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In today’s video, we shall be doing unboxing and review of a smart multipurpose table
Friends, this is a very useful product and stay with us till the end
Come on, lets begin
So friends, this is that package, in which
we have received this Laptop Desk table
As you can see, there is only table’s self packing
There is no separate Amazon packing and
as you can see, this is MemeHO brand laptop desk
Can be used as bed table and can be used as Tea tray
It is foldable, portable and multi-function
How all it can be used, I will
explain it completely
This is Smart Mini Table
It is mentioned ‘Please inspect the item before signing’ because this is fragile
item. So, warning is given so that you inspect the item
and only after that, you sign the delivery
You can see, friends that anywhere
its MRP is not mentioned
So, it implies that
it can be sold at any price
However, I have got it from Amazon at a price of 949
Its color is Black, so that’s why B is written over here
Come, lets open this.
So friends, when I opened this, we get this table
As you can see, its a black color table
It has a very nice finishing and a very good look
Along with this, we get
this paper in which
its customer care number and whatsapp number is given
so that in case you are not satisfied, you can directly contact them
So, they offer you zero risk policy so that in case you have any difficulty
there is ‘Free Return Policy’ and ‘Free Replacement Policy’
So, first of all, we talk about it’s
material. Which material this table is made of.
This table has approx weight of 400 gram
The material of this table is high density wood
This is a good quality wood and not a cheaper quality of wood and
if we talk about its legs
then, these are powder coated
These are powder coated steel pipes
which are acting as this table’s legs on which there are rubber
base so that they do not slip and
to give it anti-slip property
In this way, it is very easy to carry
Its weight is 400 gram and if
we talk about its length and width, then its length is
60 cm that is approx 2 feet
and its width is approx 40 cm
and if we talk about its height, it is almost 27 cm
So, these are its dimensions
Along with this, we get a slotted section of this type
in which you can dock anything
You can dock your mobile or your
tablet. It even has a pen stand where
you can keep your pen
Now, friends, lets talk about its design
As you can see friends, its design
is very ergonomic and it is designed very nicely
It is designed in such a way that when a human sits taking this on his lap
then, according to him
this has been design considering this fact
that person doesnt have to exert much, he doesnt have to bend very much
That angle has been taken care of in its design. Moreover, see its edges
these edges are very smoothened
There are no sharp edges so that in any way
you dont get hurt
You dont get hurt by hitting this, so all edges
are curved and there are no sharp edges
Now, lets open this and fit it
Now, if we talk of its usability, this
can be used in multiple things. I can
Children can use it for studying.
They can keep their books over this for studying or reading
or they can write anything using this table
or they can use this table as snacks table
Snacks can be served on this table. Some patient
can be served on this. You can use it to
serve breakfast, lunch or dinner
It has one more use that is since
it is so easy to carry, you can carry it in your car
you can carry it on your bed
or you can use it in office and even
you can keep it on table. This can be used by keeping it on your existing study table.
This table can be used by anyone ranging from 5 year child to 80 years adult
You can use it to play board games.
Like, I have shown you by docking. If you want, either you can dock your mobile
in either portrait mode or landscape mode
You can work by keeping your laptop on it
This is 15.6 inch laptop placed on this table
You can either place 15.6 inch laptop or any laptop up to a size of 17 inch
can be placed on this. Even after this, see,
there is sufficient space available on the table
on which you can place your tea cup
or glass of water or anything you can keep
It gives you a lot of space
It is very excellent in terms of space
and you can use it in a very good way
However, one fault or the only issue which I observed is that for small kids,
as I told you, the height
it offers you, is 27 cm. So, with this 27 cm
height, it is possible that
it is quite higher for a small kid.
He may not be able to write. This can be an area of concern.
However, for an adult
this is a very good table and it has
purpose use and you can be use it in any way
There is no second thought regarding its good quality
This table is available in 5 colors
All 5 colors are very nice. These are Black,
Wood, Pink, Blue and Green
This one is black shade but you can
see other shades as well. Its purchase link is given
in description box of this video, where you would be able to see all available colors and as per your choice
you can place order for the color you like
So, friends, as you saw, its a very good quality
table. Even at Amazon, 2641 people have
given it approx 4.4 star rating
If you want to purchase this,
its link is given in the description box from where you can directly purchase this.
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