power adapter
which is 96 watts it’s great it charges
this computer you can’t do something you
cannot use something smaller because you
it wont charge it so you get pretty much sticked to these one or buy another
one with the same wattage inside a little
this little folder we have all se the
the warranty instruction we have the
stickers which is oh it’s great nice
Space Gray the same color has
the computer now that’s pretty much all
everything inside the box we’re gonna
put it aside and now let’s put this
thing now let’s let’s uh open it this is
this beautiful tab split this way also
I’ve seen reviewers not using it as
it should be we just slide the whole
thing off and then the Macbook
look at that
look at it oh it’s beautiful it’s just
the Apple quality we’re used to it it’s
sharp it’s it’s everything all the cuts
are straight it looks modern the space
gray color is really nice I also love
the silver ones so whatever you want to
use they’re both nice and it depends on
your preferences so here it is let’s
open it up we have a little tab here we
pull it up and we have a little
little paper protect you for the screen
and the MacBook should start yep it
starts by itself like we are used to a
really nice construction when I take
this off putting aside and it’s it’s
booting up now so we’re been waiting for
it to start so from here you start
asking you for Wi-Fi information and
password information from your home or
office hotspot it’s been a login some
preferences and asking for your iCloud
account you just figure it iCloud account,
password if you have an Apple watch
you’ll get a six digit passcode you’re
gonna put it there it’s gonna start you
can it’s still gonna be asking you for
some personal preferences and you’re
gonna it’s really intuitive I mean
there’s no way you’re gonna get lost in
this system it just asked before thing
you already know it’s gonna take a while
to set up it will set your fingerprint
scan and then I´ll take it you have to put
all the edges of your fingers prints so
it sets it up okay and we should be go
there you go is that the desktop of your
macbook it’s all set up it’s gonna ask
you for some permissions to send you
notifications you can load them or
reject them depending on your
preferences and there we go should be all
set to start using your macbook
and let’s go to the review so now we’re
gonna be talking some specifications of
this computer specifically on this model
versus other previous generations
we’re going to be covering also some
things they kept that were being done
good and also we’re going to be going
through some pros and cons and why are
reasons to buy it or not it’s a really
nice computer I mean it really Apple put
a lot of things inside this small
chassis really nice materials
performance is great it has some cons
obviously like everything has cons but
this is this is a pricey piece of
machinery I mean you’re paying a lot for
this little Apple there’s a lot of
engineering in the background there’s a
lot of nice materials research and
development there’s a lot of things that
happens in the background if you’re
paying for an Apple it’s very good at
charging for that so just keep that in
mind let’s start with the keyboard so
for 2019 Apple did something really
great they got rid of the
butterfly keyboard which was causing a
lot of issues to a lot of people so
that’s some really good they introduced
the magic keyboard which is something
similar to pre 2015 but with 1 mm
key travel they have the inverted
t-shape arrows which is really good they
have separated the fingerprint scanner
now from the touch bar and now they
have a dedicated escape key
which a lot of people was asking for
so retina display what what does retina
means it’s a terminology they added long
ago at Apple and it basically means that
from this side of the computer when
you’re typing or you’re reading the
screen from a normal standard size which
is gonna be like something like this you
will be able to see all the pixels
inside the screen in a really sharp
there’s no more pixels that your eyes
won’t be able to catch and there are no
less pixels are you gonna be start
seeing them like a grainy like separated
from each other that’s pretty much retina
I’m gonna put you the right amount
of pixels in the screen so when you’re
typing from a normal distance not like
this or not very far away you will be
able to see a really nice image
your eyes are capable of watching a
amount of pixels depending on the on the
size of the pixels how much they are
separated from each other and the
distance there you are from that from a
certain screen so they put the right
amount there there’s this also happens
on 4k, 4k if you are too far away
you’re going to be start looking at
Full HD picture you are too close away
from the screen you’re going to be start
sitting in the little pixels
independently so there is a standard
