Marmaduke (2022) – Movie Review | Netflix Original

so i just watched a brand new 
animated netflix original movie called  
marmaduke that just hit the platform yesterday 
starring pete davidson as marmaduke himself  
and i gotta say this is easily one of the worst 
animated films i have seen in my entire lifetime  
before i even dive into the review itself i want 
to address something that needs to be cleared  
up and i have to do it in every single movie 
review for an animated film that i didn’t like  
and that is for the fact that people are always 
coming at me and saying this movie wasn’t made for  
you but then when i praise a movie like spider-man 
to the spider-verse or toy story 4 or any other  
really good anime film no one’s coming at me 
and saying well why do you even like that movie  
as much as you do it’s just made for kids because 
in actuality these are family films you can judge  
movies on the way they are star wars was literally 
made for children as george lucas has come out and  
said that as a well-known fact and if that is your 
only counter-argument to any criticism that i have  
to say about this movie then your whole argument 
just falls flat because you’re not countering  

anything i’m saying about this movie so let’s just 
dive right into the movie itself and i gotta start  
with pete davidson here because my goodness 
gracious he is quite awful in this film every  
time he speaks in this film it sounds like he’s 
just reading off the script with no enthusiasm no  
excitement and it just goes to show that voice 
actors need to be praised more often than not  
because when you get random celebrities to voice 
an anime character it is a hard job to do and it  
just goes to show here because well i do like 
pete davidson i think he’s a cool and funny guy  
he is just not right for this character and he 
doesn’t even sound like the funny charismatic pete  
davidson that we know him from from snl and you 
know from the king of staten island he is just so  
awfully bad in this movie i already knew this was 
going to be an issue when the trail for this movie  
came out a few weeks ago before its release and i 
noticed that they kept out pete davidson’s voice  
as much as humanly possible so i had no idea what 
he was going to sound like before i was going to  
watch this movie and then when i heard it it was 
really awful all the other voice actors in this  
movie are quite bad as well including jk simmons 
which i can’t fault him for because he is such an  
incredible actor and i think he just i don’t know 
why he’s in this movie but you know he’s just in a  
small role i can’t blame him all that much but the 
worst aspect about this movie has got to be the  
laziness here as i understand this is a very very 
low budget animated film and i know that you can’t  
make the animation look perfect like a disney or 
pixar or dreamworks movie but at least have a good  
story or character designs here as the character 
designs are some of the ugliest i have ever seen  
in my lifetime and i’m not including those rip off 
disney pixar dreamworks movies that are out there  
this is so ugly and abysmal that i don’t think 
any kid would want to watch this movie just  
based on the fact of how ugly every character 
looks all the human characters are just awful  
it looks like they’re trying to be illumination 
with you know how their characters are with a  
very slim looking arms and legs but then some 
of the characters are just proportionally all  
over the place and i guess you could argue this 
is the art style but when it’s not consistent  
and all the facial structures all look so ugly 
and weird especially marmaduke who looks like  
a serial killer i just i’m not buying into any 
of this movie besides the god awful animation  
the dialogue in this movie is just simply abysmal 
this is so laughably awful that i couldn’t believe  
that this was actually people making this movie 
and no disrespect to anyone who has made this  
movie because movies are really hard to make but 
my god the dialogue simply talks down to children  
in the worst possible way you don’t really need 
amazing dialogue here but you also don’t need to  
talk down to your audience and have the worst and 
god-awful jokes possible i know these jokes were  
definitely not made for me but for the fact that 
my girlfriend’s little brother jack didn’t even  
want to watch this movie because of how awful 
it looked and that he didn’t find any of the  
jokes in the trailer funny i think that just 
goes to show you how bad this movie really is  
if you guys seen that god awful owen wilson 
marmaduke movie that came out in 2010 which  
i so happened to see in a movie theater and i was 
a kid at that time i really hated that movie and  
thought it was super awful and surprisingly that 
movie is better than this movie because this movie  
just feels like they just did everything wrong 
with marmaduke overall guys marmarduke 2022 is  
one of the most laziest awful and disgusting 
looking animated films i have seen in my entire  
lifetime pete davidson is just simply god awful 
hilarious in this movie it is one of the most  
forgettable and annoying animated films i have 
ever seen so if you were thinking about watching  
this movie just skip it because there are plenty 
of other great animated films that are out there  
that you should just spend your time on watching 
i’m giving marmaduke 2022 a one out of 10. thank  
you guys so much for checking out this review and 
i hope you guys hit that subscribe button leave  
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bell so i can see you all in the following video

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