Makeup Review Red Flags 🚩🚩 WHO CAN YOU TRUST?!

hello beautiful welcome back to my channel and welcome to this video that’s gonna be a I’m gonna do a full face of makeup I’m gonna get ready for the day and we are gonna chat about makeup review red flags what’s to stay away from when it comes to just trying to buy a new product trying to find reviews on products and what things you should be looking for I just want to have this kind of an open discussion with you on how I do in my reviews how other people do the reviews what my opinions

are and what other people’s opinions might be you know it’s okay to disagree but this is going to be me sharing how I feel and if you haven’t been there before do consider subscribing before you leave because I do upload quite a lot of videos every month in collaboration with my friend Nikki Raven me and Nikki have been talking online for it’s I want to say we’re coming up to two years now we’re both ladies on in our best age I think that she’s like 44 or 45 and I am 39 and for a very

obvious reasons we are looking for different things when it comes to makeup and when it comes to makeup reviews then we did when we started out YouTube and this

is why we started talking about this because both me and Nikki when we started watching YouTube and we we started like joining the makeup Community we saw these like really gorgeous and 19 year old boys and girls saying this doesn’t settle in fine lines and both of us were like what fine lines what are you talking about and we talk about Marco Polo almost every day and

she was talking about this and I was screaming at my phone while she was talking I want to do that with you I want to do a collab and then she ended the polo saying do you want to do that together with me and I was like yes yes so I’m so excited I really enjoy Nikki please go down and check out her YouTube channel she is living in the Netherlands and if you didn’t know I am European as well and just moved to Texas from Sweden so I really do enjoy her Channel I really

do enjoy Nikki if you want to get a European perspective on the makeup community and also from someone that is not 19. I’m gonna zoom in a little bit and we are going to start applying some makeup and I am going to go through some of the points that I tried to pinpoint when I’m doing a review and also some points that make me go when I hear other people saying them reviews so the first thing I wanted to mention is actually calling a first impression a review and this is something that I used to

do myself when I started out in the beauty Community because I saw so many other people do it and with time I realized wait this is not what a review is at all the review is like after I’ve actually tried it out and actually like know how this product is so I will say there are definitely some videos on my YouTube channel when I started out when I called a first impression a review and before realizing that wait this isn’t helpful at all and this actually isn’t the review because this is just me trying it

out for the first time and I have no idea I’m just gonna use a little bit on this one to cover this up because I have no idea how this is gonna work out over time or like if I’m gonna like this after a bit and I still see some people calling their first impressions makeup reviews and what I would try to look for if you’re looking for an actual review is how long have that person does done YouTube because if they’re just starting out it might be that they’re doing the same honest mistake as

I did in the beginning just looking at what other people are doing and trying to emulate that but if it’s someone that’s been in the beauty Community for a bit and they’re still calling a first impression a review I say that that is probably a little bit of a sign of someone that’s not really doing their due diligence when it comes to reviews hashtag sorry not sorry the next thing is something that I feel like it’s an obvious it’s an obvious thing to say but it’s not as obvious to note this and that is of

course anything that I would call cheating are they using filters or with the Michaela one which is when she I I do believe that she used falsies in her makeup uh like her review of the mascara or like the sponsored post of her mascara I’ve met Michaela she’s honestly super super sweet and she’s fairly new in the makeup community and even though she clearly did something she shouldn’t do and I honestly think that yeah you should be told that like listen we we don’t do that I still think that there is plenty of space to

grow that is not by far not even a top 10 the worst thing a Beauty influencer has done in this space and I’m honestly a little bit shocked at how hard people are going at her because like yeah that’s definitely not a good thing but it in the grand scheme of things other people have done a lot of really shitty things and I just hope we don’t see this from her again I think that that and I’ve always said that I just judge people based on how they get up and not based on how they

fall so yeah it’s going to be interesting to see how things go uh following this but that is one thing to look for in reviews and it’s easier said than done are they cheating are they using filters or do you think falsies are they saying that it is a 12 hour wear test even though they weren’t it for 20 minutes like these things are hard to notice but sometimes you got feeling might be the best way I mean if someone is doing a review of a smoothing primer and they’re using a smoothing filter does it

matter does it matter what they’re telling you or what they’re showing you because you’re not seeing anything or someone that’s doing a review of a mascara and saying that this is elongating while they’re putting falses on I don’t know like this does it does that matter or someone saying that they have tried something out for this is this is something for me people say like oh I’ve been trying this out for a really long time and they say that it’s not sponsored but the product came out like two days ago and like it could be

