Melissa Barrera Talks Scream VI and Reveals the First Movie That Really Scared Her

-Our next guest is a talented actress you know from films such as “In the Heights” and the Scream franchise. She stars in the latest installment, “Scream VI.” It should be in theaters everywhere this Friday, March 10th. Let’s take a look. -Hey! Don’t worry. I got you. -Are you kidding me? -You have a better idea? -No. ♪♪ -Come on. Eyes on me. Keep your eyes on me. -Go! – -Oh, my God. -I got you. I got you. – -Please welcome to the show Melissa Barrera, everybody. ♪♪ ♪♪ Welcome! I’m so happy to have you here! -I’m

so happy. This is my first late night show ever. -Well, you’re doing a great job. Usually — Usually, first timers just wander off and you made it right over here. -Well, so far, I didn’t trip, which was what I was afraid of. -I remember the first time I was on a talk show, that was my biggest concern, was just like making it fully to the couch okay. -Yeah. So, so far, so good. -You’re off to a great start. Off and running. -Thanks. -Congratulations on the movie. I know you had the premiere here and was it

fantastic? -It was incredible. It was last night at the Lincoln Center AMC and it was so magical. We didn’t get a premiere for the

last one because, you know, Omicron. -Right, right. -And so this was like a double whammy premiere and it felt big and it was wonderful and magical. -And, you know, I’ve lived in the city for, you know, over 20 years and I will say, when a big horror movie comes out, there is no more fun place to see it than Times Square. I mean that genuinely, like those crowds are exactly the kind

of crowds that have the sort of fun that you’re supposed to have at movies like this. -I mean, horror is such a like a communal experience. You need to see it with people because people are shouting and yelling at the screen and gasping and it’s contagious and it’s fun to do that. -This is you with some of your costars. You all look wonderful, but this is even more exciting. This is your family joined you and they were all there. And were they so proud? Were they so happy? -Yeah. That’s my sister Rossana; my mom; my

husband; and my baby sister, Mayela. And my other sister, Regina, who lives in Spain, couldn’t be here. But to me, the most important thing is sharing my work with my family, so, the fact that they all made it out was really special. -Now, of course, anybody who’s watching a “Scream” movie is trying to guess who is Ghostface, who’s behind the mask. Your family, did they participate in that? Were they trying to figure it out? They do, because I don’t tell them anything. -Really? Do they try to get it out of you or they know that

it’s pointless? -Every day, they try. -Okay, gotcha. They try to like catch me off-guard. But I don’t — I am really bad when I start oversharing, so, I just say I’m not going to tell anyone. And that means not even my mom, not my husband, not anyone, so. They get to participate in the whodunit mystery and they get to — And I love watching them watch the movie for the first time and they’re like real reactions and it’s really — it’s cool. -That’s good. And did any of them correctly guess? Did they admit to you

afterwards? -No, they did not, yeah. -Alright. That’s even more fun. -Yeah. Yeah. It is fun. -There is a scene, a fantastic scene — This movie takes place in New York City, which is a first for the Scream franchise. There’s this very scary scene that takes place on the subway. -I really apologize to all subway users in New York City. -Now, I will say it’s bad enough, even without the slashers… -Yeah. -…like without Ghostface, like it wasn’t like people were like, “Oh, the subways were great until that.” -I know. -But was it fun to shoot it

here in New York and to bring the franchise here? -We did shoot in New York. -Well, that is heartbreaking. -I know. -I guess that makes sense. I didn’t see Ghostface running around. -I know. Well, have you seen him like standing on corners creepily as part of like the marketing? -That’s not okay, by the way. -I know! I know it’s not! -Yeah. -I actually am not sure if it’s part of the marketing or if it’s just someone decided to do that and made the news. -Like there’s a Times Square Elmo, but that’s not “Sesame Street.” -Yeah.

-That’s not a reminder to tune in. -But they built — So, in Mont– We shot in Montreal. They had a whole soundstage and they built a subway with a station and the train would go in and out of the station, inside a studio. It was mind-blowing. And it was dirty, too. -Yeah. -Very accurate. -Now, I remember when I saw the first “Scream” movie in theaters — I know I’m older than you — I Googled it. That’s how I know. I didn’t — Like at first, I was like, “Are we the same age?” But no. So,

I’m assuming you did not see the first one in theaters, but you must’ve seen — remember the first time you saw the “Scream” movie. -I do remember. I didn’t see it when it came out because I was six, but I — -Don’t. It’s not important how old you are. -I did — I was obsessed with horror movies when I was like 10, 11, 12. And I wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies, so, I would either lock myself in my room or, at sleepovers with my friends, watch “Scream” and “Final Destination” and, you know, “I Know

What You Did Last Summer” and all those obsessively. I’m kind of a masochist that way because I love watching horror movies and I cannot sleep at night, but I kind of love that, weirdly, yes. -Do you remember the first one that really scared you, was it one of the — -Yes, “Chucky.” -“Chucky,” yeah. -Yeah. -“Chucky’s” not okay, either, yeah. -It was not okay. I specifically remember this scene where he’s — It’s like a back — the back of like a big like moving truck or something and he’s — like the little doll is holding someone

hostage — however that happens — and someone’s following in a car or running or something and the little doll just flips them off. And it’s actually hilarious, but it was so scary to me at the time. -I like that, of all of Chucky’s crimes, -I know! -the one you couldn’t stand for is rudeness. -That’s what I remember. -I think that says you’re a very polite person. Of the many things we should take away, it’s that. Hey, congratulations on the movie. It was so delightful to have you here. You’re a pro. Let me just tell you,

-Thank you. Thank you so much. -You’re a pro at being a talk show guest. Melissa Barrera, everybody. “Scream VI” will be in theaters everywhere this Friday. We’ll be right back with Margaret Atwood.

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