MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015) MOVIE REACTION!! Furiosa | Tom Hardy | Charlize Theron | Full Movie Review

thank you to liquid IV for sponsoring this video more on them after the reaction citizens of the reject Nation I am so excited to be here with all of you to be watching Mad Max Fury Road and more than likely not for the reason that you are probably

thinking please allow me the opportunity to explain what I am talking about a LEL with you honestly I did go watch Mad Max Fury Road opening night in the theaters the problem is and some of you may know this Greg back then had a a real uh Habit

of absorbing leafy greens morning noon and night I didn’t know how to function without a very specific phase of my life this was not just normal leafy greens on that particular day I thought you know it be fun let me take a really powerful gummy that day and

this has happened to me with a couple of films one of the being Transformers Dark of the Moon very similar experience what happens when this goes down this is a big regret of mine for being a film lover and today I get to do this properly is because

when I am on something that’s strong especially back then the last thing I’m doing is paying attention to what’s in front

of me my mind is like in another dimension fantasy of what is ever on my mind feels like a reality and the last thing I’m doing is

being present and the few images that I really caught glimpses of this seconds I may be caught of paying attention just felt like a nightmare I fell asleep a couple of times during Mad Max Fury Road that has been a pain of mine because in conversation with so

many film lovers I’m in an LA this is film lover Capital out here I kind of just rely on everyone’s talking points asz I don’t want to just explain all that to them I mean sometimes I do but I keep it really brief I’m assuming that’s a reference

I saw once under some extreme stuff you just say yeah the Great action great practical effects in is really furiosa’s movies like the same people always say right and then of course there’s like pop culture things that have constantly been in the Zeitgeist like a morn Joe’s mask

what a lovely day that moment the guy with the flame guitar like things that have just permeated for years but when it comes to what actually happens in here you know the Beats of the movie I have no idea now originally here was my plan cuz I’m going

to I’m going to watch furiosa in the theater so don’t expect like a reaction from from home I’ll a review for it so I just wanted to watch Mad Max Fury Road on my own time with all this in mind and then I sat down and think about

I’m like I don’t even know what happens at the end of this movie I don’t even know what the outcome is for these charact I don’t even know what the end result is for furiosa at the end of this movie I thought screw it I’m not going to

do this alone I’m going to do this with a camera pointed at me with all of you let you in on the proper viewing experience of this not on a gummy that’s for sure thank you guys for letting me explain that reject Nation I’m so excited to finally

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exclusive with highlights and watch alongs included I know that was a long intro but I’m excited to really get the Deets off my chest on that thank you for allowing me the time let’s do this properly people I’m actually like nervous but excited I don’t know anxious maybe

not nervous my name is Max my world is Fire and Blood nice it’s the oil stupid oil Wars we are killing for gazoline I’ve seen the first two Mad Max movies though that’s for sure once I was a cop yes as the world fell each of us in

our own way was broken it was hard to know who was more crazy me cool or everyone else hello girl’s voice where are you oh weird here they come again worming their way into the black matter of my brain they cannot touch me oh my God he’s eating

they long dead e wow there’s like sound design for every little movement guys I’m so happy right now I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead hunted by scavengers oh I love that detail the gasoline just pouring on him so I exist in

this Wasteland reduced to a single Instinct survive survive survive yeah you know why this makes me so happy is because I’ve never been able to find someone to watch this with me for their first time so the fact that I get to at least share this with you

guys you know this proper doover is making me so happy Road Warrior run down multiple scars oh negative wow such frantic editing this sped up damn incredible upper body strength Max is that you where were you where were you Ma the Precision of the frenzy is very impressive

whoa your promise to help us oh oh that’s awesome so overt horror is an element of it like I know there’s always been something kind of like unsettling about the Mad Max world but metal metal I don’t know if these guys are mutated or painted today we’re heading

to gas to today we’re holding aquaa those like warts on him are really big see I never knew that I thought it was just a mass it’s an actual breathing apparatus that makes sense there are tubes there once again we send off my War rig to bring back

gazoline from cast town and bullets from the B very inventive titles I salute my imperator furiosa and I salute my halflife waro who will ride with me eternal on the highways of Val this architecture design is this is like futuristic apocalyptic Skull Island it’s coming get ready those

bugs are a nice touch water is always the ultimate resource what a way to make yourself a god literally shower them with it make them desperate for it ah what a tease do not my friends become addicted to water it will take hold of you don’t become addicted

to water the body is made up of so much water more than just it’s logically not sound okay it just dawned on me why I kind of avoided rewatching it or giving it another shot was because of the feeling that just hit me right now that I robbed

myself of an experience hit me right now self-discovery on in the moment I got a war boy running on empty hook up that full life careful it’s a universal donor what is a universal donor mean like his blood type is good for everyone boss we’re not going to

