Malayattoor Ramakrishnan's Yakshi | Book Review | English Subtitles

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Today,I review Malayattoor Ramakrishnan’s Yakshi
Sreenivasan,a charming young Chemistry professor is our protagonist.
He was a sensation among his colleague and students.
A smart guy who has great ambitions to purse.
He was in love with his colleague, Vijayalekshmi.
His life was very happy and peaceful.
But unfortunately,all of dreams were ruined by an accident happened in the laboratory.His face got burned due to an acid.
After this incident, Sreenivasan’s life changed drastically,
he was very upset on seeing his half burned face.
But things doesn’t end there,he lost many things which was
very valuable for him,including his love,VijayaLekshmi.
The only thing remained in his life was his bestfriend,Chandrasekharan.
That accident made him to change his attitude towards life.
And then this happened.
Suddenly, a women came into Sreenivasan’s life,Ragini.
She loved Sreenivasan’s character more than his physical appearence.
From here, this novel becomes very interesting to read.
Would Ragini be able to bring back Sreenivasan’s confidence and smartness??
Who is this Ragini ??
This book doesn’t contain any horror elements that would make a reader feel scared.
If you’re expecting such things,then,this book may disappoint you.
But if you’re interested to read a unique love story then I’ll be recommending this book to you.
Yakshi is another good work from the great author Malayattoor Ramakrishnan.
I’ll be back with more book-related videos,till then, Bye…

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