McDonald's vs Jollibee Food Review (Who Does it Better?) 🇵🇭

Good afternoon from Manila.
I’m back in Manila after
spending a couple days in Bohol.
And, uh, I did a jolly bee video, uh, right when
I arrived to the Philippines on my first day here.
And I tried all the food there.
Uh, but I haven’t had McDonald’s yet.
So there’s a McDonald’s over there.
There’s a jolly bee right here.
So we’re gonna buy some jolly bees, gonna get
some McDonald’s and then we’ll head over to that park.
And, uh, compare the two they’ve gotta be
like, obviously jolly bee is the most famous.
Ooh there’s a woman there almost walked into it.
Obviously jollybee’s most famous,
uh, fast food place here and then
probably McDonald’s is a close second.
So we’re gonna, uh, head on in, oh, actually also
chowking might be a close competitor for the
second spot, but we’re gonna go in, got my handy
Gandy mask here to get let into the premises.
Um, but yeah, we’ll go ahead
and, uh, try out jollybee
versus McDonald’s let’s do it.
All right.
So I think the only way that we can compare
the two is by getting similar meals.

they’ve obvious, obviously
got like the cheesy hamburger and
McDonald’s has the, the cheeseburger.
Um, but I also notice that the park
that I’m gonna eat at, there’s a lot of
like homeless people and a few of the
little kids there I have, uh, I bought
chcolates for them a few days ago.
So, uh, get some extra couple
burgers for them, everybody.
Hello, jolly afternoon.
that’s what they say every time here at Jolly
bee I didn’t, uh, know that when I first,
uh, came here, but I was editing the video
and I, I saw, I heard jolly afternoon.
All right, well, let’s get a cheesy hamburger
meal, obviously get the jolly spaghetti.
Everyone’s working hard.
We got some music in the background.
Could I please have one cheesy hamburger meal?
Uh, to take away, I’ll have one jolly spaghetti.
I’m sorry.
And then also, uh, 10 cheesy hamburgers.
How about your, uh, your drinks, sir?
Uh, Pepsi or co Coca-Cola?
Who drinks?
Eh, no, just, just one.
Uh, Let’s see if you got that right.
Cheesy hamburger, solar.
Oh no, I need, I need, uh, 10 cheesy hamburgers.
I need 10, 10 cheesy hamburgers.
Yeah yeah.
10 please.
let’s see.
That’s right.
And then we got the spaghetti as well.
So that’s all, uh very good.
So 5, 725.
Thank you.
Uh, to take away, please
Take out?
Thank you.
So you may be wondering why I’m
buying all the hamburgers here.
Uh, because I know the kids out there,
they would prefer jolly bee over.
McDonald’s, jolly bee, I already know
how this review’s gonna go jolly bee
beats McDonald’s any day of the week.
Um, just look how good everything looks.
So I knew it would always be an insult
to give, you know, these kids that are
on the street, a McDonald’s cheeseburger.
I think that’ll just be an insult
rather than a gift kind of thing.
So I knew I needed to.
Uh, the best of the best.
That’s why we got the cheesy hamburgers coming
up and, uh, they should be coming shortly,
starting to get a little bit busy here.
We’ve actually been waiting about 10 minutes.
So the one thing that McDonald’s might have on
Jollybee is, uh, the speed of, uh, customer service.
But I did order 10 yumburgers.
So that might be the difference here, but, uh,
I think any moment it should be coming soon.
I think it’s starting to get a little
bit rainy outside, so we better hurry up.
Cause we’re gonna be doing this review in
that park, over there, out in the open.
So we’ll see how it goes.
Here we go.
Ah perfect, okay thank you so much.
Oh, look at all the hamburgers.
All right.
Thank you now.
Wrong door.
Thank you.
Now we gotta go to McDonald’s
or as Australians call it.
Macers so we’ll cross the road here.
Make sure there’s no oncoming
traffic quick, quick, quick.
And, uh, what’s up?
What’s up?
What’s up brother?
Do you guys want a hamburger?
