Midea MAC-215F Air Cooler Unboxing & Review – Better Than a Normal Table / Tower Fan? | Malaysia

I am still working from home and the weather 
during the afternoon is insanely hot. Furthermore,
my workstation is just next to the balcony.
I have an option to use the air conditioner
but it will take up a lot of electricity. 
Since my goal is to save electricity and to
have a decent cooling atmosphere, 
I decided to get an air cooler.
A tower fan is great but it will not 
lower down the heat around you which I
will explain later. Time code is provided 
in the description for your convenience.
Inside the box, you will get a
product manual and a warranty card
2 flower-shaped iceboxes
remote control with battery
4 wheels with 2 of them can be locked
The reason I choose the Midea MAC-215F
air cooler is that it’s priced reasonably. 
For RM280 during the 10.10 Lazada sales,
I feel it’s a bargain as the normal 
retail price is around RM300 plus.
It has a humidifying function and is also 
labelled as an evaporative cooler, ionizer,
different styles of wind mode – 
normal, natural and sleep mode.
A programmed timer with a maximum 
of 7 hours
3 different fan speeds
a horizontal-vertical oscillating function but 
for vertical, you need to

adjust it manually.
There is also a perfume box for you 
to drop your favourite essential oil
on the white sponge if you want to add some 
refreshing and relaxing essence to the breeze.
Moving on to the temperature, the air cooler wind 
is much cooler than a normal table or tower fan.
This is because an air cooler uses 
water to absorb the heat and evaporate.
With an additional ice pack being 
placed to the 15L water tank,
the cool wind blowing towards you is 
much more satisfying than a normal fan.
In this comparison, I will use a normal infrared 
thermometer just as a sample reference of
temperature reading because I do not have a 
wind thermometer to test with it. So please,
do not take this reading seriously 
as this is just to give you
an idea that an air cooler breeze 
temperature is lower than a tower fan.
If you see the reading, the normal table 
fan is blowing the environment temperature
so if your environment is already hot, you 
will not get the cool air that you wanted.
In terms of distance, it is suitable 
for a small room or living room.
At Low speed, the distance of the wind can 
be felt up to 1 meter away at about 60 dB.
At Medium speed, it’s about 2 meter with 65 dB
and approximately 2.4 meter or 8 feet with
67 dB at the High speed. It can go even further 
but the wind is just nice for this distance
and speed. The sound meter is measured 
using an app so the actual dB may vary.
As for how wide the angle of the wind can go, 
the website only mentioned wide-angle so for
you to have a better reference, I placed the 
air cooler 8 feet away in the middle of this
8 feet wide L-shaped sofa with fan speed at 
max speed. From the left corner to the right,
you can definitely feel the cooling breeze.
In terms of maintenance, the booklet
mentioned that you need to clean the water tank, 
honeycomb filter and the filter frame at least
once a month if you use it every day. Hence, an 
air cooler requires more care compared to a normal
table or tower fan where you just need to 
clean the dust on the fan blade and the frame.
That’s all from me on the Midea MAC-215F 
and hopefully you find this review helpful.
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Thank you for watching and 
I’ll see you in the next one.

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