MGReviews' 2021 Year in Review / The Best Cars, Best SUVs, Best Trucks, and Best Vehicle of 2021

Hello and welcome to the MGReviews 2021 Year in 
Review. In this video I’m going to take a look  
back at all the vehicles that I test drove 
over the past year and pick a winner from  
different categories. So best car, best SUV, 
best truck, and then at the end, I’ll pick an  
overall best vehicle of 2021. But I’m also going 
to do a few sub categories. So best mainstream SUV  
and best luxury SUV and more like that. Now 
just keep in mind that these are all vehicles  
that I have personally test driven. I’m just 
one guy doing this YouTube channel so I don’t  
have time to review every single brand new 
car that came out in 2021 and sometimes,  
I don’t even have access to all the vehicles that 
came out in 2021. So apologies ahead of time if  
you’re expecting to see a certain vehicle but just 
keep that in mind. I’m just one guy doing this.  
Anyway let’s get into it. Could this Ford 
Ranger Tremor be the best new vehicle of 2021?  
Or could it be the all-new Genesis GV70? or could 
it be the Veloster N with the new DCT automatic  
transmission? It’s not the Veloster N with the 

/> new DCT automatic transmission. But speaking  
of the Veloster N, let’s get into our first 
category. The best cars that I’ve driven in 2021.
Cars these days are not as popular as they 
used to be. But for some manufacturers they  
still provide a large chunk of their bottom line. 
However the Chevrolet Spark is not one of them  
for General Motors but it is a good car that’s 
worth mentioning. This is the least expensive  
new car that you could have bought in 2021. It’s 
also economical, cheap to insure and maintain,  
and if you get it with a manual transmission, 
pretty fun to zip around a bustling city. However  
the main contenders for the best mainstream car of 
2021 are the KIA K5, Mazda 3 and the Honda Civic.  
The KIA K5 is a bit more expensive than its 
competitors but it offers a lot of value for  
your money and it’s one of the few midsize sedans 
that is offered with an all-wheel drive system.  
However the finalists are the Mazda and the Honda. 
So between those two, which one comes on top?  
It’s the 2022 Honda Civic by the slimmest of 
margins. The Mazda 3 is still a fantastic car  
but the new Civic is all around a bit better. 
It’s spacious, it’s comfortable, it’s got plenty  
of power, good to drive, and it has lots of 
available convenience and safety features.  
Moving on to luxury cars, this year I drove 
the new Acura TLX, BMW M440i, Genesis G80,  
BMW 330e, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Genesis G70, 
KIA Stinger, and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.  
Quite a few but my favorites were the Alfa 
Romeo Giulia, Mercedes E63 AMG and Genesis G70.  
Of those three, the best luxury car of 
my opinion was the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG.  
That is really no surprise 
especially in this wagon form.  
It has the spaciousness and comfort of 
an SUV but the raw power of a supercar.  
And finally we get to the best sports cars of 
2021 that I’ve had the opportunity to drive.  
These included the Ford Mustang GT, Mazda MX-5, 
Mini Cooper JCW convertible, Hyundai Veloster N,  
and Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. Not sure in 
what other category to put that last one, so  
it’s here. But of those sports cars my 
pick for the best is… the Mazda MX-5.  
Sure it’s the slowest of the bunch and the 
least practical and I struggle to fit in it  
comfortably but if you ever wanted to know 
how a sports car should feel like, take one  
of these out for a spin. No other car provides 
a better driving experience than the Mazda MX-5.
These things are everywhere you look. It 
feels like I review one every week of the  
year which is why I have the running 
joke at the end of each of my videos.  
“And as always I will see you 
in the next car or truck or  
probably another bonkers SUV.” “And as always 
I will see you in the next car or truck or  
most likely it’ll be another SUV.” “And as 
always I will see you in the next car or truck or  
probably be another SUV.” But 
in a sea of crossovers and SUVs,  
there are a few pearls. Starting with the ones 
that almost everyone can afford, the best extra  
small crossover that I could recommend is 
the Mazda CX-30. It has a few powertrain  
options to choose from, a great interior, and 
of course drives pretty well for what it is.  
Moving up in size, the best compact SUV 
of 2021 is the all-new Hyundai Tucson.  
While I’m not a fan of how it looks and 
a few of the interior material choices,  
it packs a lot of gadgets, it’s available with a 
wide range of engines including a plug-in hybrid,  
and Hyundai have stepped up their interior fit 
and finish. For three row SUVs, I would have  
to pick Hyundai’s cousin, the KIA Sorento. Just 
like the Tucson, it’s got the latest technology,  
multiple powertrains, spacious interior and 
this one doesn’t look too bad in my eyes.  
Moving up, in pricing that is, to luxury 
compact crossovers, admittedly I’ve mainly  
driven Mercedes-Benz crossovers this year. There 
was the GLA 250, the GLA 45 AMG, the GLB 35 AMG,  
and the Mini Countryman. Which is not a 
Mercedes. But of those luxury compact crossovers,  
it’s the GLB 35 AMG that stood out the most. 
Enough space yet incredibly fun to drive.  
For larger luxury SUVs, there are a few more 
choices. The Mercedes GLE and GLS, BMW X3, X4 and  
X5, Volvo XC60 and XC90, Genesis GV70 and GV80, 
Lincoln Aviator and Navigator, Cadillac Escalade,  
and um did I forget one? Oh yes the Acura 