Gas Town we’re heading east I’ll pass it down the line huh what’s going on we’re heading east why I don’t know that’s the order wow wow wow wow wow the hell’s going on here she’s going off road into hostile territory why would she do that D what’s he

doing with like farming these women Splendid and our babies will killed the world so the babies are being bred they are not your property Miss KY you cannot own a human being sooner or later someone pushes back press be is she taking them she didn’t take them They

begged her to go lady you took so long a long way from you that confident March that he would just charge in knowing she wouldn’t shoot furiosa she took a lot of stuff from me Mor Joe what stuff he’s priz breeders he wants them back got a handl

on them by my Deeds I honor him V8 what an evolution of the world that’s my wheel I’m driving you’re already a corpse I just need a top up there’s time we take my blood bag and strap into the lancer’s purge oh if I’m going to die I’m

going to die historic on the Fury Road here Shish blood B right there so this Society just feeds off the bodily fluids of other people how much more can they take for me got my blood now it’s my car this fascinating ADR that’s cool reveal that is pretty

cool we got vehicles from The Citadel they’re baring playes they want reinforcements from gas town and the bullet F it’s a detour how do they hear her huh look like tuskin Raiders I really love the handling of reveals of what to like do close-up on you pay attention

to something someone’s saying then they pulls back and you see the spikes it’s like how they did the drums you hear the music then they shows that there’s actually people drumming instead of cutting two to get it all at once should we turn it around and run them

into our backup no we’re good we Fang it Fang it I feel like I’m watching Jennifer’s body all over again just terminology I don’t understand oh woo W wo CGI blending is seamless cool I got nipple chill sweet God stunt men deserve Academy Awards oh huh never mind

that is commitment how do they do some of these shots I I can’t tell sometimes when it’s CG unless it’s like something that’s super close a lot of times I can’t oh they’re all just in there they’re stowed away that makes sense and then they met awesome we

can’t breathe down there stay out of s you you I love how this is all just happening to Max yikes what beautiful destruction she thinks he can lose us Dad she thinks we’re stupid she thinks he can lose Us in here wow we’re just going to keep saying

it the way reveals are handled did not you didn’t even know this was there f f it just sink your teeth into it we need coun away get the blood bag down the back down down this guy’s one job is to literally jam out so funny to know

she’s in the Fast and Furious franchise now ow what a visceral experience just zooming into another world amazing it’s OD cuz even when it’s CGI it just feels like it’s all so much CGI but it feels intentional and and the what a lovely day you said the line

you got to be quiet for the line like there’s a charm to it when it’s even when it’s obviously CGI you know I am the man who grabs the sun this is good Mantra he’s witness me jeez whoa he going black and white what the hell wasn’t there

black and white Edition I’ve remember seeing a cover for that there’s so much color here why would you want to lose it I live I died I live again y W you know what’s so interesting about this is we’re about a half hour in and we haven’t really

done much to like get to know the characters in a traditional movie format at all just kind of getting to know them via through the struggle and so much of the uh everything around the movie as a character you know is very it’s a very different kind of

film because normally the thing I’m harping on is like oh I’m not investing in the characters but there so much other things feel like a character it’s like learning via through their actions is the way I would put it wait is that all of Nicholas holds screen time

I love how a aggressively feral he is I got a lot more in my Noggin about you know Mel Gibson’s portrayal which was a lot he would be scared you know it felt like a real guy but he was definitely seemed like played it like cooler and and

uh he’s so Savage uh Tom Hardy’s version it could just be circumstantial too ooh la la so Angelic I think I remember hearing that said Zoe kravit is in this we’re not going back just ask for the keys or ask for help water oh she’s pagers used to

do it when I was a kid oh he’s alive well timed he’s not TR of me this turn off so antagonistic with them whoa great detail I love the amount of of misunderstanding happening ouch great Glory me blood back we snagged her alive it’s going to shred her

ch hey hey we could ask for anything I want to drive the warri knock him unconscious that’s my jacket sure you can ask for more than a jacket going to the green Place wait is your yeah you you deserved it man you we’re going to the green place

of many mothers he nicked her no Max how does it feel it hurts you want to get through this do as I say what pick up what you can and run he’s just straight up abandoned them this character is meant to just have the worst luck huh kill

switches I set the sequence myself this rig goes nowhere without me you can get it not without them so we wait you know you’re going to be taken back dude you’re relying on the Gratitude of very bad man you’ve already damaged one of his wives how grateful do

you think he’s going to be one of his wives there his wives I say you got about a 5 minute Head Start you want that thing off your face appreciate the dark comedy oh dude you’re going to suffer all the legs you had to shoot that one was

attached to his favorite well she’s not going one back to him the gas Town Boys Don’t damage the goods what do you see a lot of cars pole cats flamers there’s the pader himself coming to count the cost I like how everything is named exactly what it is

we’re driving something out back I think it’s a fuel pod I’ll go the framing of the wives is really cool because it juxtaposes so much against everyone else’s like dirt and grit it says a lot about the kind of character Mor than Joe is that he would keep

them in such Angelic quality I don’t feel like I’d survive in this world I Don’t Know Jack about cars can’t even change his tire there’s something familiar to me about this shot never mind it’s cool reveal you traed him no unnecessary killer he’s just a kid at the

