MERIT Signature Lip Matte | Swatches of Every Shade, Review and Satin Comparison

hello there meet the new lipstick formula that instantly landed a spot on my unofficial favorite matte lipsticks of all time list I’ll be swatching all eight shades of Merit signature lip matte comparing them to the signature lip satin range plus some other famous mates you requested and talking

texture it’s time for a deep dive and luckily for a mat it’s such a soft Landing I say it’s an unofficial ranking of my all-time favorite Matts because I’ve never made a video on them before but I’ve mentioned them all countless times over the years and we’ll revisit

them here and talk about where this new formula fits here’s the whole family onti classic sunde Maison Court Vermilion power and equestrian the full name on their beauty birth certificate is signature lip lightweight matte lipstick they sit alongside the existing signature lip satins on Merritt’s website so you

know they’re all meant to be light and easy to wear the easiest way to tell the old satins and new mates apart is the tube the Saturns have a brownie mahogany lid and the mattes are in a charcoal gray the mattes also have shade labels that match each

lipstick shade making them much easier to identify you can hear me rave about the satins in many videos over the last 2 years because they’re everything I

could ever want in a sheer formula bmy buildable incredibly comfortable with a soft satin finish and such a light feel in

eight everyday Shades if you’re expecting the new signature lip mates to be an exact match just matte not quite they can be because they’re so smooth and Shear out perfectly but they’re also much much more powerful and pigmented eight enhanced saturated Shades this time so they’re from the

same laidback lip family but the mattes are the Richer more dramatic yet soft very chic older sister in terms of texture this is one of the softest matte lipsticks I’ve ever tried if the goal is a bullet that Glides across the lips this feels like it almost floats

that’s how luxuriously smooth it feels not super silicon or slippy though they last really well and keep feeling so comfy and weightless that soft touch makes them perfect for blurred softer looks it’s rare to find a formula that does both so intentionally and so well looks great at

full strength but also looks like it was made to be sheer you can stop at one swipe rub your lips together or soften with your fingertips I even saw Meritt suggesting their brush number two eyeshadow brush for application diffusing color with the fluffier end or lining with the

tiny end but they never feel fussy and look perfect when you swipe and smudge or blot the bullet on some formula facts before we meet the shades vegan crueltyfree no noticeable fragrance key ingredients hyaluronic acid and sesame seed extract these do not feel drying at all but they

don’t feel specifically hydrating matte lipsticks never really do for me so I’m still going to prep my lips with lip balm let’s get swatching onti is described as soft Peach on T is a city in the south of France so picture terracotta tiled roofs and sundrenched Beach days

I’m very cool toned so at full strength leans a bit orange but would look great on warmer skin tones when I Shear it out it’s a nice sunburnt easy peach I have a feeling classic is going to be an instant Classic this is described as neutral but it’s

a pinky peachy polished shade that makes you feel put together in a gradient of eight wearable tone it down or Build It Up colors this feels like the ultimate easy to throw on shade a name like sunde might conjure up a no makeup makeup day but this is

a cheery pop of pink that brightens up the whole face like a Sunday picnic in the park a bolder pink than I personally go for but the my lips bit brighter sheared out version makes it more wearable than a full-on fuchsia maon is the French word for house

and also the French word for my favorite shade it’s called mauve by Sephora Berry mauve or Rich mve by Merit and warmer wearable ready brownie Berry by me if you’re expecting a cool mve I’m so sorry but this relaxed sort of red is a beauty court is called

warm brick but it’s definitely not your typical bricky terra cotta the summery brightness and coral kick make this color sing one of my viewers Mariah said she recently took this shade to Mexico and that’s exactly where I want to pretend to be when I wear this the word

vilon means bright red or Vivid orange red and that’s what we have here a warm red inspired by Merritt’s popular limited edition summer satin a pair of teeth they wanted to bring that back in a more pigmented way way so this is the same fiery Red reimagined Power

is the cool red in the range maybe named after the founder of Merit Catherine power or named after how powerful it looks and makes you feel the texture keeps the color approachable because you can soften it easily but the cooler purpley Berry tone will look stronger in lighter

