Madonna announces 'The Celebration Tour'

Ooh, that is the Material Girl in Vogue Queen honey Madonna is returning back to the stage. Today, the superstar announced dates for the Celebration tour, which celebrates her four decades of music. Wow, 4 decades. I think a lot of folks are gonna be running out to get those tickets. I was gonna say, are they already sold out? If they haven’t gone on sale yet, the tour kicks off July 15th. She’ll be performing in Atlanta at the State Farm Arena. On September 5th and here we go. Tickets go on sale on Friday, so they’re not sold

out yet. I know you wanna go and catch all those classic heads like the one we just heard. That one in vogue. She’s got some real good. There’s a whole whole list and she’s still active on TikTok. I don’t know if she can still dance and everything. She’s like, she bridges the generation. She’s like, I’m not going anywhere. It’ll be quite the show. Good luck getting those tickets. We know it’s been a challenge and struggle lately.

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