Marvel ToyBox CARNAGE Action Figure Disney Exclusive Toy Review

hey guys me ho superstar thank you very much
it’s carnage
this is the latest in the toy box range from 
marvel and disney store and this is number 27  
in the collection 27 can you believe it there’s 
been so many figures now overall that’s just in  
the marvel selection i believe but yet number 27 
in the range and this guy was just 12 pounds i got  
him from the disney store website the other day 
and he’s totally worth it look how awesome he is i  
can’t wait to take him out the packaging and take 
a closer look he looks awesome and guess what guys  
i have just learned that loki is in stores across 
the uk so i do need to hit up a disney store asap  
very tempted to go this evening and go and see 
if i can find one but for now guys it’s time  
for carnage so guys without further ado let’s 
break him out of the packaging let’s do this  
don’t worry guys we’ll get out of the desk cam 
in a little bit you will be able to see carnage  
up close and personal he looks awesome by the 
way i’m really happy with this figure from what  
it looks like in the

box and i don’t think 
he’s gonna disappoint out of your box either  
the new loki by the way looks absolutely spiffing 
can’t wait to get my hands on that either  
very excited by that release and then if that’s 
all been if all that’s come true like one division  
and stuff then i can definitely safely say that 
those images that we saw a while back featuring  
falcon and winter soldier are probably definitely 
a go we have already had a winter soldier he came  
with the bike set with cap so we have already had 
a winter soldier technically so i think winter  
soldier’s going to be a little bit of a change up 
hopefully him a new costume some new accessories  
or it might be a straight repack with falcon 
to give people another opportunity to get it  
because it was only available as a part of 
that motorcycle pack with captain america
right here it is guys so here’s the base figure 
first of all guys here he is out of the packaging  
i’m gonna pull the camera forward just a little 
touch so you can get a little closer look so here  
he is guys out of the packaging looking awesome 
look at that face sculpt first of all very  
nicely done i am really liking that he’s got like 
a little tentacle coming off his head which is in  
black the rest of them are all red and he does 
have a black and red sort of appearance which is  
nice definitely based upon a more kittier look for 
carnage it’s definitely not the grotesque carnage  
we used to and i think it’s definitely based on 
a spider-man body uh here with a new face sculpt  
either way is very nice the head is on a ball 
joint so you can make him look all the way up  
all the way down left and right the arms do lift 
up with a side hinge to also rotate there’s also  
a single hinge elbow there that also rotates and 
hands also move around on a ball joint as well you  
can weight swivel in there and the legs do lift 
out as well as forwards all the way backwards with  
a single hinge knee that also rotates legs can 
be lifted outwards as well feet are on rocker and  
pivot and the knees also swivel nice look lots 
of articulation there and he does have display  
base holes on the bottom of his feet should 
you wish to use a display base with this figure  
not that you’re going to need to i’ve never really 
had trouble with toy box figures i think the only  
one i actually had real trouble with was buzz 
lightyear and woody because buzzy’s so top heavy  
and woody’s legs were like thin it was so paper 
thin he was a nightmare so this figure does come  
with a couple of accessory components and not 100 
sure how these actually attach to him so let’s  
take a look at the back of the packaging and it 
doesn’t actually give us any indication nice okay
it actually doesn’t give us 
any indication whatsoever
lovely so we do have this piece here and 
we do have a separate piece which is like  
the weapon piece so that’s definitely 
going to be for the uh thingy hand
bristol how he’s going to 
hold it i mean is he just  
am i just going to feed those through his hand
i might have to look look this up and i come back 
to you on desk cam with that oh i can put that  
through there ah so i can put that like that so it 
looks like the hand is sort of transformed that’s  
pretty cool but then we’ve got this other piece 
and i’m not quite sure what that’s for is that  
meant to sit on there and no that can’t be right 
i’m just off his head but that can’t be right
is that just another piece that you 
can like grapple and hold on to so for  
the other hand then is that 
just like an extra little  
tentacle accessory either way i like this one i 
like this piece i probably wouldn’t use that one  
again i put that in the diorama box but yeah i 
like that one is his weapon that is pretty sick  
i like the fact that it’s made of a soft 
compound as well it’s very different from the  
stuff we’ve had previously which is nice
overall very nice figure but what we’re going 
to do guys is we’re going to head on down to  
the desk and we’ll also compare him to some other 
spider-man figures from the range so let’s head on  
down to the desk cam so here is cartilage out of 
the packaging looking absolutely awesome i really  
do love this figure they have done a great job at 
bringing this guy to life he just looks so awesome  
loving all the detailing all these little 
sculpted bits that make him look like he’s  
being attacked by the carnage symbiote 
really adds to the look of the figure  
especially with that black face a predominantly 
black almost venom-like face very cool and again  
with that new weapon it just creates this whole 
new sort of look for him which is really cool  
which i’ve not seen before and again as we 
swivel around the figure they have created  
a very good uh paint and aesthetic look for 
the figure and overall it’s just really nice  
definitely am a good piece to have in your 
marvel collection i really recommend it  
and here he is stood with another 
peter parker spider-man figure  
so you can get a gist of what he scales like and 
what he looks like opposite other toy box figures  
and there’s another spidey for the collection so 
as you can see he is probably from the spider-man  
range as you would expect he will he will scale 
well with any marvel uh toy box so sorry any toy  
box figure whether it be marvel star wars disney 
or whatever there’s my look a little bit wobbly  
at this point but yes they can scale with pretty 
much anything in that range that’s pretty cool  
and overall the figures do look 
good together so i really like that  
and there he is stood with his carnage counterpart 
from marvel which also answers the question when  
people ask can these figures scale well with other 
marvel figures not from the legends range legends  
are six inch scale whereas the uh toybox range 
are definitely a more four to five inch scale and  
they’re definitely of unrealistic proportions but 
either way uh people do have to ask that question  
because sometimes the heads and things can be 
kind of popped off and rotated with marvel legends  
just like the basic figures can um so it’s always 
one of those questions that people ask me but no  
these figures i’m not meant to scale together um 
in any way shape or form but either way they just  
look very cool um they give a very different kind 
of figure one’s very very cartoony based upon the  
video game toy box infinity obviously these are 
more based on the comics and the artwork of marvel  
so very different styles not 
really meant to be together  
however whilst i’m saying that i am also very 
tempted to add my carnage and venom to my symbiote  
line up here from marvel legends and have them 
stood maybe at the front of smaller versions  
very tempted to have him just stood there 
because he will blend in pretty well with  
the rest of the symbiote crowd what do you 
guys think and this is what i love about  
toybox figures it looks like stitch has just 
lost his ride as carnage is clearly taking the  
space cruiser out for a spin this evening 
look out disney universe carnage is coming
so guys what are your thoughts on this carnage 
cool figure right i really enjoyed reviewing  
this figure it is very cool and i hope you 
guys like him too don’t forget to tune in  
and later on for another video where we’ll 
be looking at um the scarlet witch and vision  
but thank you very much watching guys as always 
i’m your host supersorrell don’t forget to like  
and subscribe and i’ll see you in the next 
video and until then may the force be with you

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