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let’s try that again on today’s nerd news topic number one Madam web fellas if you listen to my video from Monday I told you which movie to go see on Valentine’s Day to get the panty draws and it definitely wasn’t this dumps the fire call Madam well we’ll break that down in a review and we’ve also got mark Buffalo who is known for letting things out of his mouth that he’s not supposed to let out said that we are going to get his Hulk in Captain America Brave New World so that means two hulks one

movie we’ll break it all down in this video I’m impactful dozen funerals in a month I got that I will give it to in all raps out right now on all platforms that’s right people y’all knowing I love you all feeling all seeing all powerful just damn all everything sex is Hell host of this channel Lamont Tyson please follow me on Instagram Twitter Tick Tock and download the podcast too so you can take me long for him wherever you’re going Madam web ladies and gentlemen I talked about how all the tea leaves was saying that

this thing was going to be one of the worst dumpster fires we’ve seen in cinematic history well I saw

it um it was bad I won’t say it was worse than morbius but it was trash nonetheless and I’ll just kind of go through some of the highlights without completely spoiling it so careful for some small spoilers number one there is no post-credit scene which in this day and age of comic book movies that’s a horrible sign damn it it’s a horrible side man and the movie is a two-hour run time when you could have made

it a little better by shortening this down to a hour but they didn’t do it when this movie was made they was trying to take advantage of the whole um Multiverse Saga that Marvel was doing and as you see Marvel pulled back on that because they wanted quality over quantity and so Madam web was supposed to be part of the Multiverse because Madame Webb in the comics had a huge part in What went down in the Multiverse Saga in Marvel but in this case I feel like this movie was just a damn favor for somebody

to get paid in the crew that made this movie the plot of this movie about Ezekiel Sims He’s the bad guy he’s a man trying to kill three future spider women and these three three future spider women just like Cassie the main character played by Dakota Johnson all kind of feel abandoned now Dakota Johnson has more of the traditional powers of Madame web not the old school where she’s kind of got a little bit of psychic abilities that type thing but she also has the ability to see into the future and they all have these

abandonment issues and all three I mean four of these women come together basically as a family and a unit because they all had somewhat of an abandonment issue but they come together and kind of form their own family the thing about these women they was just pulling powers out of their ass ladies and gentlemen damn it like golly I I mean like just just random powers that you just like well damn they should have had their own damn movie and they wrote these characters very poorly now I mean they all can act Dakota Johnson phenomenal

all the three ladies that was in this thing phenomenal even the bad guy can act his butt off but what the material written for them I mean I can think of people who don’t write scripts that could have done a better job than this people who do YouTube including me could have written a better script for this because what they had to work with was just terrible they even tried to shoehorn Peter Parker’s parents into this thing godamn Pete Ben was in this movie they shoehorn his ass into the movie Just forced him in there

didn’t really finish off what was going to happen with that story and then the bad guy Ezekiel Sims anytime you have a movie um and it’s about the the protagonist is the good guy you ultimately have to have a good antagonist and this guy was the most generic bad guy you’re going to ever find I mean the only thing they didn’t do was give him a red mustache that he twirled the whole damn movie this dude was just like your generic Rich entitled cliche lines bad guy he had to keep reminding you that he came

from nothing um bad guy who had a sidekick that was a woman that did Tech so this is your typical cliche bad guy they did nothing to make this dude enhance they did nothing to give you what was his deeper motivations they done none of that the only thing you knew about this guy was he kept having these damn nightmares um basically about his death and that was it and he needed to go get some powers and handle these women that was it and the the funny thing about him was that wasn’t he meant to

be funny why he running around here barefooted all the damn time you know spider should have bit him on the foot he walking through the Alleyways of New York barefoot in Peru Barefoot he Barefoot through the whole damn movie they should have called the movie Barefoot but they didn’t and and throughout this whole thing ladies and gentlemen I’m just sitting there like my measure for a good movie is whether or not me as an adult older than 40 can survive without falling asleep absolutely not slept about three four times kept waking up seeing stuff like

oh well go back to sleep so if you took my advice and normally I try to find the best things possible about these movies normally I don’t have any I try not to say bad things about these movies because I I want give him a chance but I just feel like this movie was made to just pay somebody who was working on the crew so fellas I warned you if you want to get them panty draws do not take your women to see Madam web because it’s going to be Madam know you get nothing at

home nothing but a hard time and so ladies and gentlemen save your money save your money now granted art is specific to the individual you might like it if you go see it but if you’re a traditional life Gainer and you’ve been following me for a while you have my movie DNA don’t go see this just wait for it moving right along in other news ladies and gentlemen we’ve got news about Captain America for the Brave New World starring Anthony Mackey in an interview done with variety Mark Ruffalo said that his version of the Hulk

is going to be sprinkled through a couple of movies because they’re not going to give him his own movie via Kevin figy because I’m sure it has something to do with the rights issues now I thought that they got the rights back to Hulk but apparently there’s something going on where they’re not going to give him his full movie so they’re going to do Hulk story arc over a couple of movies now fans are still upset at the way Hulk has been being portrayed he got his ass beat by Thanos he ain’t getting no get

back for that in um the Disney plus series my man pops up with his damn son from SAR and we need to know okay what is going on with that and we’re all waiting for that unadulterated whip everybody ass’s hope that we’ve seen from World War ho and we may or may not get that but in an interview with variety he said he’s going to be in the movie and then he comes back later in another interview with variety saying he missed folk now folks this is Mark Ruffalo anytime he missp speake the happens I’m

surprised they haven’t fired Mark Ruffalo because he be giving away stuff like you at the grocery store and Mr Beast is sponsoring it he just be giving stuff out so even though he came back to try to recant what he said I expect to see him in this movie and through pictures and interviews and slip UPS by Harrison Ford himself we know Red Hulk is going to be in this movie and it’s going to Repro a lot of characters we remember from the 2008 Hulk where you had the leader being played by Tim Nelson he

was the scientist that got bumped on the head and the blood went in his forehead he’s going to be playing the leader Betty Ross is going to be back being played by Liv Tyler Thunderball Rose we all know it’s going to be Harrison Ford and they’re going to introduce a Marvel character named Sabra who’s going to be played by Shier hor and the first black Captain America Isaiah Bradley ladies and gentlemen is going to be in this thing played by Carl lumbley so I’m excited for it um I think this is going to be a

good reprising by Anthony Mackey we’re deep diving kind of into some of the issues that are and characters that are in the Hulk lure and so I’m interested to see where this thing goes you know because Anthony Mackey has played very well with the Winter Soldier I just wish he was in this movie but I get that they want this version of Captain America to get his own identity so I’m here for it but I want to hear from you guys are you excited to get two hulks in one movie and are you planning to

go see Madame web the dumpster fire that it is there’s no reason why they should call it Madam web they should call it Madam trash don’t forget to like the video comment subscribe get yourself that life gang please follow me on Instagram Tik Tok um Twitter and download the podcast trying to get my nerd content up because I do so dearly love these comic book movies and all that they do and until that next sex is Hell video My People I’ll see you

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