[Manipuri Review] Affordable eyeshadows I Lakme I Wet N Wild I Swiss Beauty (Eng Sub)

hi everyone, welcome back to KPax Beauty
today i am sharing some eyeshadows
these eyeshadows are beginner friendly and affordable
these eyeshadows are mostly neutral tones
and some bright colours as well
but each palette has some bright shades as well
first palette is from wet n wild
its rose in the air, number E758
wet n wild is a good affordable brand
and this palette is one of their most famous ones
it is cruelty free, which i really appreciate
the colours are mostly matte in this palette
and it has two shimmer shades
the colours here will suit most skin tones, i believe
like the browns and purplish shades
they will suit well
as well as the shimmer shades in here
the colour-icon range comes in many colour schemes
like green, purple, or ones with more shimmers
with the price, this palette is of good quality
like the colour payoff, and blending
we get the almost exact colour we see on the pan
the next palette is from the lakme 9 to 5 range
its the eye quartet, in the name tanjore rush
this eyeshadow palette comes with a sponge applicator
there is not matte in this palette
maybe not high shine, but all are shimmer shades
the texture of the shades are very buttery (smooth)
it glides easily on the skin when applied
its a very easy to use palette
this product is quite blendable
even though it comes with limited shades
when the brown and the yellow is blended
it produces a really nice smokey brown shade
this is a very good palette for everyday use
not very high shine, not full matte, its on the borderline
next is swiss beauty – hillary rhoda palette
sorry about this cover, i made a mistake with sanitiser
the colour scheme is very beautiful, even if its neutral
it has nice purple and gold shimmer shades
it is mostly shimmer shades
transition and matte are in limited number in here
this is the cheapest among the three palettes today
i got it for rs 220 from Amazon.in
firstly, i didnt have much expectations when i bought it
i thought with the price colour pay off will be low
but its not like that
swiss beauty is an indian company
i think they have done a good job with this palette
especially the shimmer shades. they are decent
the colour scheme of the palette is something i like
it has purple, peach and red tone shades
and the pop of gold, its a veery beautiful colour
like always, when applying eyeshadow it is good to use
concealer or eyeshadow primer or eyeshadow base
if so, it helps in getting the exact colour from the pan
it helps a lot, so i will try today as well
first, i will try the lakme eye quartet
this yellow has a tint of gold in it
while blending the colour from the pan are seamless
there is absolutely no problem in blending
there is no patchiness or dryness when applied
next is the wet n wild rose in the air’s demo
it has a good colour pay off, the colour from the pan
i feel fingers are a best way of applying shimmers
another option is wetting the brush with a setting spray
the shimmer colour payoff is also very decent,
it is subtle but quite pretty and blinding
this palette is a little lesser payoff when compared
to the other two previous palettes
but the colours are very buildable
not much fallout or dryness or anything of the sort
one con about it is that it has a scent
like the others, blending is not a problem for this palette
no patchiness, no dryness, no unblendable
this gold colour is also very buildable
we can layer it
the colour can be made bright and vibrant with layering
maybe its a little subtle, but it catches the light well
it will catch the light well with movement
both the wet n wild and hillary rhoda palette
main ingredient components are talc and mica
if not extremely sensitive skin, they will suit you
i havent faced any issues while using them
no itchiness, irritation or redness
perfomance wise maybe they are not the best but
but with the price point and the similar colour scheme
i think they are good options for below rs 500
my favourite out of the three is the lakme one
it also comes in different colour schemes like the others
this eye quarter will suit almost everyone, i think
have not faced itchiness, redness or irritations till now
let me end here for today
will review more eyeshadows in next videos
thank you, bye

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