distance from the screen so you see the
4k experience if you want to call it
somehow, this is the same it’s the
amount of pixels they must add so you
can see them really sharp and really
nice now P3, P3 basically is the
industry standard for the most the
more colors you can have in a screen
it’s it’s you have a lot you have a big
gamut of colors in this screen you have
the industry standard I mean you will be
able to see a lot of different colors
all the span you have available and this
is good for video and photography
editing because you’re gonna be able to
switch and turn everything really fine
and so when you import or export sorry
the image or the video you will be able
to transmit what you want and that’s
really nice to have on a screen and
the 500 NITS means you have a really
bright screen it’s I think if it’s not
the top-tier it’s among the best laptop
you basically have a lot of brightness
in those pixels there’s a back panel
illuminating all those pixels and they
are able to transmit out a lot of
luminosity to your eyes that’s good
for when you are outdoors we have a
window hitting the screen and those are
kind of tricky situations to watch the
screen so the screen is gonna be able to
fight that light light off and be able
to turn really high so you can see them
you can see the screen in more different
situations and that’s pretty nice to
happen in a computer it’s a really nice
it’s a really nice screen I’m gonna tell
you that
so it’s something you’re paying for and its
there it’s a it’s a good thech.. it’s a
good technology you have in these little
screen so now let’s go to the next one
so now a memory processor and storage
this is the base model it has a nice i7
Intel i7, 6 Core, 2.6 gigahertz
processor really nice for being the base
model it has a 512
gigabytes of SSD storage, it’s decent not a
lot but decent for a base starting
a starting price they it was 256 I think
a 15 inch model they pump it up to 512
for the same price tag which I’m gonna
be talking covering later and it has a
dedicated graphics card of 4Gb
AMD 5300 AMD pro, Radeon Pro it’s
really nice, I mean it has a lot of things
inside this, as I said small chassis and
that’s something good for a base model
something good that they kept the price
from the 15-inch MacBook Pro from
previous generation, they kept the same
price of the base model but they put a
lot of things inside here a lot of
things more much well spec’dt and they
kept the right price I mean the same
price it’s it’s really good it’s a
really good statement of Apple saying
I’m gonna make this pro back again and I’m
gonna keep it price okay and they improved
a lot of things that were gonna be
covering here of course and is if you if
you have more serious serious
photographer videographer programmer
anything you do that need more the man
audio you need more demanding things
from this computer there’s a lot of
things you can add a lot of things you
can add they’re pricey they’re not
they’re not cheap for coming from Apple
but you can’t spec this computer right
from the webpage with really good
technical specifications so you can add
an 8Tb of storage which
Apple sells very expensive you might
want to buy a good quality as is the
external storage instead of or two for
backing up but the possibility to have
a massive 8 terabytes internal…
internal storage is there expensive or
not is there now this is a serious statement
that this laptop is for the first time a
pro piece of technology you can have a
64 gigabyte ddr4 memory in this thing
for 800 USD more still expensive
versus the market but this is the only way
you can pump the memory up on a Macbook
given the fact that this is soldered in
place in the motherboard and that
basically means that what you buy is
what you get for life until you replace your laptop, graphic wise the
card can be improved to up to an 8
gigabyte AMD Radeon Pro 5600 for eight
hundred US dollars now these do you have
I mean you can have other extra and
cheaper alternatives on these that you
can check online with very nice brands
offering external GPUs so as you can see
you can make this thing much more
powerful it costs a lot but you have the
SSD memory and the cards that you can
get externally but the memory RAM if
you’re planning to do serious job in the
near future or long-term future you
probably want to spend the money when
you buy a computer first time I’m not
planning to do something greater than 16
gigabytes of RAM so that’s why I bought
this one that’s the money I had so
depending what you do you can I mean
pay up front that’s the only way you’re
going to be able to do that get rid of
the RAM memory so if you’re serious and on
a professional side of the job you’re
doing and you’re gonna be demanding a lot
from these things just buy it buy the
RAM memory upfront now audio Wow let me
stop here Wow Wow
it’s it’s not gonna be fair for the
computer showing the audio in a YouTube
