McFarlane Classic Harley Quinn Unboxing and Review | That New Toy Smell #9

ah hello everybody and welcome to a brand new 
episode of that new toy smell i’m your host  
mitch live and i collect action figures and today 
we are having a look at harley quinn from the  
dc multiverse toy line by mcfarlane toys we’re 
back having a look at more figures from the dc  
multiverse toy line by mcfarlane toys and today 
we’re having a look at harley quinn she stands  
in this very typical dc multiverse box uh which 
is 11 inches high including the flap at the back  
it has the lovely viewing window with both clear 
plastic at the top and clear plastic on the sides  
to allow for full illumination of this character 
she looks fantastic sitting in the box on the  
other side here the dc multiverse and mcfarlane 
toys logos and it says harley quinn and it calls  
her classic harley quinn now by looking at the 
back uh it actually tells us that this is harley  
quinn from her own comic series but the reason 
that they call her classic harley quinn is because  
this is how she was depicted in the 90s batman 
animated series which is actually where this  
character originated from that’s right harley 
quinn was one of the only characters to

exist in the comics before the television series 
in the dc multiverse toy line each figure comes  
with a collectible trading card and the photo 
featured on the back is going to be the photo  
that’s also featured on that card and this 
photo is from harley quinn comics number 15.  
at the bottom it shows some other figures that 
are available from this toy line including  
batman from detective comics number 1000 live 
action harley quinn from the movie birds of prey  
unchained armor superman the bat raptor and green 
arrow from the television series arrow below  
that it has your typical mcfarland toys dc and 
warner brothers logos all the copyright nonsense  
and that is the box now it’s time to crack 
her open so here is harley quinn looking as  
classic as ever just as promised on the 
box she is from a seven inch figure line  
and we’re gonna throw the measuring tape 
on her and see exactly how tall she stands  
she stands about six and three quarter inches 
if you’re talking about the top of her head  
but with her little jester hat it puts her almost 
closer to seven inches this figure along with many  
other dc multiverse characters features 22 points 
of articulation that’s ultra articulation ultra  
articulation and i have to give mcfarlane toys 
credit because i complained about the uh the toes  
moving and how it actually just kind of adds more 
instability you might notice that even when her  
toe is pointed up there’s actually a little nub 
there that maintains her balance so she doesn’t  
fall over just because her toes point they must 
have heard me complaining about this in a former  
episode and fixed it just for me thanks mcfarlane 
toys she seems like a pretty high quality figure  
i’m going to see if i can get her to uh hold on 
to some of her accessories give us some poses here  
resting the hammer on her shoulder pose feels 
like a classic harley pose i’m gonna put her  
on her stand for some added stability there 
and she just dropped her hammer her mallet
yeah okay i can’t really oh kinda i’m trying to 
go for that classic hammer over the shoulder pose  
that harley does i can’t quite get there uh her 
wrists are a little a little obstructed by these  
uh frilly little cuffs that she’s got here but the 
feel of the quality of this figure and the way the  
joints move i’d say it’s all pretty high quality 
and these cufflinks as well as this are very  
detailed her collar i guess you call it uh they’re 
very detailed it’s a very high quality figure  
this looks just like classic harley quinn uh 
they deliver on that promise i guess in terms  
of accessories she comes with the collectible 
trading card as mentioned on the back of the box  
the mallet which we’ve already just been playing 
with a little bit oh cool check out a little face  
there i didn’t even notice the little face and 
this classic uh fake gun that when you fire it  
just a little flag comes out that says bang 
this is a classic joker and harley quinn gag  
and the original kenner version of harley quinn 
also comes with a very very similar accessory  
so that is very classic i am gonna let any 
potential purchasers of this figure know  
when you are unboxing it be very very careful 
with this particular piece it was it was in  
there very deep and uh this pole doesn’t feel very 
sturdy and uh i was a little scared popping it out  
everything else uh was very sturdy and very 
good quality she comes with a stand which has  
the dc logo and kind of engraved in it which uh 
all of the dc multiverse figures come with if  
it’s not a black stand it’s a clear stand but they 
always have the dc logo on it which is pretty cool  
overall very happy with this figure this is my 
harley quinn i mean i really did enjoy birds of  
prey and i like the uh margot robbie portrayal 
and the newer harley quinn as well but nothing  
beats classic harley quinn and this brings us to 
the end of another episode of that new toy smell  
as always there will be links in the description 
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harley quinn from the dc multiverse line by 
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