Yeah, I have one for you.
Oh no, we’re in, uh, in this one.
One for you.
You have one for you.
Oh, you want one as well?
All right.
We can have one.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Anyone else?
The rest, unfortunately,
for the people over there.
All right.
We’re already three hamburgers
down or cheesy yumburgers.
I should say.
Let’s head on over to
Macers. Oh, perfect.
I don’t even have to interact with anybody.
I can just go straight here.
Take out.
Oh, even better.
They take card.
all right, here we go.
Burgers, cheeseburger, make it a meal.
Uh, duh fries, soft drink.
We already get Coke as well, just to
make sure everything’s at the same.
Add to order.
All right.
How’s that 108 pesos.
That’s $2 in Australia that would
literally cost like 10 bucks.
All right, let’s just wait here.
So first impressions here at McDonald’s.
This is the first time I’m
eating here and it’s so hot.
They need to get some AC going, come on.
You can’t be a competitor jolly bee and not have
AC, but just look how good all these burgers
look, everybody there’s so much in there.
We got everything.
And then, uh, 872 is now being prepared
so shortly we, uh, we should get our meal.
Hopefully I think that’ll be a
little bit faster, cuz nobody’s here.
Really got no customers cuz everyone’s at
Jolly bees on the other side of the road.
Yeah perfect.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Push, push, push.
We got our hands filled everybody, so
I can’t turn to the camera around, but
we’ll go over to this park, cross the road
with the crossing that nobody stops at.
And then we’ll dig in.
Look at all the kids.
let’s uh, donate a couple
burgers to the boys here, guys.
Do you want to, I have burgers for you.
You want, how many of you, there you go.
Oh, you want more?
How many more?
How many?
We have limited supplier burgers, everybody.
All right.
Now that we have everything.
How many more?
Two, one.
There you go.
So these are our donation giveaways.
We’ll leave them to the side here.
We got jolly bees Coca-Cola
which will open up these here.
You want a drink?
All right, let me, let me compare
and then I’ll give you a drink.
So we gotta compare the McDonald’s
Coke to the, uh, the jolly bee Coke.
So I don’t have a straw, so we’ll
have to quickly sip it here.
I think that’s actually Pepsi.
That’s interesting.
I think that is Pepsi.
McDonald’s Coke has a distinct
Flavor, I think it like literally is Coca-Cola
whereas this has a different flavor anyways.
You guys can have these as well.
You can, yeah, you can have the real comparison that
I want to do is the, uh, the cheesy yumburger
which is where, oh, there must be in here.
The cheesy yunburger versus the cheeseburger.
You want a burger, burger for you.
Am I still filming?
Yes, I am.
All right.
Let’s make sure.
So the McDonald’s cheeseburger versus the
jolly bee, cheesy yumburger, basically the same
thing, but obviously different ingredients and
different kind of Patty, different kind of cheese.
So right off the bat, the Patty is
very different to the McDonald’s one,
obviously, which will open up now.
But yeah, you can see the difference here.
The cheese is different.
The Patty lighter Patty and,
uh, kind of a darker Patty.
And on the side here, they have
jolly bees, uh, like secret sauce.
Whereas this one has ketchup.
So let’s give this on a big old bite
with all the cheese on the side.
So I had this one before.
A couple weeks ago when I was first in Manila.
That’s nice personally, I
prefer ketchup on a burger.
Not kind of like the mayonnaise
secret sauce that they give them.
Leave that one to the side.
You guys want burger?
Thank you.
No worries.
What’s your name?
Nice to meet you Allen.
Now we have the, uh, the cheeseburger.
So, uh huh.
See on the middle there, pickles,
onions, ketchup, cheese Patty.
Oh, this one’s good.
There’s two completely different tastes.
Macers, McDonald’s has just such like a
distinct and I say we’re still filming.
Yes we are.
You wanna say hi?
Thank you for my burger.
Thank you.
No worries.
Hey, we’ll face this way you guys
can be in here we go.
One more burger up the appearance in the block.
There you go.
Burgers, Jollibee, or McDonald’s?