video it’s just not gonna make you feel
what I feel when I put something in here
just feel classy I mean it’s it’s a nice
computer so basically what they did they
put something called dual force
canceling woofers that’s some of
things they put in this audio so for
what I understood this basically to were
first looking each other and canceling
vib… vibrations so you don´t get
all those rumbles and squeaks on the
computer when they’re when they’re the
woofers are doing their job but the
sound it’s it’s it’s it’s amazing it’s
just a piece of art this must be the
best audio on any laptop out there in
the market there’s no other laptop with
this audio that’s for sure it’s a top tier
laptop in terms of audio
microphones they have a three
microphones array if they’re basically I
don’t know where they are but they
should be on the grills and maybe in the
middle I can’t see a hole but they
have three microphones they say its studio
quality microphone array I don’t
think it gets that far but all this
video and these reviews you’re
watching right now it’s being recorded
on the laptop that’s why it’s here…
I’m recording everything from the laptop
if you like the audio that’s what this
thing do it should be a pretty nice a
nice looking audio huh see how it sounds
say if you like it but it’s in terms of
audio it’s this is a really nice spec’d
computer you don’t need anything more so
now let’s go to the battery they pretty
much pack everything they could pack
inside the laptop without you having
problems at the airport why because a
100 Watt/Hour battery is the most you can
carry on a plane they put a 100 watt
hour battery inside the chassis so pretty
much you have everything you can have in
a laptop that’s pretty much it they say
last for 11 hours I doubt that I mean
they say it’s 11 hours with web browsing
and I think audio listen to audio the
I’m hardly having I think I’m I haven’t
measured yet but I think I’m getting
around eight hours and I haven’t been
using any kind of pro software I’m just
doing I mean social media browsing audio
some things really basic stuff and I
don’t think I’m gonna be able to pump
this up to 11 hours I don’t think so I
think they run their tests with a twenty
four twenty five percent screen
brightness they say they do it at
seventy-five percent brightness on their
webpage but I don’t know how you can get
11 hours with seventy-five brightness
percent brightness and just doing web
browsing and stuff like that it’s just
something I don’t know if I could ever
get from these I’m just gonna keep
testing it I’m gonna try to measure it
and if I have something new I’m gonna
add it here so you can see that I test
something but I right now I don’t think
so but it’s a good battery is the best
you can have it last… if it
lasts 11 hours eight nine hours ten
hours you have the most you can get and
that’s pretty much… now, early in the video I
said I was going to be covering some
things that they brought from previous
generations and some pros and cons the
first thing I’m gonna be talking about
is a trackpad
this is a benchmark and I can say
everyone loves it it’s just the best you
get the same force feedback all across
it it’s just amazing we love it it’s
it’s top tier is the best you can
get on a laptop
there’s no doubts here now it has four
Thunderbolt ports it has a 3.5mm
Jack Thank You Apple that’s
it they basically are saying you need no
more but Apple we do at least the SD
memory card slot please we understand
that HDMI USB can be replaced with
things that have a USB C type
connector but a memory card is something
that we can not replace there’s never
gonna be or at least a near feature
there’s not gonna be a memory card we
a USB C type connector built-in
no…like… no, please
so talking about all these I have these
dongles that I’m using
it’s a DELL dongle it has has four type
entrances… HDMI Ethernet USB and the RGB
and then I have the SD card dongle with
a mini SD card too so I have to be
carrying these things ALL the places now
going to the video portion you have 720p
HD webcam that is just the best piece of
crap you can get on a laptop why we get
720 HD webcam when at least we should
have a 1080p that’s the minimum
acceptable acceptance right now it’s
just the lower you can get right now why
you keep doing this Apple, we thought
you were gonna be putting a 1080p webcam
here I mean you wanna keep things slim
okay but I don’t mind getting that extra
width so you can pack a 1080p webcam
here you have the audio you have the
microphones it was just a matter of
adding the webcam so you can have the
whole full experience for everything you
could do at this computer without
going through an external one okay
my eyes are watering here
I’m just gonna stop and skip to the next
one because it’s something that hits me
really hard now let’s talk about design
it’s Apple it’s adorable it’s it’s
emotional it’s what you cannot find in
