Mama Melrose Re-opened | Vegan & non-vegan food review | Disney's Hollywood Studios

hello everybody! Princess and the Bear here. Today we’re Hollywood Studios.
we have not been back to mama melrose
since May the 4th last year
that is quite a while it has been i’m
excited so we’re excited to see what new
they have on the menu
hopefully as good as you remember i
don’t believe they have anything new but
i’m just excited to try it again
yeah so we’re gonna head in here
be sure to bellow nothing you heard the
i just wait for the call and then i open
the door okay
i don’t know why i like it more than
moscow but i do
it’s delicious drink it if you like
to the princess and her kentucky mules
i’m not going to complain about whiskey
though i will complain about ginger beer
salad well mixed a little bit too much
ginger for me but it doesn’t take
away the fact that it’s still a good
drink three out of five plus
so on a day like today where it is
outside like it is every summer in this
i just had to go to the trident’s your
favorite the antioxidant lemonade you
seem to get this
at victoria falls that’s not but
i continue to love it every time you put
lemonade and some sort of adult
additive to it i’m probably gonna drink
refreshing not too strong
perfect on day like today we’re just
sweating breaks
three and a half out of five it’s not
an italian restaurant without rolls
fresh bacon steaming and a
literal lake of olive oil
like cleanse yourself in the waters of
like olive oil with
herbs but you get them
because it’s deep and full of magic
um i can do another lake of olive oil
but the herbs and this fresh bread are
as close to perfect free dinner rolls
you’re gonna get
hot steamy flaky crust
that’s good four and a half out of five
last time we came here the pizza was my
favorite thing that we got
luckily they still have the vegan
margarita on the menu
i used to say come here and just get the
pizza to go because you can go to the
bar and order you can’t do that
now but if disney ever does mobile
ordering from
melrose get this to go this is so much
better of a snack than going to
pizza or so
it’s hot it’s fresh
it’s amazing it’s that beautiful from
the heart cheese
it’s really hot
but i feel like it’s going to be my
favorite thing of the day
we’ll see but i really love this pizza
it’s maybe a little overly tomatoed but
it’s a margarita
whatever something you don’t ever turn
the chance for actual italian pizza
just tastes like creamy fresh extremely
basil margarita pizza it’s got uh
plant-based cheese on it we don’t even
miss the mozzarella cheese
actually this is a solid entry the press
is great sauce great
the toppings are great that is
five out of five plus i’d order this on
my own
i’m mostly excited for the fact that i
see how the two compare in taste
from our cooking video
so the cashew cream is a little warmer
than last time
i really don’t know how to feel about
the taste the food is actually
lukewarm so i feel like it’s mediocre
even two and a half out of five it’s
it’s very thick it most definitely
tastes like cake like the cornbread
not so much what you would expect from
not bad it’s just more like cake than
polenta taste
maybe they put sugar in it sweeten it up
so let’s put the cake even just looking
at it
looks very similar what we made at home
cauliflower steak polenta cake
and a cashew cheese sauce three and a
half out of five plus
i’d say it’s definitely worth the effort
to try which makes you feel better about
our dish because
you know during uh those self-isolation
your own vacuum even with pictures and
everything else the video that we’ve
you never know this cake
is definitely a lot more firm you
actually need the knife to cut it apart
these uh mushrooms like eggplant
spinach you get a little piece of
cauliflower is good and crunchy i like
the plunger cake because it does taste a
little sweeter
than it did i remember it tasting
not in a bad way just different um this
is still an excellent dish if you’re
looking to try like a cauliflower stick
or punta cake
i think this kind of sets the bar for it
it’s a good salt dish no matter how you
look at it i guess that i ordered on my
own i’d much rather order the pizza but
this is still really good
four out of five
i got three different you know bears and
seafood of course i got the shrimp only
because i had the
cinnamon fish last time so it has four
different cheeses in it
so before i take a bite of this i’ll
take my magic pills
right in so the sauce comes out to be
short chamomile pasta some shrimp a
little bit of parmesan
and spinach and everything in here is
absolutely coated in the sauce
blazing hot almost as hot as florida
but not quite
the sauce is very creamy and rich but
still letting the shrimp be shrimp
this is a pretty solid dish i think i
still prefer the pizza but this
is also really really good four out of
so we just finished at mamamoo
um i gotta say i like my homemade
polenta cake better than
that what we had it was a little sweet
side of it different than we had last
um they were still decent meals i’m
definitely full
probably overkill with the flat bread
the polenta cake and then my shrimp
campanelli but
it all tasted so good it was so so good
it was hard to stop eating
even though we were both like so full it
took us over an hour to like sit there
digest slowly nibble our food and i
still didn’t finish it
i’m sad about that but you know we feel
like a lot of people sleep on mama mill
roads it has a good menu
even limited menus it’s got a lot of
options the drinks are good
it’s away from the crowds and the
interior’s nice and themed
yeah and service is always the backbone
oh yeah surface is great
we definitely want to have you guys been
come on melrose what has been your
if not are you planning to come here
next trip let us know in the comments
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saturday and we will see you soon

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