Manchester City v. Nottingham Forest | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/31/2022 | NBC Sports

the goalkeeper and the defense of the same Edison operation plays behind an unchanged back for. It is still kind of Walker Jones Jones has scored an own goal the weekend. Ruben Diaz at jail conselho. They’ll keep them to on going into the Midfield time in place of Kevin De bruyne, the Belgian on the bench, don’t want joins rodri and Bernardo silver, the other changes in attack. Reunions Alvarez has given a first start for Manchester City. The Argentinian alongside erling Holland and Phillip amongst the city. Some spread French midfielder Claudio. Gomez hoping to make his Premier

League debut and some stage later on. Well, Steve cover before tonight at already used 21 players of the Premier League this season or manager used more in the opening four games. He makes it 22 tonight. That’s another debutante three changes from the defeated. Stop them. Dean Henderson who saved the penalty at the weekend. From Hurricane, plays behind a back five tonight. Is a debut for Brazilian left back. A renin Lodi, who plays alongside Nico Williams, Joe Worrell Checker kouyate whose preferred to Steve Cook, and Scott McKenna in Midfield. A First Premier League start for the

Swiss International Rebel, Thriller with Ryan Gates, and Louis O’Brien, who both started on Sunday, Jesse lingard is on the bench, so Morgan gets white. Brad

Johnson will look to give attacking option. Sometimes the pain has replaced with Jack Cole back, who’s missed the last three games through illness. So we um, what’s catching your eye here, tactically, the ceiling. Let’s take Ange is for City, but in the same style of it, same system. The same dominance in the way they go about playing the football and trying to create chances but extremely informed Striker will know, erling

Holland, Nottingham Forest, they’re quite settled as well. They do like the fact real key, I’m saying into the center of that today, Yates and Freer will try and be competitive alongside of rain, trying to deny much as city as many Subspace as they possibly can and it gives white and Johnson a little bit creativity. That little bit of ability to run in behind and stretch this fun. Chester City defense on the counter time. I found a way I’m Stephen Henderson in the normal. Blood pressure is building Clemency to do. Things off from his teammates are

incredible possession, but you feed the ball into the penalty and it takes a slight deflection, as feel folded, put it in there. But the first one to react as early in Holland. It’s actually just too long and he’s just too strong for your wallet holds him off. Quite comfortably sticks, out that left leg in sure. This fist each of this game, whats inside one-nil ahead, it has been a trait of his time in sky blue. Well, what is it? Is perfect. The ball Falls to him? The move is not so perfect. The ball Falls to

me, just always in the right position and that’s really sloppy from Nottingham Forest in Hendersonville, that short pastor and from there, it’s crisp, it’s incisive from Manchester City. Yes. Folded gets caught on the board but we did a brilliant position. It just takes that first six thinks he’s finishing a book or just falls into the path of Harlan. Does it just seems to do at the moment? He’s always in the right position and from there is only one outcome times the Advice to our winning the ball back at interceptions. It’s stretching its cutting out passes

which is the city are playing, really, really well, but just wanting impressive took a passive. Delivery this time, confirmed along created. Well, concerto with multiple options out here though. I’m sort of the boots folder stones. This man may go on to achieve him. Sky blue box at the moment. It’s really good for Manchester City. Moving the ball from side to side, long toss to fold and helping it back in Johnstone’s knows he can’t score helping it back into dangerous areas and then The most dangerous player in the most dangerous area gets himself another tapping it

on a second game On The Run yelling, Holland has himself. A hatchet was just taller. He’s just stronger. He’s just bigger than morale. And Fender just can’t do anything about it. Calling agonizingly. Watch Underwater. Consider steady. Up until this moment consider gets into the action and makes it. Manchester City doesn’t really try to tackle. Him is just happy to not be beaten by the diminutive and said the city midfielder. And as that ball comes across, I think can cellos. First thought was to hit it first time, but that was just a touch too much. Ice

on it. We just took a touch composed himself, picked his spot on the spot, is the temp Corner. Hit it exactly what we wanted. Anderson, can’t get near it. Is absolutely delighted on Chester City got the fourth five minutes into the second half. Manchester City are at it again, Alan to get his third goal. Zeus. Not just a city 5 Nottingham Forest Hill. So, we just talked before that must be kept there for three or four minutes, just moving the ball moving Nottingham Forest Defenders around, making them constantly readjust their positions and that’s the reward.

As I say a slight, but a look at that Ricochet, but once he’s in that position, he’s not Crossing it islands in the middle for another chaplain but he was never getting it there. Obvious, hit it hard blow. It’s a well that is open. Go to Manchester City attorney League. Does fall back into the fata barbarous, but from that moment, this is a brilliant first kitchen and even better second to dispatch that just as it’s about to fall to the floor in after underside of the crossbar. Look at the reaction without Guardiola. He knows the

quality and that finish, he’s delighted with his evenings were two goals. The Etihad for him. But Braun. To go up a notch after this performance. Even the Premier League want to take Manchester City’s Crown. They are going to have to do even better.

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