Windows computers Huawei is getting
really close or sitting already next to
Apple Huawei, or whatever is pronounced
Huawei… but it’s a Windows computer
I still think that Mac OS is far more
stable and responsive that Windows sorry
Bill Gates it’s nothing personal it’s
strictly business now let’s talk about
the Apple logo here there’s people
saying they love the previous one the
self-illuminated Apple logo I didn’t
like it
I’m coming from a MacBook Air 13-inch
2015 which had a backlit logo
I liked it at the beginning but then I
started when you have a back window and
you get light from the back of the
computer you can see light coming
through the screen I don’t know it’s
just something I didn’t like from the
beginning I love that this mirror type
logo and it’s something that it looks
more classy it’s just look better for me
I mean this is the type of things that
depends on likes, what you like more you
can like more the self lit logo
you can like this more it’s just you
now let’s wrap up this is a pro computer
I mean the badge
I mean it’s MacBook Pro it says right
here now the badge is tied to the
performance finally there are some
things that they need to still fix but
it’s it’s a really good approach to what
a pro means and I love it it’s a really
nice computer so now let’s let’s go to
the pros and cons that we kind of
reviewed before in the previous sections
but I’m gonna go through just three pros
three cons and three reasons to buy this
computer I’m gonna be reading a lot
because I wanna I want to talk I want to
tell you exactly what I wrote
so the first Pro keyboard this
shouldn’t be a Pro because it’s a
keyboard but Apple mess so many years
with a butterfly keyboard that this is
taking a place in this top three it
shouldn’t be taking a place in a top 3
because again it’s a keyboard
but it’s there now number two technical
specs you can make this you main design
video programming computer if you pump
the specs up so you can make this a
really work horse it’s gonna cost you but
you can make it really nice number three
audio both the speakers and the
microphones are really great now let’s
talk cons there is three also the
first one is the webcam 720p webcam on a $2,400USD computer just sucks
no… I mean that’s all I’m gonna say it
come on, number two touchscreen
some people like it some people don’t
mind I’ve seen a lot of our viewers and
professionals saying I don’t mind not
having a touchscreen on this computer I
kinda do because I have a Dell working
I’m an engineer I have a Dell working
computer that I use for my
full-time job and I sometimes when I’m
typing something and I have something
near by my fingers I just press it I like
to be pressing, I mean it’s something I
like and I would like to have here, they
know how to make touchscreens they have
they have everything they need to make
touchscreens number three the lack of SD
card slot I have two right now yeah it’s
I it sounds it sounds like there’s
something loose here…it’s new I just
bought it but it sounds like there’s
something loose I don’t… here I’m
gonna give you, as I said before
3 reasons to buy this computer the
first one is if you are a professional
that does audio video photography
programming let me know if I’m missing
something in the comment section below
you definitely want this type of
computer and I love Mac OS I will always
buy Mac OS, I saw some PC’s that are
really I like to this one but I just don’t
want to use Windows, again
sorry Bill Gates, I like the stability of
this system so this is a good reason to
buy this computer and you come pump this
up all the way to what I mentioned
before it will be a good business case
buy this computer and you know you’re
gonna make money
for it so it’s it’s it’s a good deal
number two if you are you if you are a
big family that are gonna be having a
lot of user demanding a lot of storage
and a very stable computer that
doesn’t get clogged with viruses and
things that can hit you from external
this is gonna be a real nice computer
because this paired with a monitor, keyboard
and mouse will make it a perfect desktop
expensive desktop but it’s gonna be a
perfect desktop you can take this if you
have a family trip and everybody is
going to the family trip you can take
this with you and still live the
experience of having your desktop without
being tied to your desktop you are gonna still be able to use it while on a
family travel number three if you just do
have money and you want to spend it
in something really nice just buy it
well friends I hope you enjoyed this
video has I said before this is my first
video on youtube I hope you liked it
you liked it please click the like
button subscribe click the bell on all
that you know all that drill I really
want your feedback and hopefully it’s
constructive feedback thank you folks
again bye-bye
Alan out

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