end of his half life no I live I die I live again is there a Redemption for him you got more friends bullet farmer they’re coming from the bullet Farm yes bullet farmer they’re coming from the bullet Farm he’s a lying old man I am awaiting you’re an

old man’s battle ther killing everyone and everything I just love the way he looks at everything this dude is just getting tossed around I made a deal up ahead safe passage I don’t know if it’s still any good get back in the hole keep the hatch open I

need you here you you stay you know what it is his voice just sounds so like Basse heavy in a in a microphone it’s so crisp I wonder if that’s very intentional cuz it’s the way his sound design of his voice is stands out from everyone else’s voice

it’s currently a bit like I like it but it’s also at the same time kind of a nitpick of mine because it kind of pulls me out every time what do I call you does it matter well not there I’m totally fine there maybe I’m just in my

own head when I yell fool you drive out of here as fast as you can this is the sequence one one 2 one you have it wow what a fascinating way to do character character is always the first thing I look like it’s a really interesting way to

do characters because you’re seeing that furiosa’s only goal is keeping them safe and just like 10 minutes ago in the film runtime she was so she was like ready to kill this guy you know and now she’s giving over the the pass like she knows that he’s the

only one she can trust trust but she’s not saying that it’s on like the subtext of everything else and you’re watching like Max and her slowly learn to trust each other I don’t ever hear people talk about the characters other than like you know iconography or their looks

and stuff so it’s it’s really cool to kind of pick up on that watching this and it’s also cool in the see Charlie Thon in this role where one of these wives like I’m sure early part in Charlie th’s career she could have easily been one of the

supermodel wives but to you’re embody this you know cuz she’s a very she’s a model and beautiful actress it’s all here 3,000 gallons of gazoline just like you asked you said a few vehicles in Pursuit maybe we count three war parties yeah well I got unlucky oh you

got to be kidding me Jesus what incredible stunt work man it just feels like that is such a great detail when them playing the music you know like just old school War old school like militia all this for a family squabble Healthy Babies uh-oh oh they be losing

trust those zoom in shots where they get become Center frame there is so much happening right oh my God there’s like Chambers are being emptied in front of the B so much details the usage of elements look at that amazing team work you guys got going on we

had a steal no great shooting nipple chills number two feel the flames you know you get that like sense feeling for a second where the the warmth kind of just hits you it’s like this moment this moment so great to me because you’re seeing like these Heroes Rising

together unlikely Duo of Heroes with Max and furiosa smart call wow if I get on the rig there’s a way inside I’ll Pik her in the spine keep her breathing for you put a bullet skull stop the rig return my treasures to me and I myself will carry

you to the gates of Val Howa this poor kid you will ride Eternal shining and chrome that’s the name of the Blu-ray I saw Chrome Edition yes Best Buy I remember you there’s an element of screw ball comedy with Nicholas Holt yikes yo you’re going to get all

the women killed ouch oh those chains you can cut pretty easily oh my I was like just kill the pregnant weapon holy no what turn the rig around go back for her I really I fell for it and then they got me movie did exactly what they intended

we need inventory I want you to match every gun with its bullets just keeping you alive guys we need someone down the back I’ll go no I can do it who is that she looks very familiar what are you doing here he saw it he saw it all

this guy my own blood bag driving the rig they killed her no you can’t go back homie I was awaited in val they would call it my name I should be walking with the immort no feasting with the heroes of full time homie good transition from the Chrome

on his mouth to that fascinating night lighting the minds of the road that guy must be so tired from playing guitar his fingers must be bleeding your girl is breathing a last what about the child what cool lighting another month could have been your viable human was it

a male yeah A1 Alpha Prime that’s brutal doesn’t even care about the woman there’s High Ground just Bey on that thing he means the tree I can do this I know this machine he does he’s a rad you’ve got two left there are sometimes he does kind of

look like Mel Gibson I love that they don’t even just has to give it to her they don’t even say anything don’t breathe got to use the winch run tree thing hold up a flare I am holding a flare close it’s right in front of your eyes oh

I lost some teeth too huh it’s like some Sin City dude dude dude let the tree bring life feels like a moment out of Saving Private Ryan or something right now cool amount of energies between the three leads how are the engines very hot and real thirsty you

need to take the war rig half a click down the track what if you’re not back by the time the engines have cooled why you keep moving but he’s a good guy the struggle is very real signs of death just the most badass Road Warrior are you hurt

you’re bleeding that’s not his BL what is this it’s Mother’s Milk oh jeez what a nightmare it’s okay sleep get some rest the amount of uh empathetic strength the women have in this movie how do you know this place even exists I was born there no why did

you leave I didn’t I was taken as a child stolen never we going to see that origin story now that I drive a war rig this is the best shot I’ll ever have they’re looking for Hope what about you Redemption cut to him time for Redemption too what’s

that I remember something like that she must have been in Edibles when she was taken help help no that’s bait stay in the rake I am one of the balini of the many mothers my initiate mother was KD con Canon feel like I need to remember all this