Jollibee good?
I agree.
But they are just two completely
different tastes on the Jollibee’s
burger, you don’t have the onions.
You don’t have the pickles.
You literally just have what’s in
there, Patty cheese, and then the secret
sauce, the jolly bee, secret sauce.
A different, um, taste to the party.
The patty is different.
Here’s the drinks all right.
No worries.
We’ll have another bite here.
You like Jollibee or McDonalds?
It’s the last one I have.
Thank you.
No worries.
I don’t have any more.
Time to try the fries.
McDonald’s fries everybody.
You got the McDonald’s fries.
Here’s the Jollibee.
So literally kind of like the
same thing, the jolly bee ones.
Little bit more crispy.
Which one jolly be or McDonald’s
one more, one more Jollibee’s
the best?
To be fair, these are cold because
we’ve been waiting about 20 minutes to eat them.
Whereas the McDonald’s, a lot more salty
and warmer, but we did just buy them to be fair.
The heat comparison.
Isn’t a fair test cause of the delay.
Oh, I have ketchup.
Here’s ketchup.
Let’s all get in selfie.
All right guys.
So we tried the drink.
We tried the, uh, the burgers.
We tried the French fries.
Put it all in the bin.
Recycle, recycle.
Now it is time spaghetti.
Jolly spaghetti.
I will have a few bites and
then I’ll give to you guys.
Where’s the fork.
We don’t get a fork.
That’s a rip off.
Let’s open it up.
Look how good
that is.
Very good.
All right, everybody’s gone to the audience.
All right.
Let’s mix all up.
Everybody, you can see that.
Get the jolly sauce in there.
There’s even, uh –
Now we’re good.
You gotta mix it in, make sure
the sauce is evenly spread out.
And then, uh, we’ll get a big bite here.
The jolly spaghetti is always good.
You can’t go wrong with it.
I like it.
It’s kind of sweet, uh, compared
to like normal spaghetti where it’s
kind of more of a savory taste, but –
It is nice.
Let’s get.
a bit of sausage on there as well.
That is good.
That is nice.
I love the jolly spaghetti.
McDonald’s doesn’t really have
anything, so I couldn’t compare it to,
but, um, yeah, I give it to you guys.
You want, yeah.
Thank you.
No worries.
That’s all our food done.
No worries, Allen.
You’re a cool guy, Allen.
Well, let’s find a, let’s find a
bin and, uh, we’ll head back to the
hotel it’s bin I put in rubbish.
Thank you for my eating.
No worries.
Have a great day.
I’m not I’m.
I’m pretty sure this.
See you.
Bye bye.
This is a bin.
Looks like it.
I go for a walk.
They’re so friendly here.
But, uh, it’s cross the road in front of this one.
Where’s he going?
You go left or right left or right.
So look at the day, it’s gone into the
gray now that we had it into the evening,
but oh, make sure I don’t have any jolly
spaghetti on my mouth while I’m talking,
but, uh, jolly bees versus McDonald’s guys.
That is it.
The chips they’re literally the same thing.
McDonald’s were a little bit warmer.
because I bought them later on.
Um, so that’s an unfair comparison
as I was saying, but the, the, the
burgers you can’t compare, cuz it is a
completely different taste to each other.
Obviously the cheeseburger at McDonald’s has
the ketchup up the onions, the pickles, uh, and
it tastes completely different to the cheesy
yumburger, which has its kind of own mayonnaise
sauce, uh, just with the Patty and cheese.
So it really is like your own
preference, which one you prefer?
Uh, the drinks, I think.
Mcdonald’s had Coca-Cola and the, the jolly
and the, the jolly bee one, it didn’t really taste like
Coca-Cola, it kind of tasted more like
Pepsi or a knockoff brand of, of some sort.
It didn’t really taste like Coca-Cola it was a
little bit watered down, but of course it all
made up for it with the jolly spaghetti guys.
That was a short little video today, but I
wanna thank you all so much for watching, as always chase your
dreams, and we’ll see you all in the next one.

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