layers equestrian is a warm Brown that’s far more wearable than it might seem to some of you it would be a gorgeous nude on deeper skin tones or deepen your lips in an effortlessly cool way a 90 shade without any hint of being a flat Stark lifeless Brown

shade comparisons in a second I saw Amanda Zed say these sit between a vibrant matte lipstick and a glossier generation G and I agree I’d put them right in the middle of more pigmented creamy mattes I love and blotted sheer soft mattes I love so let’s run through

some of them Charlotte Tilbury matte Revolution and Chanel rala velvet have long held the top two formula spots in my mind when it comes to creamy matte lipsticks great pigment Rich color but never drying I’ve loved them both for maybe 10 years at this point I’d also put

Rouge Dior mates up there they tick similar creamy comfortable but high impact boxes as well as Lisa ‘s true velvets such intense pigment in beautifully nuanced Shades but this one does eventually feel a touch dry on me if I’m not using lip balm layers in between to me

Merit feels even softer on the lips than all of the above then we jump to more laidback soft mattes like my beloved Bobby Brown Crush lip colors I will not go anywhere without a tube of this low maintenance barely their texture blotted straight from the bullet or buildable

one or two swipes of crushed and Merit might look similar but Meritt can layer to pack way more of a punch and feels creamier then there’s glossier generation G which delivers a flush of low key color with a weightless feel Meritt feels far more silky and generation G

doesn’t have the same smooth Glide or potential to build the color vetr bizub Bal could be in this conversation too and while I love the just bitten blurred velvety color it’s much lower impact and feels slightly powdery on the lips no trace of that with Merit another sheer

matte that came to mind was the stunning Joni larouge sheer velvets like a more luxurious cousin of crushed lip color these have a soft focus diffused finish and interestingly the velvety soft feel during application is closest to Merit but then they can’t reach the same full pigment finished

product so signature lip really is a great midpoint between the characteristics of richer classic creamy mattes and lighter blurred look soft mattes Meritt currently sells a box set capsule really nice mixture of four shades on classic Maison and power and speaking of sets this month I was so

excited to curate my own Merit bundles so I’ll leave my Matilda’s favorites and essential sets linked below all of of my go-to Merit formulas or a few of my top peeks including signature lip satin or matte at a discount let’s bring in the satin Shades to find some

potential matte matches I’ll share a sheer and stronger Swatch of each here’s on next to slip a neutral slw beige the toastier tones in onti stand out a fraction more next classic with Millennial and baby soft pink sisters Millennial is a slightly brighter cooler pink then baby is

more muted stronger pinks Sunday with fashion which is a purpley berry satin still vibrant but not as warm as the pop of Sunday pink my favorites maon with laven a berry Brown satin definitely related same color mood leaven is just a little less Rosy bringing in the bricks

cour with tiger the brick red satin that’s looking Brown next to Bright corish cour and carbo is a warmer red orange the Reds vilon and a pair of teeth you can certainly see the resemblance between those two whereas matte power is clearly cooler and equestrian and 1990 for

a ’90s Vibe next to cooler 1990 equestrian suddenly looks like a delicious warm milk chocolate finally some quick Charlotte Tilbury comparisons as requested how does maon compare to two of my most loved Charlotte Shades Bond girl and walk of no shame brownie red bondir slmi kiss is close

folks my eyes almost play tricks on me looking at these for too long you can barely tell but Bond girl has a tiny bit more brown maybe then Berry Rose Walk of no shame is more Berry and Rose in comparison I’d also like to add Viva Le vagara

into the mix another red berry wine I just want to be adopted by this family they’re so lovely a couple of you wanted to see classic next to pillow talk so your rosy wish is my command Pillow Talk is usually called nude pink but I think of it

as a dustier almost molted pink that dustiness is a little more evident next to Classic also worth seeing it with Wedding Bells which struck me as even closer such an underrated peachy rose bud pck what are your thoughts on signature lip mat did you race to try the

new formula or have something similar at home or feel happy to stick to the sheer satins some people were disappointed the shade range leans quite warm so I’d love to hear any additional colors you’d like to see in future and please leave your own unofficial matte lipstick rankings

or your favorite soft mates in the comments thanks for watching see you next time

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