I am the daughter of Mary jaasa my clan was swaddle dog beautiful are you luring everyone here with something in the eyes Perhaps it is jaa’s child this is our furiosa oh that is her actual name I thought she might have been renamed that who are they they

reliable they helped us get here I just realized they’re all women here just put that where did you find such creatures So Soft this one has all her teeth that’s usually what I do when I meet women I can’t wait for them to see it say what the

green place but if you came from the West you passed it ooh a creepy place with all the crows oh oh no I was going to say like why did we just it was so brief I didn’t understand the point of that like cool cool aesthetic we’re the

only ones left no oh I just got hair stood up there I I know this shot falls on her knes remember that in the trailer a bunch yeah this one right here you having a baby warlord junr GNA be so ugly warlord Jr you kill people with that

do you killed everyone I ever met out here head shots all of them snap right in the medala nice you have to survive if we leave the rig here and load the motorcycles up with as much as we can we can maybe ride for 160 days one of

those bikes is yours fully loaded I’ll make my own way you know hope is a mistake oh this guy if you can’t fix what’s broken you’ll uh you’ll go insane but he cares where are you where are you help you promise to help help us is little girl’s

daughter come on P let’s go you keep saying Max where are you Max this is your way home we go back what’s there to find at the Citadel green and water there’s a ridiculous amount of clear water dude Max I suggest we go back the same way we

came so we take the war rig and we charge it right through the middle of them we can decouple the tank with the pass shut it off behind us S I got so much dialogue and how exactly do we take the Citadel if we can block the pass

all that’s left over is war pups and War boys too sick to fight and we’ll be with KN he’ll be bringing us home bringing back what’s stolen as he’s meant to very interesting I I completely misunderstood I thought he was telling them like just go back home oh

but he’s saying to take it that’s really interesting look it’ll be a hard day but I guarantee you that 160 days ride that way there’s nothing but salt at least that way you know we might be able to together together come across some kind of redemption save them

together come across some kind a Redemption he’s got a very interesting voice E I love the designs they don’t even explain so much of it they’re going back to the Citadel they know it’s undefended they have demonstrated that Mor Joe is a smart guy how would you take

them on though I just have no way of grasping how you would defeat them even if you’re going through the canyon she said she was going to shots woo whoa wow I guess they’re just going to do it this way and one is gone two’s about to blow

are you a black Thor uhh all right engine one now you and me fifth wheel we’ll unhook the tanker I just don’t get how you there’s so many of them cool oh no oh no a I liked her she was cool oh she survived turn around and clowns

they’re holding us back I mean it’s a damn good finale because I’m here as an audience member going I have no idea what they would possibly do to overcome this situation it just seems so impossible she such a badass old lady oh no the editing on this is

so well done because you can you can still maintain you keep up with everything in spite of how crazy it is oh that was cool wow great work no dude everyone from there is getting killed off off are you okay oh I feel that one that is really

bad that’s awful dude everyone from there is getting killed off yikes it’s interesting how they’re isolating certain now how would you get Zoe craits back my man oh hell yeah oh that’s creepy whoa she just shove the bullet in his her hand is a gun all the explosions

and but that was the one that got me I mean they’re doing it just one step at a time I guess but you need kind of like massive momentum sweep you need like a Hail Mary of sorts that’s cool at least he died believing he was going someplace

else what a great way to weaponize he didn’t stab that guy smart that anticipation skill this movie looks so expensive she’s my concern in his eyes it’s just such a brilliant staging of a cacophony he’s even like looking like the amount of time between this and the prequel

and you’re witnessing this it’s like the Wonder took so much time this is so much detail there’s still so many people left though even if you just took out uh Joe right I’m going to need you to drive I’ll get him out of our way don’t kill the

guitarist no he’s been wonderful I love how the guitar actually becomes a weapon take me Everything feels so real God yeah appreciate how smart of a villain he is awesome I love the amount of attention detail and the amount of how people can anticipate each other’s moves and

the amount of assist oh no remember me cool whoa what the that was that was fuing awesome that’s how a Moran Joe died okay that was gnarly a that that really breaks my heart that she died when you’re across safe I’ll Jam the throttle and follow you come

on we’re nearly at the pass n thiso really submerged himself into that roll I feel like there’s something I’m missing what happens when they get to the pass that is some strength a I didn’t think I really fell for this relationship but I guess I do that was

great whoa clever they take them all out that was crazy I was locked in there were times I forgot that there was this camera on I was really locked into that man holy why is she making that noise she’s pumping air into her chest covet ooh she’s collapsing

her lungs one breath at a time ooh I know Redemption save her I am so sorry I know I know hey oh he cares about her so much keep her awake F right hold it up hold it up my mind’s like racing cuz I’m like I thought they

wanted to do a sequel with her and then that she was disappointed this time my might just getting caught up in like behind the scenes facts she kind of ruins if she’s going to die or not but I mean does she die in this movie my name is