PR but sometimes I feel like people are a bit vague they’re like not really telling us how come you’ve been trying this out for so long or have you been trying this out for so long I feel like sometimes trust is all you have as a beauty reviewer this is I’ve been loving this Foundation it’s the dream matte mousse it’s so good I know I know it’s so surprising I’ve been coming back to this one but I’ve really been enjoying it as a beauty influencer all you have is your the trust between you and your

viewers and if they don’t trust new reviews then like you are of no value to people anymore and then of course you can have different preferences and this is what we’re going to come into like in a bit but I do think that as a makeup reviewer if you get caught lying or cheating about a review it’s really hard to get that trust back because people are going to be like okay so that wasn’t true is this true and it’s it’s not easy to see things such as like filters and stuff like that and this

is why like I don’t I mean you can see everything in my skin I don’t use any filters on YouTube I don’t review makeup on like Tick Tock or uh Instagram or anything like that I just I showcase things and then I review them here on my YouTube channel and I think that’s also a different thing if you’re just doing pretty makeup and showing it I don’t care if you’re retouching it but if you’re reviewing a foundation and saying how beautiful it is and that you’ve been trying it for a really long time and it

gives you Flawless skin and you’re using a filter it does make me question you a little bit and that’s also a reason why I started doing some of my makeup videos for tick tock not on my phone because Tick Tock does put a filter on your videos I filmed them with this camera and then I make them into a short or I make them into a tick tock and upload them that way in that way I’m able to keep like my texture and all of that so everybody does things differently and I’m not saying that

I’m the best but I do try to think about like am I am I showing the product the way that you’re gonna be able to experience it because if I’m here trying to explain to you why I like or why I dislike a product and you can’t see any of the things that I’m explaining the this does my review even mean something or is it just cheater chatter filling an empty space another thing that I like to look for in reviews and especially when it comes to eyeshadow when I am deciding if I want to

try a brand when I’m looking for reviews which I will say I don’t look at reviews as much anymore as I used to a while ago because now if I buy something it’s because I want to review it myself and I don’t want to have like opinions from others to like influence me before I get a chance to try it myself unless it’s something that I if I already know the formula from a brand I don’t care as much but if I’m trying something for the first time I try to not get influence what by

what other people feel about that formula about that brand or about anything like that but I will say back when I was trying to decide what eyeshadow do I want to try what brands do I want to get into I realized that one of the most important things was do they use the same technique as me because I have been disappointed by quite a few uh makeup things realizing that we don’t use the same technique and I don’t want to use their technique I want to use my technique and sometimes I get disappointed and I

also see sometimes people using my favorite eyeshadow formulas or my favorite uh or my favorite bronzers or foundations or concealers or powders and I see them use them in a totally different technique and I’m like oh this makes sense for example I rarely start with a transition shade because I feel like that just lightens up everything that goes on top and just makes stuff look diffused and not as pigmented and not as deep and when I see people for example start out a bright colorful look with a pastel and on the crease I already know

that we’re not going to have the same preferences when it comes to makeup because they are gonna probably think that this palette is going to be they’re not going to prefer something that is as like pigmented or as bright as I am they want to start with a transition shade first and I very very rarely do that and that is something to keep in mind for you as well like are people using the same techniques as you are do you want because sometimes I also see people only starting with the darkest shade all the time

and then when I try it and I’m not even able to build one Shadow on top of each other because I like to start with the middle shade and I’ll blend out the edge with the lighter shade and then I’ll add I have something here that’s itchy me I think it’s like a cat or something and then I like to build a darker shade on top because I feel like that usually gets the best results when it comes to blending and when I’m not even able to build one one dark shade on top I realized

