Marvel's Avengers: Game Review

Is the combat in Marvel’s Avengers
too fierce for young fans?
“Next time, take better notes.”
Let’s just say it’s nothing teens can’t handle.
In this epic action-adventure based on the
popular comics, Earth’s mightiest heroes must
save the planet from a malevolent plot.
“I will rid the Earth of superpowers even
if it has to end with me!”
As you’d expect, fighting is a
major part of the storyline here.
Players battle soldiers and robots, using
all kids of weapons and superpowers.
There’s a lot of destruction with lasers,
explosions, and the like, but no blood or gore.
Profanity, including the “S-word,” pops up
occasionally in the dialogue and background chatter
On the plus side, the game’s plot focuses on teamwork, helping those in need, and always doing what’s right.
“Thanks for the assist.”
Common Sense says Marvel’s Avengers is OK
for teens 13 and up, and we’ve named it a
Common Sense Selection.
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