Max wow that’s my name he’s so good at playing socially odd people I also like how Max becomes progressively more more polite as the movie goes along like even in there’s like no no please hold this thank you thank you you know reveal yourself I am the road

warrior he’s got something yucky Joe Joe is there uhoh oh you War pups what a cool turn of events like you start off here on the escape and the goal is to just go back and take over that’s what a very cool turn of events water for everyone

a dude it’s his own way I’ve always wanted to say goodbye like that just a cool little nod just like a not even like a just just little little subtle nod half a nod whoa nipple CHS number four we who wander this Wasteland in search of our better

selves the first history man we did it we did it well there’s great practical effects just say what everyone else says no no no no man there’s that’s a lot to dissect oh sweet let’s talk about it baby yeah reject Nation I am here to talk to you

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feels like it that’s comedy Road I was concerned about a weird thing here if you’re listening to us on Apple and Spotify please rate this video and by the way if you’re the the YouTube viewers the one most people are watching from we going to start uploading exclusive

audios just to there so yeah it’s going to be more than just isolating our review section and and so it would be cool if you guys followed us there it’ be it’d be awesome it’s an extension of the channel of real rejects as we all know it and

as I was explaining at the top of this went and baked out of my mind un edible and uh the other part is like it really affected my memory I noticed there’s a reason I had to really really dial it back and I’ve been getting way more into

Health which s of kind of improved my brain health in the past uh couple of years and I thought like oh you know I’m sure as I’m watching it maybe some stuff will come back to me nothing was coming back to me at all there there’s literally not

a thing not the only thing came back to me were stuff I remember from trailers or other imagery that I stood by like uh like the one the one thing that really flashed to mind was when um furios got on her knees in the sand like I didn’t

know what that was I don’t I I just watched the movie I forget they they said it several times the place the location they were trying to get to uh the entire time her her home and that was like an image that I remembered so to me this

did feel like a new experience a fresh taking and it surprised me surprised me quite a bit because I went into this movie mainly just wanting to see the action set pieces mainly wanted to get you know the the visceral eclectic you know stunt work and cool camera

angles and explosions all the juice all the things that people constantly talk about with this movie and it delivered and I’m excited to talk about this movie because it gave me more than that quite a bit more that I I did not imagine would actually be my takeaway

with the film because while the imagery of some of these characters is quite iconic I don’t really hear about the character traits you know when it comes to a Moran Joe or furiosa nuck is his name I think I think they kept saying the word nuck uh for

Nicholas halt or even or even Tom Hardy’s performance uh which I know has been a little bit debatable for some people as Tom Hardy can be in in certain in certain roles he he Ventures off into he but normally it’s like the action and the Aesthetics and and

such and then the fact that we’re getting a furiosa movie I’m like well furiosa must be something of an impactful character and there’s a a little section in this movie that’s like a few minutes long where she starts listing her backstory and I’m going okay I guess it’s

going to be the furiosa movie we’re going to see that stuff so I wanted to digest some of that information but some of my takeaways came a a little bit more in in in in those forms so to get it out of the way I mean it’s it’s

not just get out of the way one of the characters of this movie is the experience it’s kind of a sounds like a cheat sheet or a cheat way to to talk about it you know because it’s so often and I’ve said it myself when it comes to

many big Blockbuster films is yeah you know you could watch like big action set pieces you could watch you know fight scenes and whatever but then you get to a certain point where it just becomes kind of mind-numbing you know it loses AFF effect it loses impact and

one of my my weird concerns especially with a camera pointed at me was going what if people love this so much like what what if I just start finding it a little bit repetitive what if I just find it a little bit like monotonous you know cuz and

and my experience with the action uh sort of went like this on my emotional Journey it was like wow you know a lot of expression in it when when I was uh you know when I was feeling it and then as I kept feeling it I suddenly just

started getting more locked in and I was just immersed like by the time you get to the finale it’s interesting because most of the most of the action scenes are all based around uh some type of vehicular Chase sequence with a variety of weapons and people on poles

and flames and and all kinds of Arsenal and hopping around cars and gunshots it’s a variety of weapons and yet every set piece of when they got distinctly focused on action still felt like they offered something new to every one of them by the time you get to

the the final one I I I was just in there going like this is impossible like how could they Poss I was so hooked into the story and wanting to see if this movie would be able to sell me CU I’m a demanding audience member I wanted to

see if this movie would sell me on whether or not I’m going to be able to buy into this one group of people in their one vehicle being able to take out everyone here and it was constructed so well like the the the story within the action was

constructed so well that I you know I I find my I’m here and I’m I’m I’m showing you guys like what I’m feeling internally you know where I I could be blown away or shocked by something or or just mesmerized and then I I I was um I

was gripped and that grip of the action which is it’s it’s a rare I would say kind of the same thing with the John Wick movies where the one of the characters in in in the movies in a movie like this is is the action set pieces there

a character in it of itself CU there’s so much emotion involved it’s not just you know a choreography there’s a lot that are playing on your senses it’s like a sensory experience there are times where you can sort of feel the flames on you like even if it’s

like it’s the tingle of a subconscious hint of getting of your imagination getting kind of pulled into it you know it’s not like a 40x experience or something I know it sounds a little pretentious to say but whatever I’m sticking to it you could feel it and you’re