the reason why I’m not liking this is because we’re using so different techniques and they’re just looking for other things in their makeup and that’s just something to to look for what kind of techniques are they doing are they doing baking or they’re only using cream products do they set their products with powder and if they are not doing what you’re doing you might not like it the way that they like it and this also comes down to preferences try to find people that have the same preference as you if you’re looking for someone to

review eyeshadow for you try to see if they already love some eyeshadow from us that you know that you love for example I saw someone that really hated one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas and I was so surprised because I was like what do you mean our makeup styles look fairly similar um like it looks fairly similar we were using um sign up the same techniques but then she mentioned that her face favorite formula was morphe and I actually don’t like morphe eyeshadows and that made me realize oh we just have different preferences we just

look for different stuff in eyeshadows so she probably would have looked at my reviews and been like why don’t you love my favorite brand and that’s the way it is sometimes and there are plenty of people whose reviews I trust for some things and not for other things because we have wildly different preferences when it comes to what we prefer in makeup what we would like the end result to look like and how we work with makeup it is not up to me to decide for other people how they’re going to do their makeup but

it is up to me to differentiate which people I can trust depending on if we have similar preferences or not for example I cannot use glitter glue because glitter glue pretty much always creases on me so when I see people using glitter glue I’m like I’m I think I’m gonna have to like look at other reviews as well because I can’t use glitter glue so I need to make sure that these eyeshadows work without glitter glue as well but I always spray my eyeshadows for example before I put them on because I want them to

be as foiled as possible and I try to avoid um how’s this looking this is looking great I try to avoid Fallout but if you’re the kind of person you only want to apply your eyeshadows with a dry brush for me you’re going to get a totally different result and maybe listening to me isn’t the best idea because I don’t want that result I also don’t want that Fallout sometimes though I’ll use my finger because I think that that gets a similar result especially now when I have somewhat shorter nails but yeah it’s all different

depending on how you do your makeup what you want your makeup to do for you how you want it to look in the end it’s also very very important that’s looking really I’m so impressed so let’s talk about what things I think we should be looking for in reviews then what things that I look for in reviews and of course there are things like we all have different things I’m gonna try this one for the first time I have mine in Sahara we all have different things that we look for in reviews me for example

I don’t care where it is made I don’t care how much product is in there unless it is a product that I go through like eye primer concealer if it’s if it’s an eyeshadow I don’t go through eyeshadow I don’t care wow that’s pretty I don’t care how much is in there but we all have different things that we’re looking for I’m gonna let you know what I look for in reviews I don’t know why I’m price but this is so much um creamier than I thought it was gonna be why is that so surprising

to me another thing that I don’t like when people do reviews because I don’t do it myself is when people set their eyeshadow with like powder or a see-through like a bone colored mat or a for them skin color matte before they go in with eyeshadow because I don’t do that and when people do that and then say oh this isn’t pigmented I’m like well you kind of set the primer so the primer is not sticking to the eye shadows and also sometimes when I see people that really love neutrals when they review colorful eyeshadows

and they’re saying that they’re not blending as effortlessly or anything like that and not understanding that different pigments work in different ways and you might need to switch up your techniques or switch up your brushes when you are working with something that doesn’t naturally blend into your skin tone like a blue or a purple unless you’re a Smurf and then of course they do blend in seamlessly but I do think that some sometimes we do need to switch up our techniques when we’re using pastels when we’re using Neons Neons do not build don’t try to

use a neon as a crease shade and then build on top of it it’s not going to work because Neons have so much white chalky pigment in them to make them that color and again this is just me being in love with eyeshadows and being in love with colorful eyeshadows and just looking for these different things when it comes to reviews I’m actually going to be doing a look mixing these two together this is the new Muse palette by Cosmic brushes looks like this and this is the serenity palette which is the older palette that

