MERIT REVIEW: TESTING A FULL FACE USING ALL PRODUCTS ✨ (tinted lip oil, cheek balm, mascara & more)

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel  
for today’s video as you can read by the title i 
will be reviewing merit beauty’s makeup products  
so this is what it looks like um i will be 
doing somewhat of a full face of makeup i  
will be sharing with you guys how i feel about 
the product um if you know me you know i’m very  
you know i don’t like to put anything on my face 
so what i do know about this brand is it’s very  
minimalistic and it’s just supernatural so i 
cannot wait to try it out i do want to thank  
merit beauty for sending me these products but 
i am going to give you guys my full honesty and  
opinion on how i feel about these um it is super 
cute i want to show you guys what the packaging  
looks like once you open it up there’s this card 
right here and it also comes in like a travel bag  
and i think this is just so cute because 
i feel like i can just put this in my car  
and just you know use it for emergency or just 
you can pretty much use this bag for anything so  

it is so thoughtful um i will show you guys 
what they sent me so here’s everything okay  
so i don’t know where to start i think i’m 
gonna start with opening up the blending brush
this is what the blending brush looks like
oh it’s super soft so here’s the blending brush
and this is the cheek color
this is going to be the height
the highlight balm
this is the tinted lip oil
the volumizing pomade
the complexion stick
and last but not least the mascara so first 
i’m going to go in with the complexion stick  
and i’m going to use this as contour the 
shape that i picked out is going to be  
a darker tone i will list the 
shades down in the description below  
but i did pick out a darker tone you’re 
actually supposed to use this as concealer but  
i kind of wanted to use this as contour so 
i’m going to go ahead and start with that
and then i’m going to use the blending 
brush to blend all of this in so far so bad
i honestly never put anything on my jawline 
but just for the sake of this video why not  
i do like the texture of this um of the 
complexion stick i really like the texture of that  
okay so far i like these products um  
this looks really good in my opinion um i 
feel like i could blend a little bit more  
right here but um i love how light the complexion 
stick feels um so and this this brush really does  
the job so okay next thing i’m going to use is 
the highlighting balm so let’s try that let’s put  
this i like to put my highlight right here right 
here right here and maybe a little bit right there
and for this i like to use my 
finger i don’t want to use the  
brush but i just want to use my finger for this
but um so i am honestly i’m honestly 
really liking these products
this is a very subtle glow
okay so let’s see next product i’m 
going to use is let’s try out this  
cheek balm so let’s go ahead and use this 
i’m going for a sunburnt look so i’m probably  
going to put this over my nose um and go 
from there does it smell like anything so
i’m scared to try this i 
don’t want to ruin anything
i feel like you can also put this 
on your lips so why not but i’m  
going to show you guys the tinted oil 
which is why i’m not going to do that  
but should i use the brush or 
should i use my fingers i don’t know
have you guys seen the trend where you 
put your blush right under your eyes  
i’m too scared to try that
but i feel like this is very light do i add more
i don’t know
i really like how this feels i just 
feel like you can’t see that i have  
blush on does that make sense
so i love the quality of it it feels very 
light but i feel like there’s no pigment to it  
that’s the only thing actually 
i should put a little bit more
i don’t know if that’s supposed to be
is it supposed to be not pigmented that 
well or am i just not putting enough  
i don’t know am i blending it in too much
okay maybe i should just leave it like this 
oh my god i feel like there’s nothing on  
okay let’s just leave it like 
this um next i’m going to use
the volumizing pomade so this is for your eyebrows 
i am so nervous for this just because i don’t like  
anything on my eyebrows honestly i don’t even 
think this is my shade i think they only had  
this shade for me to choose from it’s a dark brown
and my eyebrows are like black so i’m just 
gonna pull put a little bit of this just  
because i’m kind of nervous um i’d never put 
anything on my eyebrows except for castor oil  
why is this so long and this is like 
really small it’s kind of weird but okay  
so i’m gonna try to get a lot 
off just so i can test it out
okay should i put this like on the end i might 
not do it at all if it looks really bad so
did i take off too much because 
i feel like there’s nothing on  
okay i’m just gonna do this let’s see
why do i feel like there’s nothing on
okay well there’s i feel like there’s 
no color being put on is that normal
okay well let’s just leave it like this
oh i see it now actually oh i actually see it okay
i think this needs to be darker 
for me i think this is too light
that’s why i can’t see it this is way too light
so obviously i’m going for a bushy 
look which is what i just created
i honestly don’t know how i feel about this 
just because i don’t think it’s my shade  
but if it was my shade i think i would love it um 
but i don’t really know what it’s supposed to do  
i’m gonna be very honest i don’t know 
anything about eyebrows because i don’t put  
anything on my eyebrows so i 
don’t know like what and like  
what the good stuff is and how it’s supposed 
to be like so i mean it looks good it’s just  
i just i just feel like i brushed them out i 
didn’t do anything crazy but anyway moving on
should we do the mascara or the tinted lip oil
i think i’m gonna do which one 
first let’s just do mascara first  
so this is the lengthening mascara 
let’s see if it actually does the job
i’m used to a very thin brush what i use is 
l’oreal telescopic mascara so i think this  
might be a little too thick for me but let’s just 
see what it does because it’s supposed to lengthen
okay so i did one eye here is before and here 
is after um i feel like i wouldn’t wear this  
i feel like this is a mascara i would use to go to 
the beach um maybe on vacation just something very  
light but everyday mascara i wouldn’t use um i 
feel like it’s just very light and it doesn’t
i mean it’s cute but it’s just like i 
said this is more of like a beach day  
more of a pool day where you don’t want it to 
be known that you’re wearing makeup but like  
you just want to put something on 
this is this is the mascara to use  
um so i get that it’s very very settling but as 
far as lengthening and volumizing i don’t see it  
so that’s the only thing with this mascara is i 
probably would not use it on a day-to-day basis
but at the same time i get it merit is all about 
being minimalistic um very simple very natural  
so i do get that part um which is why i don’t 
think it should be called lengthening mascara  
now moving on last but not least i’m gonna use 
this tinted oil which i’m super excited about  
um i hope i got the right 
shade this is the shade taupe
so let’s go ahead and use this
this is what it looks like
it doesn’t smell like anything  
so here is before and here’s after
so i really like this shade i’m not gonna lie
yeah this feels  
very soft it literally just feels like you have 
oil or lip gloss not lip gloss chapstick it feels  
like you have like chapstick on or an oil on more 
like an oil just feels very soft like a butter  
so i honestly really like this it’s just like 
a tinted oil that is it this is the final look
and that is all for today’s video thank you guys 
so much for watching if you guys do have any  
questions please let me know down in the comments 
below and i would love to answer that for you um  
i hope you guys enjoyed this video i had so much 
fun creating it and wait to include these in my  
everyday makeup routine and yeah thank you guys 
so much for watching i will see you all next time

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