you’re learning about these characters via through observation via through body language primarily now that being said sometimes I’ll give a movie that compliment and then I I’ll still be here going but when there’s not like actual obvious action going on how are those scenes working and for the

most part I thought a lot of that was surprisingly really good I thought it was really great there was there’s one plot line which I’ll probably dive into in a little bit that took a while grow on me when it came to the characters like I wasn’t 100%

feeling it but you know the the main ones uh what they did with furiosa what they did with Max uh I thought was really interesting I’ve seen Road Warrior a couple of times when I was younger I don’t have the most distinct memory of events it’s probably it’s

better than how I ever remember being baked out of my mind with Fury Road um I could at least recall a couple of you know certain moments and scenes uh but I I see some differences here for sure between it’s like you know Mel Gibson’s not like the

coolest guy that he barely speaks in in Road Warrior uh I feel like um you know Tom Hardies is a little bit more unhinged but so much about what makes the performances work between Charlie staron and Tom Hardy who apparently didn’t get along on set if I’m not

mistaken or had a blowout of sorts I don’t really recall what the behind the scenes facts were what worked so much for me was watching their relationship evolve and how they did so much of that trust via through dialogue and for a movie where there’s subjects here that

I’m not the not I’m not as educated on these subject well like I’m Fair like I can follow along uh I’m not I feel like I speaking on this is one of my strengths I would personally say but you know touching on themes of like authoritarianism uh the

patriarchy to a certain extent obviously elements of uh you know uh resources scarce resource scarcity uh environmentalism you know there’s a lot of um I feel like you know there’s a lot of a lot of actually yeah there’s ton of if I’m not mistaken like other than Max

every guy in this movie is a bad guy right oh my my phone’s playing a random WIS Crack video about the clock Clockwork Orange that’s weird I’ve never seen A Clockwork Orange either must have hit some recommended page but anyway um but uh yeah the so with these

topics here because like you have like a morn Joe who totalitarian would be the word for it rules Society with this Iron Fist and uh he’s controlling resources and then you know the objectification of women as well like literally keeps them locked in in a chamber you know

and to to breed the next Warlords and uh the fanaticism that takes place in this film as well and how to weaponize uh people’s weaponized ideologies weaponized beliefs where people are willing to sacrifice themselves like the women with the with the children the milking and then the guys

are are just blood banks and even to a certain extent right the I forget the name of whatever nucks the kind of character that he is but that objectifies them in a certain way with the whole like Chrome thing in order to to sell them on these bigger

religious beliefs like there’s there’s there’s this power here and there women are you kicking in the door going to save the goddamn day here and even though all the men are bad like the part of the part of the fun of the movie to me was watching the

relationship of of because of Watching Max and and furiosa bonding together of how they have to work together and there’s not much dialogue exchange between them furiosa talks more than than he does but it’s it’s the two of them working together in order to conquer in order to

save the day and I like kind of the open-ended nature of of them writing up like it makes sense to me that Max wouldn’t go with furiosa in the end there’s been the Redemption for him obviously there’s been that Redemption but there’s I feel like it’s a little

bit more realistic that he’s he’s not quite there yet as a person where he would still Ascend with them to there and leaving off on this note with furiosa and all the women there like can they do any better than what was there before you’d imagine they would

is the the women here are are are often portr like there’s there’s such a strength that that the women here have at the same time they they do capture a more a softer more empathetic uh quality than all the men in this movie so I’d imagine that they

would do a better job just simply to the the the ability to see Humanity within human beings and I but I still like how they they have an open-endedness about it and so watching elements that you can sort of I would say find the spiderweb sort of deconstruct

where you can sort of pinpoint subjects of things that this movie could potentially be commentating on cuz like I’ve seen like Mad Max I’ve seen Road Warrior and then and then uh but when I was a kid watching those I wasn’t like thinking about any of the you

know I’m just like cool action right I actually thought the first Mad Max remember being a kid thinking that was boring haven’t given another chance um they really low budget first one El Gibson but the the road warrior remember think it was pretty sweet I wonder is that

a common opinion I feel like that’ll probably be a common opinion um I’m not sure uh but the but but with this one it doesn’t ever become a movie that’s preaching via through dialogue at all everything is body language everything is action like I’m not just talking about

action scenes the way they handle Revelations of every sequence was part of my favorite moments of George Miller’s Direction here combined with This brilliant editing I don’t know who edited this movie but my God the edit I’m acting like I would know if someone said that editor’s name