they came up with I saw some people asking if I thought they were the same they definitely have some colors that are a little similar especially three colors but everything else is very different this one for example does not have any blues in it it has two purples and then two like this one is like a little bit of a purple I guess like a purple matte but there are no Blues in this one and in this other palette let me actually see if I can pull it up next to each other there’s a lot

of Blues in the first Cosmic brushes palette the one that is on the top here but there are no Blues in the new one there are three green shadows in these palettes that are a little bit similar you can see the the two like bright greens here but this is darker and this is lighter and I will say I have swatched these side by side they are not the same there are no dupes between the palettes but there are three greens that are a little similar to the point where you’re like you see them in

the pan and then when you Swatch them you’re like oh no they’re not the same but they’re a little similar like the bright green there’s a dark cool tone green as well but the one in the new palette is significantly darker than the one in the in the older palette but I do hope that the next palette that she comes out with uh doesn’t have my I love greens but doesn’t have any of these like warmer greens because um I would hate for people to think that like she’s coming up with another palette that’s the

same but just so you know I did Swatch them side by side and they’re not dupes but there are a couple of Shades three to be exact there are on the similar scale but not dupes I am actually going to be trying out these two shades together this is a peach matte and this is like a grunchy uh greenish Brown and I’m gonna be trying those out together and we’ll see how these I have no idea if they’re gonna work or not but I love Cosmic brushes and I want to try something that’s like a

neutral with a Twist together with this lip color okay when I look for reviews especially like I said now with colorful Shadows when I look for reviews with colorful Shadows I look for people that use the same techniques as me that likes the same result as me and that understands that you need to switch up your techniques and need to switch up your brushes when it comes to different colors that’s that’s what I look for myself and then of course I try to see do we like the same Brands when it comes to like foundations

and stuff oh my there are so many so many concealers and foundations that I tried as a fluffier that I tried when I first came into the beauty community that people were loving and I just couldn’t for the life of me understood understand why anyone would love these because I thought they were horrible remember that Urban Decay all-nighter Foundation oh my God I hated that Foundation it was like liquid lipstick on my skin and I realized me and the person who loved it we don’t have the same skin type we don’t have the same preferences

and she was like 15 years younger than me and I was like oh oh okay that makes sense so when it comes to foundations and when it comes to powders and concealers I try to look for and also like cream products this goes for cream products too what kind of skin type do they have are they oily are they dry do they prefer to have a dewy face do they prefer to have a face that’s not set down because I like my makeup to set down I want to be able to touch my face where

do they live do they live in a dry climate do they live in a humid climate where do they live it makes such a difference me moving from Sweden that is fairly not maybe dry but like it’s dry during the winter but definitely not humid Sweden is not humid moving to a humid climate everything acts differently so if you have oily skin living in a humid climate and taking advice for someone has dry skin living a dry climate you’re probably not going to enjoy the same product I’m just throwing it out there I think this

blended into each other pretty okay I am gonna layer one more Shadow on top today I’m doing what I said I don’t normally do but I really wanted it to pull a little Peach and that’s the thing with transition Shades they will change whatever you put on top and if you don’t want it to change don’t do a transition shade I’m gonna switch to the Muse palette because I want to use I think I’m going to use this one it’s like a dark Plum and then I’m going to use the two duochromes that are in

here this one here that has like a warm base with like an almost tealy Sheen it’s super pretty and then this one that has like a purple with a more minty Sheen so I think I’m going to be using those and I am so excited because I really think that this is going to turn out super pretty okay so things that I do look for is age climate preferences skin type and of course what kind of technique are they using what kind of results are they ending up having and I I mean sometimes when I

want to try something that’s a little bit more glowy for example and I am like I said I have combo skin I am 39 and I live in a humid climate I will see if my friend Heather Austin likes it because she is also in her 30s she lives in a human climate and she has oily skin so if she tries out something and she really likes it that is usually a green light for me because we have a similar taste when it comes to makeup products and I feel exactly the opposite when it comes

to my other friend Samantha March she has dry skin and she has acne prone skin which I do not have and she also doesn’t really love foundations and she lives in a dry climate dry skin dry climate and she’s looking for totally different things with her foundation if she loves something I might not like she put one of the foundations that I had in my yearly worst products of the year she put in her best products of the year do I think she’s lying oh it’s not of course not we just have wildly different preferences