MDX. The best two-row luxury SUV is a bit  
of a surprise to me. I didn’t think that it 
would be this good straight out of the gates  
but I was wrong. I am talking about the all-new 
Genesis GV70. It does everything a modern SUV is  
supposed to do and it does it very well. Fast, 
quiet, spacious, and good value for the money.  
If you need an extra row, the best luxury three 
row SUV of 2021 in my opinion is the Mercedes-Benz  
GLS. Yes the one that I drove had a beast of an 
engine under the hood but if you drive it like a  
civilized person, then it’s a quiet, comfortable, 
spacious, and very elegant luxury three-row SUV.  
Now before we move on to the best trucks of 
2021, let’s take a quick look at the EVs that  
I’ve driven in this year. With all the talk 
of internal combustion engines going away,  
strangely I’ve only driven three full electric 
vehicles this year. The Mini Cooper S electric,  
the Ford Mach-E, which I still refuse 
to call a Mustang, and the Mazda MX30.  
I don’t think it’s any surprise as to which 
one was the best that I’ve driven this year.  
The Mini and the Mazda were adapted to 
be electric vehicles. The Mach-E was  
developed as an EV from the ground up so it 
is the best EV that I have driven in 2021.
Now on to the workhorses in our lives; pickup 
trucks. And starting things off with an honorable  
mention to the Hyundai Santa Cruz. It’s not a 
traditional truck with a body-on-frame design  
but more so an SUV with a truck bed. However 
you’ll want to look at it as it’s the best of  
both worlds and it’ll be interesting to see 
how it compares against the Ford Maverick.  
Now moving on to mid-size trucks, I’ve driven the 
Ford Ranger, Jeep Gladiator, and Toyota Tacoma.  
Although I really enjoyed my time with the 
Gladiator Mojave, it’s not the best all-rounder.  
That honor goes to the Ford Ranger. It’s got 
plenty of space in the bed, it has a powerful and  
yet efficient ecoboost engine, more than enough 
capability for towing, and relatively inexpensive.  
Move up a class to the half tons and 
I’ve only driven two of them this year.  
The all-new Ford F-150 Powerboost hybrid and 
the insanely crazy but smile inducing RAM TRX.  
Looking at these two for their overall package 
and not the crazy 700 plus horsepower monster  
under the hood of the TRX, the RAM 1500 is still 
the king. The interior fit and finish as well as  
the space is still better than the F-150. But RAM 
needs to put a proper hybrid powertrain and get  
on with developing their full electric variants 
to continue competing against the Ford in 2022.
Now before we get to my pick of the 
overall best vehicle I’ve driven in 2021,  
I thought we should have a look, or rather a 
listen, to the best sounding exhaust of 2021.  
Pretty soon all that we’ll hear from cars is this
So we need to appreciate the wonderful and 
intoxicating noises that some of them continue  
to produce today. Kicking things off with an 
honorable mention of the Hyundai Veloster N,  
it has a common 2-liter turbo engine but coupled 
with the active exhaust that it comes with,  
it sounds very fruity
But the best 2-liter turbo engine I’ve heard 
all year was in the Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG.  
It is also available in other 45 
series of Mercedes-Benz vehicles  
and it will soon replace the V8 in the C63 AMG.  
Unfortunately. But at least it can develop 
over 400 horsepower and it sounds like this
Add on a couple more cylinders 
and you end up with a smooth  
revving inline six engine. There aren’t that 
many around but one of the best sounding is  
the three liter inline six that’s under 
the hood of the BMW X4M Competition
But for the best sounds of 2021, 
it’s really hard to beat a V8 engine.  
While the BMW X5M Competition 
has a nice sounding V8
It’s not quite as good as the AMG V8
That one sounds really good. However you 
can’t talk about V8s without talking about  
the Americans. They know a thing or two 
about making a good sounding V8 engine  
and that’s why the 6.2 liter supercharged 
V8 in the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye  
and RAM TRX is my choice for the best 
sounding engine I’ve heard in 2021
And finally we arrived to the overall 
best vehicle I’ve driven in 2021.  
Can you tell what it is? how about now? Yes it is 
the 2022 Genesis GV70! Overall this is the best  
vehicle that I test drove in 2021. I was really 
impressed by its driving dynamics because it is a  
comfortable and relaxing daily commuter but at 
the push of a button, it can drive like as though  
you have a hornet up your bottom. The interior 
materials are top notch, really good quality. It’s  
also quiet in there and very, very comfortable. 
Plus for the price point of this GV70, you’re  
getting a lot of value for your money. Of course 
the German rivals also have the same features as  
this GV70 but you’re going to be paying a little 
bit more for those German cars. And on top of all  
that, I think it’s a pretty good-looking SUV. I 
would argue that this is probably the best-looking  
Genesis vehicle that they currently make. So if 
you are on the market for a compact luxury SUV,  
I highly, highly recommend the 2022 Genesis 
GV70. If you want to know more about this GV70,  
I did a video review of it, also I wrote a 
more detailed review of it over on my website.  
You can find those links in the video description 
or click on the pop-up banner up here.  
And as always, I will see you in the next car or 
truck or most likely another SUV. Anyway, thank  
you for watching, please like and subscribe, have 
a Happy New Year, and see you in the next video.

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