I wouldn’t know I barely know like I honestly even when it comes to marus gorsi who always works with the same editor I I’m that’s what I know I know she’s the same editor and I am the who never committed her name to memory I’m terrible at remembering

editor names um I don’t know who edited this movie but godamn is the editing phenomenal in this film it has such a unique way of doing it because I don’t know if they how they I I’m like watching this and my brain is trying to piece together like

how the hell do you possibly construct this cuz I I feel like I’ve been semicond conditioned over the past couple years with you know oh yeah you fix it and pre you do previs and stuff with the choreography and or you you shoot some on green screen and

the VFX guys will will fill in and while there’s a lot of magic that can happen there while there’s a lot of work that can happen there when you’re seeing this well obviously there is there has to be CGI involved with a lot of theal with elemental Elemental

stuff the sky certain atmospheric touches I mean just downright to some some explosions and bodies that are like flying in the camera whatever like of course there has to be some CGI elements to there uh at the same time uh it feels so goddamn practical and you could

tell that there’s so much stunt work and there’s just so many moving parts that I my brain starts to scratch itself thinking like as person completely sober right now it’s like just like scratching itself going wait how do you how do you like piece this together exactly cuz

was there extra coverage and you’re trying to figure on the Ed CU as much as you’re like trying to shoot within mind of how it your iMagic to be edited you have to fix a lot of this in the editing room and it also can’t feel the complaint

that you have about like a Transformers movie or something or or that taken three meme that they have where he’s like jumping over the fence and there’s like 14 17 cuts to it where it it’s where you can’t keep up you you can’t keep up with it and

here you’re able to follow all of it despite how much of a frenzy it is despite how manic everything is all the time and I love the choreography because there’s so much smartness within each one of these characters in the fight scenes like with the Moran Joe his

ability to read people anticipate what every character’s move is going to be whether it be like I can see them no one knows what they’re doing way out there I know exactly where they’re going to to go or In the Heat of the Moment no one want to

pull a gun on someone or or anything he knows how to manipulate they they show that he’s more than just this intimidating presence with this scaring breathing apparatus he is actually a smart calculated villain and it’s kind of like that for a lot of the characters a lot

of the characters are really good at being able to read each other and anticipate each other’s next moves which makes the game of tops in these fight scenes so engaging to witness and the amount of assist that people will do like it feels you know what that you

know what it feels like if it feels like they’re improvising and there’s there’s such a natural flow with the way all of it’s going down I’m a big fan of choreography being nailed down right and and with a big part of choreography that’s important is to not make

it feel like it’s rehearsed and for something like this you got to rehearse the out of this and not one point does it feel rehearsed you could feel and a large part isn’t due to the actor’s performances as well but the way they capture this really feels like

it people are improvising along the way uh in the character decision making I was so impressed with it and Beyond just practical defense stunts and that because that’s usually what you hear right uh but there’s so much more intricacies involved with what made it stand out so much

and and to to have it hyped up for so long and to take it in I’m like this is why because on this is how this is how this hits you on a more subconscious emotional level Beyond just wow it’s pretty it it can hit you in these

deeper ways because that is how you weave in even though you’re not getting like character Exposition or like that you are getting character emotionality via through what you are witnessing in these action moments it’s like the first half hour you you kind of learned some information about the

world motives about okay furiosa leaving Max captured Nu wants to get the valala prove his way to Mor than Joe Mor than Joe wants these women back you don’t really know like too much it’s a very spare Cent for it’s a rather simple story when you think about

it with just some you know complexities and the details of latching on to a brand new world that they are building up here uh but there’s so much in there that gives you the Nuance of emotions and and that is all in a large part to like furiosa

which surprised the hell out of me with her with when you when the amount of hype around furiosa is like you know the the the brutality The Brute the strength that she exudes I appreciate how still there was a softness in the way charl Theon spoke and then

Max is so damaged and he he’s so like feral he’s got these like very fat like Mel Gibson would have especially Mel Gibson like he’s got some weird ticks and mannerisms when he talks right but but Tom Hardy was was something else like that that that was something

else the way Tom Hardy was like there was a certain way he talked that I just couldn’t quite pinpoint it and at times it was a little distracting with just how it sounded like he was speaking directly into the mic like right here like it was so oh

clear where everyone else kind of sounded like a reasonable film movie distance it was always sounded like I could hear him in the booth and and there was a boom to it which can be effective but at times it would sort of audio-wise pull me out um uh

but I still really enjoyed his performance it’s definitely more furiosa’s movie than Max’s but I still love the the dovet tale of redemption and hope and survival and resilience that these characters bring together here and I I also really feel for I surprisingly felt for knck I was

convinced they kill off Nicholas Hol early and for nuck the the Redemption Arc that he gets where he sacrifices himself in the Name of Love instead of some false ideology was great and I really feel like he submersed himself into that role like I really like Nicholas Holt

a lot it’s kind of funny because Nicholas Holt was in the menu with Anya Taylor Joy on Taylor Joy is playing foros but Nicholas Hol uh I I think is’s a great actor in this one he he really embodies the character and I I love the just the

the craziness that he has here in a way that was still consistently believable excellent work uh actors all around pretty damn great I’ll say though the part that I was having where I thought pacing wise things would get a little and it’s not a it’s not most of

the movie but there are times where I did have like while I think this movies is like the one main thing I was ceding was the editing of course I’ll shout out insanely great world building with the makeup effects you know you could just feel there was so

much detail there and they never like turn to them and explain what it is like you sometimes I’m just looking at other that besides what’s in the center of the frame looking at other character like wow look at that look at that look at that with with like

the makeup on them that just makes makes it all just feel more alive and more lived in and of course the costumes and the production sets like everything from a film making level like this is film making for an action movie like like people often differentiate between what’s

