Marvel's Spider-Man 2 – Gameplay Reveal | PS5 Games

Lizard sighted in Queens. Closing in now. Cover the door! The beast could be anywhere… You have no idea. Spider-Man! This whole Lizard hunt ends now! Leave Connors alone! Dog will rip him to shreds! Ahh! Your new strength will not save you Spider! Kraven wants a hunt? I’ll give him what he’ll never forget! Cut the legs off that Spi– He’s gonna wish he never came to New York! Standby and wait for orders. Satellite scanning all active feeds. Triangulating position… Target located at Harlem Fish Market. All teams converge. Lizards across the river… I’m not going to make

it in time. Miles… the hunters tracked Connors to the Harlem Fish Market. Lizard. I’m on it! Sound like Kraven’s checking off his– We don’t have much time. Move! Uhh guess we’ll chat later? Wooohooo! Ganke. The Lizard’s loose at the fish market. Must be sushi night. You still got that hunter drone you hijacked? Been really tough hiding it from my mom… But, yeah. I’ll boot up and see you there. They got here fast. Dropping down. Can’t let ‘em find Connors. Or he’s done for… Spread out. If you find the lizard… don’t engage alone. Look at those

fish. It’s been feeding. Never saw it coming. Huh? Watch yourselves! We have a Spider! So, how’s the hunt going? Watch out for his new powers! Judging by the three

tons of dead fish… Not well! All right… Where are you Connors? Garage might lead to him. Connors tore through this place. He’s out of control. Oh! Where am I now? Boo! How’d you find me? Followed the fish. Drones picking up Lizard’s trail. He’s still eating. We can catch him off guard. Ganke, get behind me. Woah! It’s just his skin. Doesn’t that mean he’s getting bigger? Hungrier too.

Whooah. Hey man, new threads? the building swarming with hunters. The buildings swarming with hunters. Any sign of Connors? Uhh yeah. Gankes tracking him. Hey, Mr. Parker. Mr… Spider-Man. I mean. But the data is incomplete. Okay. I think I got a lock. Ganke wait! Be chill. That wasn’t me. Me neither. I don’t even have a stomach so… Let’s go! Go, go, go! Take him alive! Can’t lose Connors! Harry’s dying, and he’s the only one who could help. We won’t. You take the drones. I got the jetskis. Cool if I borrow this? This is really, really exciting!

Keep it tight man. Watch out for those drones! Don’t worry. They think I’m a friendly. Spider-Man! There! Take him out! The East River is not a river, but in fact, a saltwater tidal flat that… It’s Spider-Man! He’s fighting on right now! Everybody down! Help the tour boat! Right! I’ve got the metal murder bird! I warned you about going after Connors. Now this is on you! Poison clouds… That all you got? Almost done here. Civilians are all safe! How you look’n? Gunship wont quit! I’m right behind you! We’ll take it down together! No time! I got

you! Time to go boom boys! –Oh, no, no, no… Spider-Man it’ got… Defenses… Ahh! Spider-Man! Hang on! Over there! The one with the tendrils! Move! Move! Move! Miles! Grab on let’s go! He’s right behind you! I know, I know! Whoa! Ski faster! Fly faster! Hyuh! I do not want to be lizard food! Just-Gotta-Hold on! Look out! Everyone take cover! What are you guys doing? Trying to take out that good ship! Can’t get close enough. But I can. I’m one of them, remember? Bro…thats it! Pete! Alley-oop on three? Fine! One! Two! Three! Alley… Oop! Ahhh! He

got away from us. It’s good Pete. I saved the tracker. Let’s go, man. Before he gets too far! No! He’s fine. You sure? He’s got big teeth. So do I. Umm… He’s not normally like that, right? No… He’s never like that.

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