when it comes to makeup due to having wildly different canvases to work with so I’m gonna try the darker of the duochromes the one that’s called ambient and I did spray this one a little bit before but I want to put not too much of this one out here to be a little darker before we go into that lighter one look at me doing a neutral look who am I right I don’t usually do neutral looks if you haven’t caught on with this on my channel I’m more about the bright and the colorful but I

do love a good dramatic eye look I will say and if it’s dramatic I can really enjoy a neutral as well or as I like to call it a neutral with a little bit of twist that I do think that this is it’s a little bit more grungy a little darker and some duochromes please let me know down below what are some of the things that when you hear it in a review you instantly go no absolutely not that’s not gonna be for me so this is the lighter one that’s called antique and I’m gonna

put that in the inner part and I think you can see there’s a difference this one is more of a dark teal with the plum base and this one is almost more like a mint with a slightly lighter purpley base really interesting together oh and if you weren’t able to catch this um this palette The Muse one before it’s sold out she is restocking it it is not limited edition according to the owner so just keep your eyes open she will restock it and I do have a code with this brand my code isn’t Jessica

if you want to save some money off on this brand but yeah I know a bunch of you wanted to buy it and it was sold out but she is restocking it that is actually turning out to be quite interesting neutral look what do I want to have in my inner corners I think I’m gonna bring out a map pastel by colourpop because colourpop doesn’t work a lot of really good masked pastels and I’m gonna put that in my inner corner I think that’s gonna be that’s gonna be the last one okay I put some

lashes on and I’m actually going to be using this oldie but a goody orange you glad and I’m going to be using this pastel peach in here and we are gonna see because I remember that I used to use that sometimes in my inner corners to get something that was like a light peach but not like super blinding maybe I should put a white on top but maybe this is enough I really like how this is looking when I hear people describe stuff as dewy or when they are describing their skin as very dry I

immediately know that we’re probably not going to be enjoying the same kind of uh makeup so that makes me go like oh we’re probably not gonna like this and also when people say that they prefer like easy there but not their clean makeup just like a shimmer across the lid I also know that we’re probably not looking for the same things when it comes to eyeshadows okay let me zoom out and we can end this video with I don’t know conclusions I hope that this really came through in this video but I just wanted to

say most people are not Liars most people are very genuine and honest in their opinions and just because they’re not 100 matching your opinions doesn’t mean that they’re lying or that they’re telling you something that isn’t true they’re just telling you their truth and how they are feeling about a product I have people screaming at me in caps lock every week on my channel calling me a liar because I didn’t like a product that they liked and I don’t know what to tell you maybe I don’t like the same things that that you like I

don’t like super glowy dewy cheeks I don’t like super like the super dewy foundations especially not the ones that have Shimmer in them we might not like the same things and that is totally okay just make sure that when you are actually basing your purchasing decisions on something make sure that you are listening to a person why they are liking something why are they liking this thing and why are they not liking this thing because I want to make sure and maybe this is the biggest red flag when it comes to reviews When someone tells

you they love something or hate something but they don’t tell you why why is this the best thing since lastpread why is this the most awful product of 2023 what about this product makes it special in any way of the spectrum when people just say I love it run down walk by buy it now I’m just left with a why what’s so special about this product what about this product makes it amazing or when people say this is awful I hate this product why did you hate it because the reason why you hate it or

the reason why you love it might be the reason why I feel the opposite about it and I think that that might be the biggest thing to take away from this video but maybe the two biggest things to take away from this video please only watch the reviews from people that actually explain why they feel the way they do about a product and remember that just because somebody doesn’t feel the way that you do about a product doesn’t mean that either of you are incorrect or lying it just means that you have different preferences when

it comes to makeup if you’re interested in any of the things that I use today on my face they’re gonna be in the description box also don’t forget to check out Nikki’s video I’m so excited to hear what she has to say I hope you’re having an amazing day and I will see you in my next video bye foreign

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