a movie and what’s a film and I’m like this is this is both like this is a film and it’s an entertaining ass movie at the same time so it’s it’s 100% you know just a film to me right uh but the relationship that KN was forming with

redhead girl who looked familiar I don’t know I just wasn’t really feeling it like I got it I get why it was there it served the purpose of Nu’s character AR and his whole story there and I was like I’m I’m getting the intention here I’m understanding why

it’s in the movie and uh and I like I like the idea of it but there was just something about it where I just wasn’t connecting emotionally to that and sometimes with the pacing of the movie I was getting a little hungry I got to be honest with

you I I should have eaten before I’m still pretty hungry I was getting a little hungry and uh you try to ignore it when you’re watching and and but I found myself um at times as towards maybe past the hour mark I don’t really want to say that

because I I was just suddenly get really sucker like really gripped back into the the the drama of just character interactions and wondering what people were going to do and I I was I really loved the the back and forth between Tom Hardy and furiosa the way the

way how they just start off completely untrustworthy towards each other and then build trust over time when they that first action scene where they were both riding in the front of the car and they were shooting at people together I’m like man this so great watching them work

together and the the trust that just keeps growing stronger and stronger to the point where he can hand her the sniper rifle and they don’t even have to say anything to each other she doesn’t have to ask for it in any way he just kind of knows they

can feel it out like and I thought that such credit to their performances and to me that character development just saying so loud him finding a a chance at Redemption and hope by via helping her and the rest the women out was so strong to me uh I

guess that was just the one little thing that actually I thought I’d be had more than I just yeah I guess that’s it yeah yeah that’s it thought I had more to say about that no that was the one thing I just kind of in click with everything

else was excellent and the music the music it’s junk EXL right I watched this on HBO Max or just Max and does that thing where if there’s no after credits and he just goes to a small box but uh I was like uh past the hour mark of

the movie I was going wait a minute I I believe I I remember I remember like you know when you’re like looking up you’re like this junk XL I believe this is junky XL junky XL fantastic music to fit the heavy metalness of this world that still feels

like attractive there it’s like you know there’s a lot of people who just hate heavy metal music so it’s not heavy metal music there’s something that feels like apocalyptic barbaric metal still um very and I operatic I loved it I thought it was so great it was it

was amazing music with a lot of dread heavy moments uh yeah it was orchestrated so well and surprise ending with them coming back around like I did not I that was the last thing I would have predicted them going back to take the Citadel never would have thought

that and uh I just like what a surprise of a story that is to to have this like bookend of that of escaping to now returning to take over when that was never really the objective but the the objective is not to like I want to take the

Citadel because of the Citadel but it’s it’s why the the resources they have to offer is is is why and um the the sharing in the community so yeah I thought this was an amazing film I get why it’s been hyped for so long and it’s more than

just cool action and that’s mainly what I just hear so uh it’s mainly the talking points I made to so that’s what I thought it was only going to be but I I found this way more enriching than I uh initially expected going in but I throw the

question all of you what did you guys think of Mad Max furyo do you like it just for the action what do you think about the characters do you want to just see a proper followup with Max give Tom Hardy Another go at this role weren’t they supposed

to do a sequel like Mad Max Wasteland I I believe that was one of the original intentions it’s just f with George Miller because he takes like long extended breaks between them but then you see what he produces out of it and you’re like no take your time

because you are a maestro conducting quite the Opera here so take your time and as long as it becomes a beautiful finished project like how you do then yeah take your time because there’s it’s masterclass film making and its finest and especially to be both you know enriching

and and uh and so precise and composed but also entertaining as hell love it thank you guys so much for being here leave your thoughts down below you can subscribe click that Bell I love what I do love re I me it’s one of the things though is

like I do this and and I had the thought early on of like ah you know this is the feeling of why I put it off for so long cuz I just didn’t want to face the fact that I am responsible for robbing myself of the experience of

of of what happened in the theaters when I went there and this and but then I’m like but this part of the fun of when I’m doing a reaction is like I can tell you all like oh how I felt or what I did when I saw the

amort and Joe face get ripped off but to be able to just like capture like I didn’t see that coming but to just capture that moment in time to know like that raw moment is just here and I could just kind of like share that experience like the

insights and the journey how I’m absorbing it over like there’s such a there is to me as someone who does like really appreciate the storytelling and the film making of of of so much of what we watch that’s why I love doing the reactions and being able to

share with all of you because it’s I I can not just try to like convey my journey in intended 20 minutes in a in a talking point like I can just let you guys in on the journey that I or someone else here or we are having and

that is that that to me is is just like a precious thing to me as opposing it’s it’s part of part of filmmaking you know show don’t tell and this movie is a master class and show not tell and so I love being able to show you guys

uh the journey that I’m feeling with the Journey of the movie and now I’m here going maybe I should just wait for furiosa to to come out but I I don’t I do want I saw the trailer in IMAX and I was like holy this movie looks awesome

so I want to see it I do want to see it in theaters but thank you guys

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